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The Witching Hour – Magickal Talk


Set aside some time and bring that big beautiful inquisitive mind of yours when you come and join me in one of my absolutely favorite things to do – talk about magick! Well okay, not just magick, but any esotic…metaphysic…off the beaten path topic! We will load the topic wheel up with some ideas and give it a spin at the beginning of the hour. From there we will either talk about what we know…talk about what we don’t know (and want to know) or just go off on a search quest to see what we can find out and share with each other!

Join me for this FREE 60-minute magickal chat and get:

🔮A place to bring all the weird, strange and kinda crazy questions
🔮An opportunity to learn or share what you already know
🔮New topics to research or explore, and last but not least
🔮Some real human interaction all from the comfort of your home

This is perfect for you if:

✅You are looking to explore new magickal topics
✅You know about magick and love to share the things that you learn
✅You long to connect with other strange and unusual people

Upcoming Dates & Times will be shown when you click the link below!

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