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Tarot Spiel! Episode 1: The Three of Cups Energy

Ineisha the Intuitive Psychic:

Well, hello hello everybody. Welcome. I am your host, Ineisha. Welcome to this Taro Spiel with me. I’m here to offer you your stories, insights, reflections and inspiration on magnificent Tarot.  I’m here basically to offer you the benefit of getting to know the Tarot through my eyes and enriching your experience of life to the depths of its meaning. I’m a gifted, intuitive, psychic, spiritual advisor. And I love using the Tarot to assist people, my clients myself, in the world, and in all aspects of life. And today, I would love to talk about the three of cups energy.

First of all, it always puts a smile on my face. And I use the phrase that the young-ins are using, I don’t know if maybe old people are using it. But three of cups, it’s a vibe indeed. And I really love the energy of this card when I look at it through the multiple tarot decks that I own. One thing that’s really popping up in the images, it’s a lot of women in here. But it could be there could be relationships with, with men and people of all kind, young and old.

But I’ll get to a specific share what that’s bringing up for me the fact that there’s lots of women in these cards. Before I get into the three of cups, energy, and what I want to share about it, just want to share about the taro in general, and just love how the reason for my share in the three of cups is because I’ve had the experience of its energy following me around probably for the last two weeks, three weeks, maybe even the past month. And it’s always funny how taro just infiltrates my life. I feel like everything that I do everything I think about, I can always find a way in which the Tarot is related.

And it reminds me of a funny story of when I first started reading Tarot and I would, I was looking for more opportunity, more abundance in my life. And I wanted to see how I could bring money into my life. And so I was asking tons of questions, day in and day out, and I would receive very cryptic messages until finally, one day the tarot literally spit out the eight of coins. And in the tarot, the most. The most definitive or simple meaning of the eight of coins is to put in work so so the Tarot was straight up, like, hey, you need to get to work. And I was like, oh, okay, well enough said. So, just wanted to share that. Because it just follows me in every aspect of my life, and how rich it is, and its meaning and the archetypes and the energy that you could use and reflect on and, and just witness within yourself and all around you.

So the three of cups, THREE OF CUPS energy. There, of course, in the tarot, there are meanings for the cards in positive light, and also in a negative light. Because that’s life, life is this and that. And so you know, you have the typical three of cups, key words and, and upright meanings, that talk about celebration. You can see tons of celebration throughout the cards. There’s images of people and figures with their cups raised, and you can just tell they’re having a good time. It’s like a party mode. But it also talks about friendship. It talks about collaboration and community. And a sense of closeness.

If you look at all of the cards, you’ll see that the people in them are hip to hip, hand in hand, they’re very close with one another. And there’s almost this overwhelming abundance of friendship and support. And so there’s prosperity in relationship when it comes to the three of cups. So some of the reverse meanings of the three of cups, right? If you think about what we just said, you can end up feeling left out left out of community, feelings of isolation, there might be even conflict within the group, maybe some disputes and communication, because one of the things that I’m realizing, which I didn’t realize until just now is that Mercury rules, the three of cups- Mercury in Cancer.

And so Mercury has that way of one, communicating and bringing that ally ship amongst people, but it also can be tricky, tricky energy and cause schemata disharmony and conflict within the group are the reverse meanings to a little over indulgence, right? I mentioned how it’s a celebration in party mode in the three of cups. And, you know, it can be a little a little too much at times. So that brings me into my experience, my experience that I’ve had, these past three weeks that I’ve been able to really tap into this three of cups, energy, and I’ll share a little bit of the highs and the lows that I experienced.

One of the major ones that I thought about was my adventures in Michigan with my friend Jen, and her niece and I went with her niece, her niece is 18 years old. And I am not an 18 year old, I am not shy to say I am 36 year old. So it was hanging out with someone half my age and waited pretty much all day long by nine hours to get a tattoo special on Friday the 13th with this with this young girl. And there was a part of me that wanted to remain at the house and kind of get things done. I was like, “oh,  there’s tons of things that I could do.” And I was like, “You know what, no, I’m gonna, I’m here. I’m here out of state. I am from New York. So I’m out of state in Michigan, I might as well enjoy myself and the day.” Even though it was long, was super enjoyable. I ended up in a line with surrounded by women, right? Young women, same age, almost as the 18 year old, we had 20 year olds, you know, another 19 year old was there. And it was just a fun time, it was a fun time in an otherwise state of being in a line and waiting for nine hours.

There’s a difference when you’re in a line and having a good time, the time just seems to fly by. And what strikes me is the image of the three of cups in the wild, unknown tarot deck, it shows three little birds. They look like they’re communing. And you know, I’m gonna imagine that they’re singing on this branch. And by the end of the night, I was back at the house with Jen and her niece. And we ended up cracking up and just singing, singing stupid songs. And I had created a song with I said pretty much.

If you just add baby, at the end of any words, you’ve created a melody. And so we cracked up and celebrated that. You know that silliness. Just like those three little Three Little Birds just enjoying the day enjoying the sun, enjoying their time in life really celebrating, being surrounded by friends and community. And so that brings me into my other story like right after, I’m like a jet setter here, my friends, you will soon you will soon know that I get around. And I try to be in a lot of different places throughout the year.



So right after that, I ended up in Poland. And I ended up in a new community, right, I ended up in a community where it wasn’t well known to me, it was a completely different country. I went there with my partner and my sister. But other than that we didn’t know anybody. But what I found is that even then, the energy of the three of cups permeated through my environment and existence because even though I didn’t know anyone there specifically, when I went into these towns and into the cities to explore their neighborhoods, the community was welcoming, right, the community was welcome, welcoming me to share space with them to share their space with them.

And so I really felt that sense of closeness and that sense of like overflowing abundance of the allowance that this foreign country gave to me, and so it was it was a lot, a lot happening in three weeks, a lot of like, hanging out here and there talking to this person talking to this person, like lots of communication, lots of energy flowing. And so, you know, the highs, the highest come and then sometimes the laws come in right. So, I am definitely not going to negate mentioning that because it happens.

And so, some of the feelings like I mentioned and touched upon earlier, like conflict within the group. Maybe feeling a little isolated and a little left out started coming into my trip during Poland. You know, we’d been jet lagged and in the city. and driving around from town to town, adding four or five, six hours of driving time in a car while trying to explore these different cities in such a small amount of time. Emotions, they ran a little high sometimes, sometimes there was little miscommunication. And again, it brings me back to that that tarot card the three of cups have in the wild unknown Tarot.

It’s like, those three birds on that branch, they’re singing, and they’re in harmony, and they’re enjoying the sun, and whatnot. But if one of those birds sings out of cadence are sings out of tune, it kind of changes the melody doesn’t it? It kind of sours the melody, it might seem a little harsh to the ear, depending on who’s listening to it. And so, you know, again, there was that a little bit of experience of just a little bit of irritation when it came to being together so much within a group and being so close, and in close proximity to one another. And the real challenge for me, was the complete come down from this energy.

So this I’ve been writing this energy for three weeks, maybe a month now and as an empath, and someone who definitely needs to pay attention and to recharging her batteries and and coming back into a mode of feeling replenished after being repeated. I’m wiped, I came back completely wiped. It’s like the three of cups energy of like party party, and high vibes, you know, can real can go right into intoxication and overwhelm. And that is definitely what I experienced coming out of this energy and went more into a forest swords vibes, where it’s like, the mental chatter, and the communication and the party and the, you know, outward expression, was ready to just chill out for a little bit.

So again, there’s ups and downs in every card, and there’s ways in which we indulge, and ways in which we should indulge. And you know, it just depends on what it is that you’re feeling, and honoring what you’re receiving, you know, that says something about the cards that I really love how they reflect. With me day to day, in my day to day life, it gives me pointers of things that I need to watch out for things that I need to do more of need to do less of.

And so that brings me to some final reflections and some questions that you can ask yourself, when you find yourself sitting in the three of cups energy, and see how it works for you can ask yourself, you know, are you enjoying time with others? Are you spending too much time outside of yourself and over indulging in the company of others and, and communicate and community with others? And can you can ask yourself if you’re allowing any differences between you and another person to make or break a relationship? And also ask yourself, is it necessary to do that? Or is it unnecessary? Are you feeling held and affirmed in these relationships? Are you enjoying the relationship? Or are you just in this relationship because you you’re following the herd?

Herd mentality that could be a that could be a downfall to have the three of cups. So, yeah, I’d love to leave you there. And this will be my first episode, and I hope that you’ve received some kind of insight, or even enjoyment just from my share and story and my experience of the three of cups. And until we meet again, my friends, I am here waiting again until the next episode drops. All right. So take care and have a good night.

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