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Moneyfestation – Money Magick Course


Moneyfestation is a six-week course to heal your relationship with money and transmute you into a money-making machine by the start of the new year.


Class Schedule:

  • November 12th: Introduction to the course
  • November 19th: Getting REAL About Your Relationship to Money
  • November 26th: Shifting Your Mindset
  • December 3rd: Rituals for Transmutation
  • December 10th: Creating a Moneyfestation Ritual
  • December 17th: Final Inovcation of the Moneyfestion Ritual

With Moneyfestation, you will dive deep into the realms of manifestation and discover the secrets to attracting wealth and abundance into your life. No more settling for crumbs or playing small. It’s time to claim your rightful share of the cosmic riches that await you.

Picture a future where money is no longer a source of stress or limitation. Imagine effortlessly manifesting opportunities, synchronicities, and financial windfalls that propel you towards your wildest dreams. Moneyfestation will guide you through powerful rituals, practical exercises, and mindset shifts that will empower you to rewrite your money story and step into a reality where wealth flows freely to you.

But be warned – Moneyfestation is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who are ready to break free from the chains of financial struggle and create a life of abundance on their own terms. Are you willing to challenge the status quo, defy societal limitations, and reclaim your power as a financial warrior? If so, join the revolution, embrace your inner healer, and let Moneyfestation be your catalyst for transformation.