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Allowing Your Crown Chakra to Bring You Ideas

Our crown chakra has the ability to bring us ideas…IF we let it AND our other chakras are ready to work with those ideas. I’ve been sitting here for like 15 minutes trying to figure out how to best explain this…so here goes…

The crown chakra connects us to the entire universe. It is through that chakra that we connect with the divine…other beings…other dimensions…everything. (Like literally everything) So when we are looking for inspiration, we can allow our crown to connect to the Universe and we can “download” messages. Unfortunately, if some of our other chakras are out of whack…we may not hear that message clearly. 

  • If our third-eye is not strong and balanced, we may miss which message we should focus on;
  • If our throat is not able to openly express, we  may not be able to share that inspiration with others;
  • If our heart is blocked off, we may not fuel that message with the love and compassion that it deserves;
  • If our solar plexus is hurting, we may find that we second guess everything and just don’t have the confidence to do what we need to do;
  • If our sacral chakra is outta wack, we may find that our ability to apply that inspiration to anything is just downright NON-existent; and lastly
  • If our root chakra is misaligned we may be too caught up in just trying to survive that any opportunity the Universe has for us just passes us by

This is why when I do my chakra work, I will start with the root chakra first. It is also why I spend time almost every single day bringing alignment and balance back to all of my chakras, because I do not want to miss the messages, ideas, or inspiration that the Universe has for me.

One of the ways that I do this is by continuously checking in with each chakra each day. Sure, my journey may differ from day to day but this is how I started it all. I’m curious, how do you check-in on your energetic centers and keep the ideas flowing?

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