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Rare Aura Colors

The last two weeks I have shown you all the most common aura colors, and now that you are acquainted with them, let me give you a list of the rarer colors. These aura colors are in no particular order and each one is just as rare as the next. So, without any more hesitation, I give you the rare colors of the aura spectrum.

Grey- A grey aura can mean that you are skeptical, and uncertain of others. This may also mean that you have been pessimistic lately. A dirty grey overlay can mean that you are holding on to insecurities.

Brown- A brown aura means that you have been very selfish lately. You can also be self-centered and pessimistic. A dirty brown overlay can mean that you are blocking energies and you are on guard.

Black- A black aura radiates negative energy. You may have been unkind to others or yourself recently. I can also mean long-term unforgiveness, meaning you haven’t forgiven yourself or someone else and it is eating away at you.

Tan/Beige- A tan aura means that you are very logical and analytical. You choose to process every step of your life, often methodically.

Turquoise- A turquoise aura pertains to the immune system. It is a sensitive, compassionate aura, often seen in therapists and healers. Turquoise is often related to the throat chakra and can be good communicators.

Silver- A silver aura often pertains to physical or spiritual abundance. It can also mean that you are very receptive to new ideas. You may be intuitive and nurturing.

Gold- A gold aura pertains to divine protection and enlightenment. Someone with this aura is wise beyond their years and is often gifted in intuition, inner peace, and spiritual thinking. When a gold aura is seen, it means that you are being guided by the divine. A gold aura seen with a brown-ish overlay is often seen in students, or someone who is straining to study to the point of fatigue.

Rainbow- A rainbow aura is a very rare aura meaning that you are a great healer. This aura is often seen in reiki healers and star-seeds (a person who is in their first incarnation on Earth). A star-seed can have a rainbow aura because they haven’t been tainted by the world yet.

Lavender- A lavender aura is often seen in daydreamers. You may have quite the imagination, and you may be the creative type. Like purple, a lavender aura is related to the crown chakra and enlightenment.

I do hope that this information helps you all on your spiritual journey.

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