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BIG Clues That We’re Dealing With a BIG Ego

We have all been there before. Maybe it was at work, maybe it was at the school PTA meeting, maybe it was even with your own damn family. You’re there, hanging out…minding your own business and someone comes at you that just doesn’t FEEL right. 

Maybe they are running their mouths.

Maybe they are just bitching and refusing help. 

Maybe they interrupt you to apologize and say they are sorry…again.

You know what I mean though. Their energy just feels like it’s in a funk.

I find that the energy that is in our solar plexus is the most powerfully radiant energy that we have in our energetic body. So we pick up others’ “ego energy” on a regular basis. 

And frankly, BIG egos can be really shitty to have to be around so I try my damn best to recognize them as quickly as I can so I do not get sucked into the low vibrational energy. Here are a few signs that will help you quickly recognize a “BIG” ego and either put some serious protection up around yourself or steer clear away.


  1. Folks consider them a know-it-all. This is that person in the office, at the PTA event, or wherever that everyone seems to talk about but never really in a bad way. Just this way that kinda says, “you might wanna think twice before befriending them.” This typically means that the ego is holding onto stories of perfectionism.
  2. They express or exhibit signs of jealousy. Jealousy typically means that the ego is holding onto a lot of stories around insecurities and not being good enough. Even if they never say it, that’s the truth.
  3. They are never at fault. These are the folks that somehow seem to always have drama around them but they are never really sharing how they played a role in that drama. This typically means that the ego is holding onto stories of always getting hurt and not being safe. These tend to also be the folks that have a hard time apologizing!
  4. Everyone falls short in comparison. And for me…this isn’t always a literal comparison. Often this is just what I’d consider flat-out bitching.  Meaning people that are looking at the world and always missing the perfection in the imperfect. These are interesting ego stories because they are often associated with stories that they don’t deserve happiness.


Anyways, by recognizing BIG egos (of what I prefer to call damaged egos) you can avoid the energetic impact of those big egos and avoid any potential new ego stories for yourself that may pop up because of that energy.

So, I’m curious – did anyone pop into mind when reading those signs???