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Queen of Cauldrons and Our Week

Has anybody else noticed a feeling of unworthiness and are unable to communicate in a way that might be effective? I’ve noticed that this week I have been more prone to beating myself up. I tend to decide how other people feel about me, for them; lately I have been worrying more about how others see me. To the point where it’s almost distracting. This week more than ever, I have been craving outside validation. External validation, for me, turns into internal validation; However I am constantly reminded that really the only validation I need is from myself. 

Journal Prompt #1: Why is it that we crave outside validation? What is it about words from our own mouths that we inherently don’t trust? 

Lately there have been a lot of big emotions around me, between friends, family, and loved ones. I have also been prone to having these big emotions. This can be a great thing, conducive for talks that need to be had and they let us know where we need to create boundaries. Sometimes, though, we tend to mimic the emotion being thrown at us- we choose anger before understanding and sadness before comfort. Or if we’ve been holding it in for too long, we lash out in ways even we don’t understand. 

Journal Prompt #2: What can we do to ensure our emotions are both validated but also good for our environment?

We learned all of this was on it’s way when the Queen of Cauldrons spoke up as this week’s message to us all. She told us that big, turbulent emotions will be the norm this week. There’s still so much to come and so much to learn. We need to take time to take stock of everything we have learned this week and show gratitude because we have been able to grow so much in a short amount of time. 

Journal Prompt #3: What is the best thing you’ve learned this week? How did it make you feel?

We have so much time to become who we want to be, the best way to make this happen is by being the very best version of who we are. Be honest with yourself, and the world around you. Let the chips fall where they may. 

Every individual has psychic gifts. By doing deep work, like these journal prompts, you will begin to naturally tap into those gifts. If you’d like to further your gifts, join the readers of Sunshine Readings in Sunshine’s private Facebook group by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sunshinesscholars 

You can do this! 


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