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Tarot Scholar Study Kit


Every tarot reader needs a little boost in their practice every now and again. Whether you’ve been reading for days, years or decades, this Tarot Scholar Study Kit will offer you some valuable information to strengthen your practice. Included in the Tarot Scholar Study Kit are:

  • FOUR different ways to conduct daily studies,
  • Story-based meaning sheets for the entire deck that will help you craft better stories around your readings, and
  • FIVE unique spreads ONLY available in the study kit.
So grab your favorite deck (or maybe even that brand new one you JUST got and haven’t cracked open yet) and get started on this amazing Tarot Scholar Study Kit.

Sunshine has created this tarot scholar study kit includes access to three one-of-a-kind downloadable files. The first file introduces you to four different ways to conduct daily tarot study practices. The second file includes a unique set of tarot meaning sheets that help you craft a story within your tarot readings. And the third file includes five unique spreads not available anywhere else. So whether you have been reading for a few days, a few months, or years, snatched this study kit up and keep on growing your gifts!


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