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Vibrations – Binaural Beats Affirmations


MP4 Format – Our videos are available in the same format as music and movies, allowing you to take them with you on any device – laptop, computer, phone, etc. This makes it easy to listen and absorb their healing power!

– 7 Different Videos – Each video contains binaural beats that are aligned with one of your beautiful chakras. These videos can be listened to repeatedly for maximum benefit.

– Binaural Beats – These special frequencies affect your brain waves and help you heal on a deep cellular level. Learn to quiet your mind and enjoy the perfect balance between the physical and spiritual world.

– Affirmations – Proven affirmations will help you embrace who you truly are, become more confident in yourself, and manifest greatness into your life! Listen and repeat each day for best results.


Welcome to the amazing healing and manifestation power of Vibrations – Binaural Beats Affirmations! Listen closely – you’ll be glad you did. This digital product is truly one-of-a-kind. It consists of seven unique videos, each featuring binaural beats combined with powerful affirmations. You can listen to these videos on any device that plays MP4’s – talk about convenience!

Are you ready to take your body and spirit to a higher level? With the Vibrations – Binaural Beats Affirmations videos, you can do just that in the comfort of your own home. Listening to these videos will help bring balance into your life. When your chakras are aligned and balanced, you will experience more peace, harmony, and ease in all areas of life. Stop struggling every day and start living in joy – this remarkable product is here to help!

If words like affirmation, energy field, or chakras sound foreign, don’t fret! All you have to do is listen and follow along, It’s that easy.. Now there’s no reason why anyone should miss out on this incredible healing opportunity!

Don’t wait another minute – make the most of this rare moment and purchase Vibrations today. You won’t regret it.