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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the MysticaL [EP.20] Timelines

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing subject of timelines. We explore their pivotal role in understanding our world and its history, offering a fresh and unique perspective on why they matter. Amidst the chaos of our daily lives, timelines provide a sense of order and continuity. Stay tuned as we navigate through this captivating topic, revealing why it’s more relevant to our lives than you might think.

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

Yay. We are getting this a little wheel is spinning and saying that everything is connecting and the live stream is being. It says preparing to live stream. Because we connect this from zoom until so this a minute to make sure it’s all set up and you’re good to go. Cool. I think we’re ready.
So hey everyone, welcome back! I think it has been a week. I  didn’t record last week, life has been very crazy. I don’t know about for the rest of you. But life has felt very crazy, strange and weird. And so we’re going to talk about a very weird, unusual maybe. And I even like hesitated this morning, when I was laying in bed and kind of talking to spirit about what we would talk about today. I was just like, really, this is what you want me to talk about. Because this is pretty deep. And, super interesting, but we’re talking about timelines.
Today, we’re gonna talk about timelines. And I’m going to tell you the reason why we’re talking about it. Why I’m sharing all this stuff is a little bit different. We’ll go into I have been feeling you know, this craziness and the kind of like things that are going on. And I’ve been feeling really funky and weird, like somatically. Mentally, I am dealing with the last couple of weeks, probably since right before Christmas, I’ve been dealing with a round of insomnia that I haven’t had. And I can’t even tell you how long. I’ve always dealt with insomnia in my entire life, even as a child, but it’s been really bad. The other thing, too, I have a very dear friend, and they’ve been going through some changes and feeling really funky. And every time I kind of lean in and ask, from a me perspective, or anybody else, like what’s going on, Spirit keeps telling me that I’m in between timelines.
So I’m like, Okay, we’re gonna talk about that today. But we have to start with our definition or our level setting. And so, today, I don’t have a bunch of definition or formal definitions for you. But what I do have is a number of assumptions that we all have to be operating off of, for what I’m about to share to make sense. The very first assumption that we all have to make is that I am talking about and I have the belief in the Akashic Record. I believe that the Akashic records exist, and that is every single soul that travels within this universe has a steric record of their past their present and their future. So it’s this like, book so to speak, I often refer to it as your “Choose Your Own Adventure” book that you can navigate life. You can literally go and read all the past or the present or the future. You have to have that belief to be jiving in on what I’m talking about today.
The second belief or assumption that we have to make is that everything happens all at once. Like all of these timelines, every single thing that is occurring, is happening all at the same time, the past, the present, and the future. And this is a really hard one. I think, for a lot of people to really lean into an embrace. There’s a point that it happens in their journey. They’re like, “Oh, shit, yeah, you are right”. And I think this is where we get things like deja vu. And deja vu, I believe, is a timeline, a little tiny, micro timeline jump. And so you have that everything’s happening all at once. And there’s like a movie, and it’s a really good movie. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. Watch it a couple of times, because you probably will need that.
The third is that the belief through magic, we can travel to different timelines, we can adjust. And we have this ability, the magician has the ability to change and influence and shape the timelines, that we were on. And no, don’t get me wrong, any choice that you could ever make. But sometimes you need to do a little magic to put that choice within your path. So we have to operate on those three assumptions or those those three beliefs. And so I will then share with you what do I mean by a timeline specifically.
And so a timeline to me is a certain path as to which you take within your Akashic records. It is the linear path that you are taking. So even though everything is happening all at once at the same time and all that kind of stuff, there is still this like in the 3d space, we have this 3d reality we live in of this linear time concept.  So a timeline is that path that you have taken in your “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. The reason why I’m sharing all of this with you and why I spent five minutes trying to level set and make sure that we’re all coming from the same place, and if you’ve dropped me and I don’t really care, I guess there’s some people that are gonna drop off. They’re like, “this is a bunch of hoopla.  I don’t believe any of this.” That’s cool. But if you’re even still sticking around, and you are questioning or wondering, or like, is this real could this possibly be? That’s okay, the fact that you’re still listening means that there is some, you resonate in truth in this in some way, shape or form.
So it’s really important that if you resonate at all, if you have this belief that we all also understand that timeline jumping has body and mind impacts to us. Even though we may be witches, we may be practicing magic, we may be wheeling, strong, magical and magician like, you know, activities in our life. It has a mind and a body impact. Because it is our spirit, that etheric spirit of ours, that’s pushing us so to speak, into these alternate timelines. It is also that a theoretic nature that lives in every one of those timelines. So it in itself does not exist in any one particular it exists in all of them, but it is what kind of like shapes and pushes us into that 3d space with the mind in the body. Our physical body cannot move through multiple timelines, it has to be in one.
Our physical body has to be in one. Our mental body is the bridge between the physical and the etheric. I know this, I wish I could like draw, maybe one day I’ll actually like draw all this out, and how these relate. Our mental body builds that bridge, and so our mental body is sitting there with it, this connection into that etheric, and it’s like, oh, I’m loving all of them. And this is why we can astral travel. This is why we can go to all sorts of various places. We use our psychic abilities attached to it mind that pineal gland. All that great, amazing stuff. And our mental body builds that bridge and can take us to anywhere anywhere within that etheric space.

But what happens and when we are intentionally trying to shift the physical body into a new timeline. The mental body is connected at some point to both. Sometimes it’s really easy like that deja vu. It’s a quick switch over, you know, hey, you’re into this other timeline. But if you aren’t doing dramatic, drastic magic, if you by chance, you were homeless. At some point, and you did a spell to try to get you to become the president of the United States, do you truly think your physical body is just going to feel right. I mean, we’re talking to a very drastic change there. So I just want you to imagine, if you are doing magic that is trying to bring about some very radical change within your life, and you aren’t looking for like something like, you know, magic can bring about things really rapidly, but we don’t always understand that the timeline may drop it in your lap, you may win the lotto, and end up broke a year later. You could win the lotto and someone comes in and robs and takes the most precious and valuable thing. Like this beautiful urn that has your great grandmother’s ashes, and I don’t know, you could do a spell to meet the love of your life. And this amazing person comes in and you’re like, “Oh, my God”, and lo and behold, they’re a narcissist. But you don’t find that out until two years when you’re drowning in an abusive relationship. 
Magic has works and it has, (I hate even to use the word) “consequences”. But when we take ourselves down particular paths when we do magic and we do spell work, it will land us into that path, it’ll bring us out. But are we trying to go down the highest vibrational path that’s a lot of the magic that I do I say, “hey, universe, I want to be in the highest vibrational path”, I want to be in this path that is filled with these emotions of love and happiness and joy, prosperity. I mean, I want to feel in wonderment and awe of living every single day of my life. I don’t care about the quick things, the quick wins, or the immediate, the instant gratification, so to speak, which is kind of a surprise to say, because once upon a time as an alcoholic, I love me some instant gratification.
So we have to understand that if we’re doing this magic, and we’re trying to bring about these major transformational changes in our life, there is going to be an impact on our physical body, there’s going to be even an impact potentially, in our mental body. And so we’re not going to just tell you this and be like, go figure out how to handle that. Now, my dear friends, telling you, I’m gonna give you some advice on how you might be able to navigate this. The number one thing and I recommend this, it’s part of it’s included in Illuminate, go out and get your Reiki level one certification, number one thing. And you can try other means and other methods and things of that nature. I truly believe and I’ve seen the proof, there’s so many practitioners in this. Reiki level one is going to help and teach you how to understand your own energetic and how to tap into the universal energies in order to cleanse, bring alignment and bring some more peace into your energetic self. So what we’re trying to do in that place is we’re trying to bring some sense of balance into that etheric body, so that we don’t feel that mental and physical kind of impact.
That’s why we do a lot of this alignment. We’re trying to bring me here into the now into this plane into this, this timeline, this dimension, all that kind of good stuff. So that’s the first one and do it, use it. If you have your Reiki level one certification and you’re not using it. Like it’s somebody in the other room that might hear that one. You need to be using it. And it doesn’t need to be like big or complicated or anything. It can literally be, every time throughout the day that you have this maybe discomfort just imagining this beautiful, brilliant golden white light coming from the Divine above and just cascading through your own body and giving you a recharge. It could be you imagining, as you walk into the door of your house imagining that same concept. It’s almost as though you’re plugging yourself into a rechargeable battery, kind of a receptacle, so to speak. There are ways to be able to leverage and use it. And the cool thing, the reason why I love it is because when you combine some of your psychic abilities and your belief in magic, you can actually do some pretty amazing stuff with Reiki.
The second number thing, and this is a really, really, really, really big one. If you have been doing magic to bring about transformations into your life, there is probably and you’re feeling this right now, there’s probably a big choice that you’ve had to make, there’s probably some closure that you need to go through. So this is the number two is do your 3d actions that you know are going to propel you forward, the more you resist the change, the more discomfort you’re going to feel. So every single time that you drag your feet every single time that you like hem and haw, every single time you say out loud, especially I have a will see if my partner listens and listens to my podcast because he does this, he’ll say I want to do this, I’m going to do this and does not do it. So every single time that you do that, that is resistance that you’re creating, and that it’s more physical discomfort that you’re going to experience. And if you go on long enough, you’re going to watch the universe explode things around you to navigate you towards the path that you are trying to be on. So number two, make your choice, get your closure take the actions to propel yourself into the forward down that path in the 3d world.
Number three, if you have a strong magical practice, you can cut the cord from the previous timeline. And so we’re recording this I record these on a Friday and so tonight that myself and a couple other folks are going to do that I’m gonna lead folks through a little bit of a cord cutting and a journey to kind of cleanse and release from that timeline. So you can cut the cord from the previous timeline and basically, think of it as the the mental image that I get in my head is like cauterizing a wound or, if you’ve got a vein, and like surgeons will need to like cut off and like suture out that vein to keep from allowing that to continue to flow through. So you can cut that cord from the previous timeline. 
And now this last one, I’m not a big fan, I don’t get on here to just promote, but I’ll tell you, you can always reach out. If you can’t do these things on your own, if you aren’t Reiki level, if you aren’t certified, and that level one, you can go get it. But if you can’t write if you are struggling to get that closure, or anything of that nature, if you have not cut that cord, get some fucking assistance. You don’t have to navigate in this 3d world alone. I don’t care how many of you are hermits out there like me, you just don’t need to do it. Permitting or the desire to kind of like step back and look within does not mean that you’re impervious to requiring the help and the assistance of folks around you that love and care about you.
I can’t emphasize that enough. And I’ve said that to a couple of folks lately, and this is the truth is there are a lot of individuals that will be in these energetic states where the timeline is shifting, and for us that are doing magic. We’re trying to shift the timeline and swirl it into this higher vibrational state. This is why I emphasize that get help. Because for some of us, we might be in that energetic state and be feeling that mind and that bodied response. And there’s something trying to drag us down. And so it’s very often in these times, and I literally had to claim it. I did talk to someone this past weekend about my recovery. I’m in a small business group, I stated again, that there’s some issues that like these are the states of the places that people will succumb to addiction. They’ll start to lead into even simple addictions like shopping, gossip. or, worst case scenario, some folks may relapse or lean into things like, you know, overindulgence, binge eating, binging TV, taking drugs, alcohol, things of that nature, truly starting to abuse their physical body because they don’t like the way the body feels. So they’re trying everything that they can to try to get away from that feeling and let’s be real, we humans are spectacular at numbing ourselves.
I think subconsciously, a lot of us hate being in these physical bodies. So we’ll choose to go numb ourselves. I hope for those of you that are still with me and are listening that you have found something to take away with you today. I encourage you again, reach out if you need help if you find yourself in these energetic states that things are  uncomfortable. And you’ll know things just won’t feel right.
Well, that being said, My dear friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. And as always, I try to be back every week, but life happens and oh yeah, I don’t know, guilt or shame myself for that. I’m here as often as I can. I love you. I adore you and I hope to and can’t wait to talk to you again next time. So until then, much love for me to all of you.

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