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Plastic Storage Container


Get a leg up on decluttering your life with this revolutionary storage option that fits easily into your home! Its portability allows you to move it from room to room as needed, and its strong construction makes it ideal for storing items of all sizes.

  • Capacity & Dimension: Includes 10 small storage bins with lids, single capacity 1.32 quart. Outside widest dimension 6.9″L*5.12″W*3.15″H, inner narrowest dimension 5.83″L*3.94″W*2.83″H;
  • Neat & Clean:Keeping some items in the room neatly and cleanly through the storage bins. And you can quickly get what you want without pouring out all the items in the storage box;
  • Stackable & Easy to Lift: These small storage bins with lids are stackable to allow for maximum storage items in less space. And its non-slip handles are easy to lift;
  • Keep Items Dry: This stackable lidded storage bins own 2 durable buckle latches keep the lids securely so as to keep the inside items dry and dust proof;
  • Multi-Purpose: Excellent performance in storage by a versatile way. It is ideal for screws, pushpin, hair clip, rubber band, cotton swabs, crafts and other small personal items.