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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical [ Season 1 Episode 13 ] Are You Born a Witch?


Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

When people hear the word “witch”, they often imagine someone with supernatural abilities and powers, capable of casting spells and performing magic. This has been the case since ancient times, where witches were believed to have special gifts that made them different from everyone else.

But are witches really born with these abilities, or is it something they acquire through practice and dedication?

Hello, hello, hello, hello!

Excuse me, that was totally unexpected for the first thing where I’m still waiting to make sure that everything is up running. You can see me you can hear me all that kind of great stuff, I’m going to live a little bit earlier than I normally would I typically try to go live and livestream these directly around like noon, but find a couple of things that come up today. So we’re doing this a bit earlier.

And so welcome back. This is a pretty, pretty important episode, we’re on episode 13. And for all of you that have been walking this witchy wonderful path for a while you very well may know that that number 13 has some has a meaning has some purpose associated often to Hecate, who is one of the you know, notice, like the goddess of witchcraft. And so yeah, very beautiful, very amazing. And today’s episode, you know, sat there this morning thinking I didn’t, you know, talking to my guys, as I was doing morning ritual and say like, what do we talk about? What do we talk about? And it’s very interesting kind of question came up this morning in my head when I asked that, which was really around, kind of, are you born a witch? Like, are you just born with being able to do these things?

So today, I’m going to be talking to you about what I feel are witchy superpowers. And that whole answering that question like born with it, all that kind of good stuff. Then, of course, we’ll go into, why I share this all with you. And so, yeah, I do talk about these as witchy superpowers, and I’ve been talking about them for a while. It was pretty awesome. I think when I had this, like light bulb, click off, kind of connecting these as really being superpowers. And I look at our witchy superpowers, and other people may have other their own opinions, their own thoughts on this and love to hear them.

But this is this is kind of like, you know, this is my belief here is that we have like three kind of verticals or three pillars, where our witchy superpowers show up. And the very first one is, with psychic abilities and divination. And so, as a witch, our ability to be able to connect to the collective consciousness to the ethers to the universe, to spirit is a lot stronger than maybe someone that’s not kind of walking this earth, and identifying as a witch. So witches have these gifts to being able to tap into their psychic abilities and leverage them for all sorts of various different reasons, right? I mean, if I were to list off, and maybe I’ll do this, at some point, all of the reasons, all of the ways that you could use your psychic abilities or divination, you know, you’d be maybe even floored.

I mean, there is not I all the time, I use my psychic ability all all the time, from like, the moment, my little brain kicks on, and my eyes open in the morning. To the time I mean, even when I’m sleeping, let’s be real, my own psychic abilities could be paying attention and doing dream work and trying to find answers within the dream world. That is one so that’s one kind of pillar one vertical, so to speak, like these psychic abilities, our ability to tap in to our six senses and really leverage additional information from the universe that you know, somebody that wasn’t embracing those gifts.

So that’s one the second is the witches ability to do to literally do magical ritual. And so this can be through like literally spell work. This could be through like alchemical ritual. This could be through ceremonial magic rituals are literally a which is able to do magic, execute magic. And I think that we’ve talked about it in the past podcasts and if not, I’m getting an answer of “No, no, I haven’t”. So, I will, at some point, elaborate further on truly what magic mean.

Magic is being able to change, bring about changes through intention, leveraging energy to bring about changes through very specific intention. And so you can go down the path of like, hoodoo voodoo alchemy, witchcraft, like spellwork ceremony. It doesn’t matter what flavor you call it, if you are reaching into the ethers in order to bring about changes within the universe in the world and your life and somebody else’s life, whatever, that’s magic. So that is a that’s another vertical, and then that last, final vertical is healing.


The healing gifts and whether that healing is through energy work, whether that healing is through shamanic journeying, whether it’s through a literal modality, like Reiki, hypnosis, any of these things. A witch is going to be able to provide an access kind of healing, not in these healing abilities. And some people may ask, “Why do I see these as superpowers?” So I’m going to remind you, because I have addressed this before, and mentioned this, like, once upon a time, royalty, kings, queens, Emperors, Empress, you know, like, dictators, rulers would keep at, you know, their right hand. And maybe I don’t mean like, in the literal Game of Thrones, maybe I do.

But they’re like, almost like their right hands, their royalty, either they would have on their advisory team, somebody with these gifts, whether or not they actually call themselves a which is another, but they literally, and the reason why they advise royalty was because of things like they could see, they could see and help make strategic decisions help a leader be able to make strategic decisions. They could actually conduct ritual magic in order to bring about and change the influence of scenarios to benefit that emperor and that royalty, and obviously, if you’ve got someone that’s leading countries, empires, you sure as heck want to make sure that they are always going to be in wellness, mind, body and spirit.

So that those healing gifts, alright, and so, you know, we think about that at a smaller level, you know, even if it wasn’t for an emperor, often would be working with a witch. They would have a healer, a medicine man, medicine woman, somebody that folks would go to. And these can be decent sized towns, or like small villages or anything of that nature. And often, because of the proof, the validation, seeing things coming through making difference, bringing about magical changes and things of that nature. These witches are these individuals that would have these superpowers, because they were seen as different, different than other- different than the typical superpower. Being able to bring about changes, he’ll see things.

Often, they were feared because of this magic that they could wield. And so you know, I think about superheroes that have superpowers, whether it be Superman, or Batman, or Spider-man or Wonder Woman, or cat woman, or anything of that nature, these gifts, these abilities are different than the typical average human, and they’re typically meant to do great things. And great in the terms of good or bad, you can be a villain too, I guess, and have superpowers. And so my belief is that these abilities, and these gifts were given to us in order to be of service in the world to bring about amazing changes.

Maybe we’re not saving Gotham, but we might be saving our best friend. We might be saving someone in our family, and helping them overcome some sickness or ailment or, we may be doing magic to raise the vibration of a community to help them overcome trauma or things that they’ve been through. I believe that these abilities and gifts that are truly superpowers, and they were given to us in order to wield them and to be of service in the world.

Which gets us into that question, because that sounds really amazing and awesome. And as a witch, I wield the cape, just like every other superhero wields a cape. Maybe I call it a cloak, but I wield it. And so, the question becomes, then, if we go back there, my guides are showing me these pictures, even superheroes. Some superheroes were literally just born, if you look at and go and follow, but some of them were,”made”, right? They had this experience spiderman being bit by a spider, and now it’s showing and expressing all of these beautiful new gifts that he has. And so this is my belief.

This is kind of my experience. I’ve opened up a lot of Akashic Records from folks throughout, as I’ve been been doing this, open it up and looked at past lives. And I found almost every single person’s Akashic record that I’ve opened has shown some lifetime where they are connected to some type of deeply spiritual practice.  And I don’t mean necessarily, in this instance, that it’s just like witchcraft or anything of that nature. It could just be like, they were a priest. They were a nun. You know, they had to very devout type of practice. And even in that regard, I still think of these superpowers, that I said, the psychic abilities, the divination, the magical ritual, the healing gifts. Still, if you are a priest or a nun, it’s very likely that you’re wielding those same superpowers, you’re just not calling yourself a witch.

And so here’s the other thing, other side of that piece. Anytime that I have folks come to me, and we’re talking, we’re having a conversation, and they’re like, I’m just drawn to it. I’m just drawn to witchcraft. I’m drawn to crystals, I’m drawn to incense, I’m drawn to candles, you know, I’m drawn, I just thought about doing Reiki, I just woke up from a dream, it was like, “I should do energy healing”. Like any time I have had a conversation with folks that are drawn to this.

They damn well, when we go in and look in past lives have a past life, where they have literally wheeled these wielded these gifts, as a magical person. Once again, they may not identify exactly as a witch. But they have it. And so when we say this cause question around whether or not we’re born as a witch or not, or anything of that nature. The reality is, there are very few souls that walk this earth that did not practice or wield some form of witchcraft or magical kind of superpowers in a past life. So like, Were you born? Right? I mean, you may not be born aware and acknowledging those gifts. 

But you will find so my belief is, I’ll say this, my belief is some of us are more aware, we’re born, we just know. And so for me, for example, I had no clue as a child that these were things that I was gravitating towards, but they were like, at a young age, I knew about astral projection, meditation, all sorts of various things. I’ve since realized why. So some of us are just more aware. And then some of us are waiting for that knock on the door, they’re waiting for that friend, to befriend us that has a practice. They’re waiting for that book to cross their path that now leads them down. They’re just waiting right there waiting for that knock. 

So I believe that every single one of us, every human being that walks this planet has the ability to step in and embrace their own witchy superpowers. But just as every single one of us are as an individual, and our fingerprints are not the same. How those superpowers show up for them are going to be different how they may need to wield them could be different. There is no like cookie cutter prescription that I can just go tell any one individual how to embrace their own superpowers. So that’s why I’m sharing this with you. So I’m gonna I’m gonna give you a couple of things right today as to like, kind of elaborating on the why right? Number one, if you have felt the calling.

You’ve contemplated and you’ve thought about it, right? Maybe you’ve been listening to other episodes of this podcast, maybe you’ve been following otherwise, maybe you just stumbled across you know, because somebody else pointed you in my path, right? Keep exploring it number one, if you have felt that calling keep exploring it  and don’t take on any guilt or shame. If you’re like, “I haven’t done this for months”, or “I haven’t looked at this or at yours”, or I don’t even- it doesn’t matter. Time does not exist, right? So it doesn’t matter. Keep exploring it. I don’t care how fast how slow or anything of that nature. Just keep exploring it devour anything that you can read.

Anybody that ever mentioned, ask them questions, if they’re wearing a pendant or something of that nature that looks which we compliment them on it, keep exploring it. And I would strongly encourage you to start keeping some kind of physical or digital record of your knowledge. So I keep multiple Pinterest boards. I have a Pinterest account, both personal and once I once I ended up going professional, you can actually go in and create a business Pinterest and you can say grab all my boards and I was like, Oh my God. I was like like 75% of my personal boards just moved right over into the business account because I had literally been keeping track and doing research and exploring things for so long. And I still to this day, will turn over into my Pinterest and explore and find things or go pin and add more additional things if I’m exploring any topic, so keep exploring it. If you have just stumbled across this podcast and are still wondering if you are being called Ding ding ding ding ding you are!

You are 100% If you’re not listening to this episode out of coincidence, I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in synchronicities. And so here’s that synchronicity that says, you are being called. My dear, YOU are being called to embrace your witchy superpowers to practice in witchcraft to get more familiar to know more about it

And last but not least, my dears. If you been in this magical world for a while and you’re like, “I’m a witch, I embrace that I’m a witch”. I love this. This is amazing. This is great. I practice magic all day, I do ritual all the time, I’m healing I’m doing Reiki I’m doing I’m a psychic, all that kind of stuff. Connect with others, don’t keep those gifts to yourself. Find someone to mentor, find someone to share your knowledge with. I know that some of us often feel like we’re solitary, which is, you know, I very much feel that, I beat to my own my drum to my own beat. Nobody’s going to tell me how to do what I’m going to do. And I’m going to share all that with you, right, I’m going to give you how I might do it, and then encourage you to find your own dang way.

But if you’ve been in this world, there are more of us that need to wake up, there are more of us that need to embrace these superpowers, there are more of us that need to step into these roles to help bring about the changes, we are in a new time and place in this world, my dear friends, and the universe is calling for all of us with these superpowers to step in and to help elevate and heal the world. I don’t know if anybody older people might know that song that just popped into my head. There’s I think it’s Michael Jackson – Heal the World.

And I literally am going to listen to it after I finished recording,  I should play it, I should, but I don’t know that it will come through very good.

Find other people to mentor or find other people to share your knowledge with and as I say that, elevate the world, find other people to do magic with that will change the world, get together and do a healing ceremony, a healing ritual for a community do a healing ritual, and we’ve got so much shit that’s going on in this world right now. I know it’s not my calling here is to help wake more of you up, right some of you are going to have that calling to literally go out and do this, community work this deep work. And this is why if you’ve been in this space, you need to be leveraging and using these gifts in some way shape or form to help change the world and that might just be in your own little damn family.

So that being said, I’m curious what you’re going to do next after you hear this episode. Any of you can always reach out contact me, I hope that you know that I am always just an email away or a message on Facebook I suppose if you want to find me there. But that being said, that is it for this week. You know, I’ve given you all that I can as far as embracing your witchy superpowers for right now. And if you want more help you want to you want to do more practice you want to go even further.

Well, you know you gotta reach out because I’ve definitely got something on my sleeve for you if that’s the case. So until next time all of my dear friends much love from me to all of you have a very blessed rest of your day and we will talk again soon!

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