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Illuminate Founding Membership

$67.00 / month

The membership includes 6 live monthly workshops: Psychic Power Hour, Healing Hour, New Moon Ritual, Witching Hour, Hypersigil Workshop, and Divination Workshop. Each session is crafted to work with and awaken different magickal gifts. You’ll also have unlimited access to the private Slack channel, where you can chat with other witchy folks. Plus, you get private communication with Sunshine herself through the Slack group.

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You know that you have magick in you. Maybe you’ve experienced knowing something before it actually happens, or a dream that comes true, or sometimes you can just feel what others are thinking. Maybe you know in your core that you are a healer and that you’ve been put on this planet to do something huge. Or, maybe you’ve been magickal for a long time, but you’re tired and blocked and need a place to heal and refresh your gifts.

Illuminate is a brand-new monthly membership designed to awaken your gifts so that you can bloom fully into a life that you’re madly in love with. It’s been crafted for psychics, empaths, sensitives, healers, and witches who are ready to heal and learn all about the magickal world inside themselves. It’s for those who want to cultivate their gifts to their most powerful potential.

Every month, you’ll get:

Psychic Power Hour
This is your opportunity to uncover the answers to all the questions that you have about your gifts or your life. No topic is off-limits. Bring it.

Healing Hour
This is your chance to get Reiki healing and to ask all of your questions about your energy or struggles as well as to learn techniques to do energy work on your own.

New Moon Ritual
I’ll show you how to perform the ritual on your own, and I’ll also include you in my own ritual work for an extra oomph toward your personal workings.

Witching Hour
You’ll take a seat at my “zoom table” for open discussions on any topic relating to witchery, magick, or metaphysics.

Hypersigil Workshop
I’ll guide you through the creation of a hypersigil that will be used for that month’s New Moon Ritual. We’ll also get down and dirty with your big, far-fetching desires so that we can add power to each other’s work.

Divination Workshop
I’ll walk you through divination exercises that will flex and build your psychic abilities.


This is perfect for you if:

  • You know that you have magic in you, but you’re just not quite sure how to unleash it.
  • You were magickal as fuck back in the day, and something seems to have blocked you or scared that magick away.
  • You’re ready to step into the magickal life of your dreams.


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