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The Pagan in Recovery: The Twelve Steps from a Pagan Perspective (Paperback)


The Pagan In Recovery: The Twelve Steps From A Pagan Perspective is a bold, empowering recovery program that embraces the sacred elements of paganism and uses them to empower people in their journey toward sobriety. It provides a unique interpretation of the traditional twelve steps, adapting them to fit within a framework that honors the pagan’s spiritual beliefs and practices. Through rituals, meditations, and activities centered around the gods and goddesses of paganism, it gives members a chance to connect with their spirituality in a meaningful way.

The Twelve Steps developed by Alcoholics Anonymous are powerful tools to transform the lives of people who struggle with addiction, co-dependency, and compulsive behaviors. Unfortunately, Pagans in recovery are likely to struggle with the Christian assumptions and language found in many of these programs. This book is intended to support a Pagan’s participation in any Twelve Step program, by showing that the effectiveness and relevance of these tools does not depend on a specific religious or spiritual tradition. This book attempts to bridge the gap between the Christian and Pagan understanding of the Twelve Steps, while remaining faithful to the original Twelve Step process. The Pagan in Recovery is the result of Deirdre Hebert’s ability to live her Pagan faith in the midst of a program with a deeply Christian heritage, and demonstrates that anyone, of any faith, can experience freedom from addictions, compulsive or co-dependent behaviors through this process.