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Low-Cost Energy Healing​

Is your energy feeling a tad bit stagnant? Maybe you have a cloud just hanging over you and need a solid pick me up or maybe you know your chakras are out of alignment.  Then you need to jump on the Reiki Healing Hour.

Reiki is able to tap into your energy and provide deep energetic healing.

  • Feeling a bit blue lately? Reiki can help.
  • Aches and pains bothering you? Reiki can help.
  • Brain feeling like it’s in a bit of a fog? Reiki can help.
  • Overcoming a cold or need a boost of healing? Reiki can help.
  • Struggling with insomnia? Reiki can help.

Seriously, by tapping into the collective energy of the Universe, Sunshine can share healing light energy to you right where you are!

Seats are only $5 and ARE limited to 5 folks each month, so don’t delay.