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Starbright: A Night of Wish Filled Magick


Come join us for this magickal, wish-filled event Saturday, October 29th, 2022.

  • Guidance and history into the magickal workings of the event
  • Workshop on a simple, yet powerful magickal practice 
  • An individual ritual kit to take home
  • A secret, powerful wish fulfilling magickal ritual
  • An incredible, magickal infused, chef-prepared 3-course meal


Hey there, I’m Sunshine. I’m a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic, and founder of Sunshine Readings. I was raised as a Catholic, and at the age of 16, my passion for learning different occult practices was born when I stepped into my first metaphysical store. 

I’ve now spent the past 25 years practicing witchcraft, spell work, and magical rituals in order to bring about changes in my own life.  roughly three years ago I began to be called to share my knowledge and teach other individuals how magic could also change their lives.

In April of 2022, I began to offer intense transformational rituals every new moon to my community.  Within two months the response that I saw was pretty spectacular, and in June of 2022, the idea of Starbright was born.