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The Magick of Bending Time in Your Sacred Business: Time Management for Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurial Women and Organizational Skeptics (Paperback)


The Magick of Bending Time in Your Sacred Business is for the entrepreneurial woman who’s eager to get ahead, but doesn’t want to sacrifice her freedom. This book is for the organizational skeptic who’s ready to challenge the status quo and unlock more success on their own terms. It will help you get out of overwhelm, take control of your time and use it wisely to craft a fearless life.

Time IS the MOST PRECIOUS resource for anyone who wants to do the work they love.

But how do you put yourself and your passions front and center when there’s so much to DO and your day is spent on other people’s priorities?

As a woman doing work you love (or longing to), this book has the answers you’ve been searching for.

Inside these pages you’ll discover the keys to changing how you spend your precious time, so your schedule finally reflects what you truly want to be doing with your life AND you can build your empire without fear of what it will COST you.


“With this delightful book, Britt Bolnick offers us magickal and busy women a surprising, compassionate and effective path to taking charge of our time in a way that feels AMAZING  and not dreadful and oppressive like all those “bro” takes on the subject.”

– Carolyn Elliot, author of Existential Kink and founder of WEALTH: the alchemical community where leaders come into their full power.

“This powerful how-to guide is brimming with straightforward strategies to overcome the key fears associated with managing and effectively using your time to get your brilliance out into the world. I highly recommend using this book — and Britt’s wisdom — to learn how to make your time work for you without sacrificing your sanity or freedom.”

– Barbara Huson, author of Rewire for Wealth and Sacred Success

“This book will change your life if you let it. As one of Britt’s longtime clients, I feel like I’m part of a secret society of entrepreneurial women who are crafting a better world — without the hustling and constant stress. I’m so glad these powerful tools are getting a wider audience. A cultural revolution that allows for family, love, wellness, and leisure time is exactly what we’re all craving.”

– Nikki Starcat Shields, book midwife and author of The Heart of the Goddess

About the Author

Britt is owner and founder of In Arms Coaching, the co-founder of Pittie Posse Rescue, and the creatrix of Sacred Structure and the Bending Time tools, which she has polished and perfected over 15 years of using them to raise a child as a solo-parent while building a thriving business, a bad-ass pit bull rescue, and caring for a marauding bunch of derpy pit bulls and humorless chickens at home.

Learn more at https://InArmsCoaching.com/.