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5 Ways to Rock Your own Personal Identity HARD

Awwww yeah, dawg. As we’re approaching the end of the month and getting ready to move on outta of our throat chakra focus, I thought I’d hit ya with 5 ways to rock your own personality HARD. I like to think of this as living our personal brand. I have spent quite a few years in the corporate world teaching folks how to do this to help them advance in their careers. And oddly enough I would get feedback from those same folks on how it was impacting their life overall.

NOW I realize it was because it was an exercise tied to the throat chakra!

So here are my five favorite ways to rock your personal identity HARD.

  1. Have a signature to your look. This could be a haircut, eyeglass frames, the way you wear your make-up, jewelry…PINK hair. It could literally be anything
  2. Be consistent in the way you write and talk. This means that if you use certain words when you talk…use them when you type. If you use emojis in your type, try to make sure you’re expressing that emotion when you talk too!
  3. Be on time, or late. Always. Don’t be one of those folks that people always have to guess about. And do this unapologetically.
  4. Wear a badass perfume/cologne. Scent is the most powerful memory that we have. If you smell something familiar you will absolutely be able to picture it. Same happens for people. 😉
  5. Be open about your energy. This may sound a bit odd but get familiar with  your energy vibration (quickest way is check your emotions) and let folks you’re interacting with know.  This helps them really understand who you fucking are.

Which one of the five above resonated with you the most? Do you do any of them now? If not, would ya??? Drop a comment down below because I’m super curious.

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