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OPEN – Third-Eye Activation Meditation


MP4 Format – Ready to take your meditation practice to the next level? Just download this powerful 20 minute MP4 guided meditation and get ready to unlock your inner knowledge.

– Binaural Beats – Binaural beats are scientifically designed audio frequencies that can help shift your brain waves into a meditative state. The perfect accompaniment for an invigorating session of spiritual awakening!

– Activate Third-Eye Chakra – Are psychic powers burning within you? Awaken and activate them with this magical third eye activation meditation. Unlock insight on decisions, relationships, and more!

– 20 Minutes – Short enough that you won’t grow bored, but long enough to provide real transformation opportunities. Plus, the binaural beats make it easy to stay focused during every second!

Are you ready to unlock your psychic powers and awaken your third eye? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to invoke the power of OPEN – Third Eye Activation Meditation. This 20 minute MP4 guided meditation will ignite your inner knowledge and help you access ancient spiritual wisdom that has the power to transform the course of your life. With each session, you will start to experience more synchronicities, opening up pathways of insight that can provide clarity on everything from work decisions to relationship issues. Plus, if your focus has been feeling a bit foggy lately, this meditation can do wonders for clearing away mental blocks and helping you PROPEL to the next level with ease. So ladies between ages 35-55 who believe in their own psychic abilities – ready, set, MEDITATE!