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All Hail to the Glory of The Sun!

All Hail to the Glory of The Sun!

It is summer, summer, summertime and what better way to pay homage to the glory of the Sun than to talk about it, be about it and give it all of our attention as the Sun does every day all day! I’m diving headfirst into the symbolism and significance of the Sun card in the tarot. I want to explore how the sun represents joy, enthusiasm, and creativity, and how it serves as a beacon of light even in challenging times. I want to talk about the childlike nature and confidence depicted in the sun card, as well as the importance of embracing playfulness and letting go of restrictions. And just so we are in the know that things are not always just good, I want to also touch on the potential pitfalls of excessive sun energy and the need to balance power with empathy. So join me you joyous sun babies as we explore the transformative power of the sun and its impact on our lives.

 Oh You Brilliant Sun You

If there’s one thing the Sun card in the tarot asks us to embrace with the fullness of what it offers is wonder, brilliance, clarity, hope, and optimism giving over to the gusto of creative ventures and adventures that it has to offer. One thing about the sun in general that I love is that no matter what the sun shines in the sky.  It does so whether we see it or not, behind rain clouds and cloudy days, it is a consistent beacon of light which we can touch upon even when we don’t necessarily see it light up the sky. And that’s similar to the energy it exudes in the tarot. Seeing the Sun card come out in a card pull or spread will have you grinning from ear to ear with an “I can’t help it” shit eating grin and smile plastered to your face! I’m serious, pull the Sun card out and tell me this doesn’t happen. There is a feeling of euphoria that can come over your person knowing like damn, everything will be okay. The sun typically beckons you to enjoy yourself and to enjoy others. Having fun and playing is a birthright of the Sun card and it asks you to let go of any stuffiness, to let go of any need to do anything because you have to and to do things for the pure enjoyment that runs through you when doing so.

The Sun card

I always feel a freeness of feeling and energy rising from the sun card itself that feels like the giddiness of a child in exploration. Adding the weight of the child like nature and tendencies that can be found in the card we can learn from the youth about what this card really wants for us and from us. It’s this childlike nature that holds onto an exuberance that just takes life by the horns and takes off over and over again. Its existence in the nature of life is one of pure self-confidence and joy because like a child, it sees no limits and hasn’t been placed in a specific box yet as it grows in and into society and is shaped by the rules and conduct of being a human on earth.

 Symbolisms and Such

I love the depiction of the horse in the tarot in the sun card of the tarot because it shows this free and wild nature that the horse itself possesses. The horse is full of power and strength. There’s a magnetism and a confidence in the horse as it’s allowed to prance around and run free, wind rippling at their hair wildly as it seeks for more, more to enjoy, more to discover, basically, doing everything at their own whim.  Another beautiful part of the sun card that I love is the symbolism of the sunflower. And when I think about the symbolism of the sunflower, I think of its dark center and then its yellow petals. It reminds me of how the duty of the Sun card urges us to live in the light, to dispel the darkness and either leave it behind, leave it where it is and overall not to hold us back. The sunflower knows that the dark is what is at its center, right? That even within, there is this unseen, unknown, untapped potential, and mixture of sensations, but these yellow petals that remind me of the solar plexus center, will themselves to stretch, to blossom from this unseen, unknown, and untapped place so that it can create energetic ripples that are felt, that are immensely seen, that you can’t help but take notice of. The Sun card begs for you to be noticed, to stand on the stage of life itself and be seen in the glory of your person without a shadow to overcast you in sight.

More Sun Tarot Card

And that’s why the Sun card has the associations of joy and enthusiasm and of creation and creativity. The Sun card comes after the Moon card in the tarot, and so it is the light after the darkness or dark side of the moon. One of the meanings attached to the Moon card is that of the promise that there will be the dawn of a new day that approaches and bam, there’s the Sun right after to warm up the seemingly bleak existence that had us ensnared previously. I love playing with and exploring different meanings and symbols, so I saw that the Sun was number 19 in the tarot, and I checked the alphabet and found that the 19th letter there was S! Go figure! And when I think of the Sun in relation to the S it conjures up words in me like silliness, simplicity, sampling, sultriness, shaping, spiraling, spark. All the sassy things the Sun card wishes for us to experience! Like trying things out here and there, sampling bits and following and giving over to the natural inklings of life without putting any restrictions or limitations on what can be had. It stands as the embodiment of the light that eats the darkness, a beacon of optimism, and a signal of favorable outcomes. The Sun card delivers a powerful message of positivity, illuminating our path towards fulfillment and pushing us to embrace our inherent brilliance. And when it appears in a reading, it is to serve as a reminder that no matter the gravity of our struggles, light inevitably follows the darkness. The Sun card is often a sign that it’s time to step into the spotlight, to let your true self shine, and radiate your personal power. It’s an invitation to foster a mindset of abundance, joy, and success, truly embodying the radiant essence of the sun.


The Striving Sun

The Sun card is represented by the astrological sign of the Leo and as a Leo myself, I feel like the Sun typically in how I meet the world and one emotion I strive for daily for myself and to show others is happiness. I want people to feel freaking gooood. I want them to feel lit up with optimism and opportunity and so I see it as my duty to share my vitality and shine with others and lead them to this by leading by example. So that they too can feel the heat and the intensity of that light. So that they feel confident in themselves to be able to bring out the best qualities of themselves as well. To be able to be like the child, like the horse to play and prance upon the earth. There’s something very playful and innocent about the expression of the sun and I go back now to the symbolism of the sunflower and see now the aspect of rising to the occasion.


It’s as if the sun and the soul of the sun begs to give rise to your power and strength and beauty and confidence that is yours by birthright even when you don’t feel that it is true within your center and core. That no matter the circumstances or conditions that you can stand tall and grow more and more into the expression of the self, instead of participating from the sidelines, but to take on the world confidently as someone willing to stand and show up in the world in a very big way, unafraid of the fiery essence within that is wanting to and willing to burst forth outwardly. The Sun card carries within it a reminder that all of the kindness, love and joy we give out into the world will be reflected back to us. It symbolizes infinite potential, inspiring us to tap into our own light and share it with others. To truly be ourselves and trust ourselves and our journey. As we embrace our inner power, the Sun card promises that all of our efforts will be rewarded. By radiating healing and joy, as the Sun does, we then can create a life full of abundance and fulfillment for ourselves and those around us.


Now let’s be real of course…heyyy, woah, what the hell?! Wait a damn minute here, we have been real so far! Yes, Yes my apologies, I mean, let’s just talk about the, ahem, negative connotations and meanings of the sun card. As brilliant as the sun shines there can be the tendency to be blinded by that brilliance and live in a way where you are full of conceit and otherwise blinded by your own hubris. You can become a little dazzled and therefore dazed and blinded by your own movements forward because you might feel like you’ve got the sun backing you. But then you realize a little too late that you’re actually casting much bigger shadows to the things that are important. It can be an energy that actually repels people from you instead of gathering them around you. There is such a thing as too much and the sun itself can find itself in excess just like the physicality of you staying under the light of the sun for too long on a hot summery day. Like yeah, it’ll give you a nice suntan, but it can also go overboard and damage the skin by creating sunburn. And so there is the warning with the sun card to understand that the expression, the lighthearted expression that it does typically wish to put upon the earth can very easily become a bulldozing effect in which you only find yourself in authority. And by neglecting the sovereignty and authority of another, you can easily find that you’ve placed others and yourself in a harmful place or otherwise in a disadvantaged situation. And that’s where the dark side of the sun can act as if it’s the dark side of the moon. The negative effects of the Sun card in tarot can signal times of unrest and dissatisfaction, where we lose sight of what really matters as we keep striving for more and more of our goals and dreams to be met and there’s the reminder to balance effort with fun, work hard yes, play hard yes.

 It’s A Wrap!

Overall The Sun card encourages us to embrace our power, creativity, and freedom. To trust in yourself and never give up on your dreams knowing the light of the sun will always be there to guide you. And to never give up because even in the darkest times, you have potential and courage within yourself  to create your own destiny and achieve anything with determination and faith. Take on the challenge of optimism and growth that the Sun card offers and seize the day everyday with hope and love and laughter and joy. Dedicate yourself to your vitality and be courageous and bold in your pursuits. See the world as a beautiful place full of potential and be inspired to light up the path you choose to get you from here to wherever there is for you. As the Sun is the external manifestation of the light within, take it upon yourself to be inspired by its resilience, courage, and faith, to get through difficulty and let it guide you as you move towards a brighter future. No matter what life throws at you, never forget that the sun is always there in your corner, cheering you on and reminding you to stay strong and let you do what you were born to do by giving you the confidence and motivation you need!


P.S. With Love


Everything that I talk about and speak about is for you to take with you and consider. If it offers you a different outlook on life, or further solidifies a belief that differs from my own, I will always consider that a win. I like to think about outcomes, probabilities, possibilities, and when I share I am offering you a way to see the world from my own lens. What you take or don’t take from my shares are your gifts to be had. Consider life, remember to choose, and decide to dream.


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