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Recoven: The Wiccan Recovery Program [Print Replica] Kindle Edition


Recoven is the leading recovery program for Wiccans looking to make a lasting change in their lives. We offer an innovative approach that combines spiritual healing with traditional therapies. Our programs are designed by experienced professionals who understand your unique needs and will provide you with all the necessary tools to help you achieve success.

Addiction has many faces, not all obvious. Pagans now have a tool to improve quality of life through their own religious practices. Recoven challenges seekers to find the root of their problems through the use of ritual, meditation and group support.

ӌHave you ever felt like an outsider at an AA meeting? Have you ever felt unwelcome during a coven ritual because the other members were toasting the God/dess with ale? As recovering Pagans, these are the twin challenges we often face. We feel like outsiders within the Program because of our religion

and outsiders within our religion because of our addiction. Is there no place we can call home? The answer is a resounding YES! Recoven is a book that brings recovery into our religion. A

program of recovery complete with 13 Steps to bring a group
of Pagans through the recovery process without the often unpalatable Judeo Christian doctrine so often found in many 12 Step groups. Finally, those of us in recovery can feel welcome and safe in both our recovery and our religion.”

Lyon, Elements Magazine