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Brain-Tickler: Are All Psychics And Psychic Mediums For Hire?

Welcome to the wonderful world of psychic mediums! Whether you are just curious about what a clairvoyant can do or are seeking guidance from beyond, we have all the answers for you. But before you dive into this mystical realm, one important question arises: Are all psychics mediums for hire?

I hope that question made you scratch your head and wonder why you WOULDN’T be able to hire a psychic medium! Maybe you heard about an awesome dog psychic from a friend and your pooch’s behavior needs a bit of demystifying, but your friend tells you she isn’t for hire. Why on earth not!?

Today’s blog post is here to help you answer just that. Join me, Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium, as we explore this topic and all the insight you need to be psychic savvy! Let’s get started!

Not All Psychic Mediums Are Using Their Gifts For Professional Purposes

If you bump into a psychic medium on the street and they say, “Hey, I’m a psychic medium,” can you automatically assume that you can hire them?

The answer is no – not all psychic mediums are for hire. Everyone has the capacity to tap into their intuition and inner guidance, yet not everyone chooses to use their gifts for profit. Professional psychics are exchanging value for the services they offer; it might not always be in the form of money or favors, but there is an exchange.

I had friends who would invite me over and cook dinner to trade for my readings – that’s a form of exchange. Or when I smoked and they’d buy me a pack of cigarettes in exchange for my readings – that’s an exchange as well. A professional psychic is exchanging value for their service, but if you’re sitting down with a friend and doing a quick reading and you’re not asking for anything in return –you’re still a psychic!

It’s easy to see why some people would choose not to use their gifts professionally and instead focus on helping friends, family, or those close to them. Being a professional psychic takes dedication and commitment, as well as the ability to tune into your intuition and inner wisdom in order to accurately provide readings. Whether it be for hire or simply lending a helping hand, psychics have the unique ability to tap into divine guidance and offer clarity and insight to those who seek it.

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So next time you find yourself in the presence of a psychic, remember that they may not always be open to providing readings on a paid basis – but whatever exchange takes place, you can be sure it will be filled with love, light, and spiritual guidance.

But that makes you wonder; Why would someone with active psychic gifts NOT want to get paid to use them?

Not All Psychics Are For Hire, But Why?

When it comes to using psychic abilities, there are many ways in which people do this. Some use them to navigate their day-to-day life, following their intuition and the trails of synchronicity that lead them where they need to go. Others rely on these gifts for making important decisions – whether it be pulling out a Pendulum Board, their Tarot Cards, or an Oracle Card Deck – to find guidance when life throws something unexpected their way.

But there’s another reason why people use their psychic abilities: for healing. People with a special connection can tap into the healing energy of the universe more easily – whether this is through prayer, visualizing healing, or other forms of energy work.

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However, not everyone chooses to use their gifts for monetary gain – some are content with using them for personal pursuits. This can be due to a number of reasons; it could be that they’ve been doing this kind of work professionally for several years and need a break from the energetic demands of it, or that they’re more comfortable using their gifts in a private, non-commercial way.

Being a psychic medium is an incredibly demanding task – similar to the type of physical labor my ex-boyfriend used to do as a roofer, working long hours and coming home exhausted. Being connected to other people’s energies can be chaotic and draining, so it’s important for those with this gift to take a break when they feel the need. Great psychic mediums are aware of their own energy levels and are intentional about having solid boundaries in place for rest and restoration.

So next time you think about using your psychic abilities, make sure to take into consideration the energy it takes for you to do that work. Make sure you’re taking regular breaks and honoring your own needs in order to ensure an optimal mental, physical, and spiritual balance. After all, if we want to be able to help others with our gifts, we must first make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

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What If You Want To Hire A Psychic Medium Not Currently Offering Their Services

Perhaps your intuition is telling you to hire a psychic medium you’ve run into or have an acquaintance with, but they aren’t currently offering services. Or maybe they never have and you just know they have some special magick you’d like to consult with, but you’re unsure of how to go about it. Don’t worry! Here are some tips on what to consider when selecting and requesting help from who you feel is the right person for the job.

First and foremost, ask them if they’re offering their services or are open to doing so. Even if someone isn’t presenting themselves as a paid psychic medium, they may be open to an exchange of sorts to help you out. Make it clear that you’re open to an exchange they feel comfortable with, no one likes to feel used, and be prepared to accept a no if this isn’t something they care to take you up on. If they aren’t, you might need to explore some other options, but lucky for you, there are many amazing psychic mediums for hire!

Second, decide why you want to work with them. Are you looking for advice on a specific issue or want to explore a spiritual journey? There’s no wrong answer, but it’s important to be as clear and honest with yourself about your intentions before making a decision. Knowing what you need help with can make all the difference in finding a suitable psychic for you as well as allowing them to help you effectively. 

For example, someone who feels like an issue they’re dealing with stems from a past life would do better to work with someone like me that specializes in the akashic records and past life readings, not someone who only does psychic animal communication.

Next, determine how much you can afford to pay for the services. With so many psychic mediums available today, you’re sure to find someone within your budget range. Generally speaking, prices range from $50-150 for a 30-minute session and up to $300 per hour. Additionally, there are usually lower rates available too!

Finally, decide whether you want an in-person or virtual session. It’s important to note that if you choose a virtual psychic, your options are more wide-ranging and varied. But, if you prefer someone local to where you are, then an in-person medium is probably the way to go for you.

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Now that you know what to consider when you’re looking for a psychic medium, the rest is up to you! Take your time and explore what’s out there, until then, take care of yourself, and may you find magick in all your endeavors.  Happy hiring!

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