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Intuitive Psychic Readings With Ineisha

Ineisha is a deeply gifted intuitive psychic and spiritual advisor. She helps her clients find answers and gain confidence in areas that it waivers. She provides clear direction by intuitively grabbing deeply insightful messages from the tarot and interpreting the stories within the beautiful artwork. The powerful connection she establishes between spirit, her client, and herself, strengthens her psychic intuition which allows her to decipher the wisdom in the tarot cards in a deeply personal way. Ineisha adores working with clients who seek a richer experience in life and seek to find answers, regardless of any previous experience with a psychic.

One-on-One Psychic Reading With Ineisha

Most of the time clients will schedule a session with a very specific purpose and goal in mind. This has allowed Ineisha to create psychic reading offers that speak to her clients. If you look at all the her offers and are just torn, we always encourage the Curiosity Sparks Insight psychic reading to get you started.

Ineisha’s Intuitive Psychic Specialties


Ineisha receives incredible visions that provide her with rich information in the form of still shots and live frames like movies. From here, she can read a scene and quickly identify key players and outcomes.

Aura Reading

Ineisha taps into your energetic frequencies by allowing sensations to arise in her body as she scans your energetic framework and aura. This pinpoints potential blockages and resistance that you’re experiencing.


Ineisha channels messages straight from the divine, tapping into sounds, words and phrases to that allows deeper, unseen insights to unfold. Messages that cannot be interpreted through images come through crystal clear.

Depths of Tarot

Ineisha’s beautiful relationship with the tarot provides traditional meanings as well as her own layered definition of the cards, imagery and scenes that are shown. These tools enrich any initial messages that Ineisha provides.

Ineisha breaks down universal concepts that she receives and creates a storyline that makes sense to how her client relates to themselves and the world around them.

Ineisha’s Client

Get Psychic Advise from a
Real Intuitive

Ineisha’s Personal Story

Ineisha’s Personal Story...

I first recognized my gifts as a child but wouldn’t realize this in its entirety nor would they have solidified themselves until I was almost into the third decade of my life. My world was perceived and filtered through energy and there was never a time when this wasn’t true. There was a hyper-focus on my environment which helped to provide cushion and protection growing up while keeping my everquesting innocent loving heart intact.

Words became the second way that I allowed my gifts to show themselves. I remember being the teenager and young adult that everyone turned to for advice because I listened and just knew what to say and when to say it. In 2018 when I jumped into the world of divination and spirit I started giving free readings using tarot and oracle cards to friends online. Soon after I started seeking out spiritual and reading groups on Facebook and started reading for strangers too and from there my gifts and insights grew.

The people I have read for have told me that my readings have changed their lives, have allowed them to remember parts of themselves that they had forgotten and that I had confirmed what they had been thinking, feeling, sensing, etc. My readings have helped people feel inspired and reinvigorated with their own spirit. What had been a daunting and unknown experience for them was slowly unraveled and revealed so that peace of mind could settle in.

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