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Balance eBook


Purchase my 75-page eBook to unlock the information you need to divine your energy into alignment and bring balance back to your energetic centers.


Clear understanding of how the imbalance of the chakras can make your life difficult, including how it manifests in the physical and mental body

9 unique divination spreads to explore what is creating the misalignment and how you can take action to bring it back into alignment

Daily rituals covering all the six senses so you can easily add actions into your daily routines that will keep your energy balanced

One-of-a-kind, Shadow Chakra so that you can begin to explore what life can be like once you live in a consistent, balanced energetic state

I’m Sunshine! A Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor, and mentor. I’ve been divining using tarot cards for over 24 years, and I’ve been actively doing shadow work for the past 22 years. I created my first study course in college at the age of 24 and knew from then that I wanted to keep teaching. (I helped a handful of us pass Finance because the teacher was HORRIBLE.)

In July 2019 I finally accepted that I was an alcoholic and a few months later, realized that I could not stay sober on my own. Through the help of AA, I got back in touch with my spiritual side and discovered that my witchy ways were part of my road to recovery. 

While in the program (which, in my opinion, is a form of shadow work), I undertook a deep, intensive study of the chakras and included my love of tarot in that study.  After almost 3 months of weekly work, the content for BALANCE was created.  

This work changed my entire life. I still find myself referencing the things I discovered as I wrote them, incorporating my knowledge in my readings and my spiritual advice sessions. I am so confident that this work can change your life that I will offer you a money-back guarantee.


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