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Tarot Spiel! Episode 2: Cloaks in Tarot

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a tool for divination and self-discovery. Each card in the deck carries its own unique symbolism, giving insights into various aspects of life. One recurring symbol that can be found in many tarot decks is that of cloaks.

The cloak is a garment that covers and conceals, often symbolizing secrecy, mystery, or hidden knowledge. In tarot, the cloak can represent different meanings depending on the context of the card it appears in.

Ineisha the Intuitive Psychic:

Hello I am here. My name is Ineisha. Welcome my friends you are listening to me here and the Tarot Spiel! I am excited. I can’t even contain myself. I’m already trying to laugh and jump out of my skin. This is my second episode that I am filming for y’all today, and I’m excited about the topic.

I thought about cloaks for some reason. Yes, you heard it here cloaks. And I’m going to talk about what I found in the tarot. I’ve chosen a specific card to talk about today. But I will get into that anyway, yet again, just to reintroduce myself. I’m your host Ineisha. I am here to offer you insights and reflections and inspiration, basically getting you the benefit of getting to know the taro through my eyes and enriching you know your experience. I am a gifted intuitive psychic and your Oracle. I read tarot for myself and I also read tarot professionally for any individual who is seeking clarity, comfort, confirmation, whatever it is.

So back to that topic and cloaks, I don’t know I was super interested in the cloaks I thought I would do my first talk about the five of cups actually, because that was one of the first cards that came to mind. But as I went through my tarot decks, all my different tarot decks, I started checking out other cards to see what other cards had cloaks and I was actually pretty surprised that a lot of my newer decks so decks that have only been around maybe the past 10 years or so, didn’t really feature a lot of cards or people or places situations, whatever throughout the deck with cloaks.

And so then I started spiraling to like shirts and T shirt colors and all that stuff and I was like whoa, rain it in rain it back in here we’re talking about cloaks. So that’s what I did. And when I thought about the cloaks I was already thinking about like the two aspects of the interpretation, right? Because just like in Taro, Taro has an upright meaning of the cards as as well as like a reverse meaning of the cards, right? There’s many different insights and things that you can pick up throughout the Tarot, as you start diving deeper, and you start reading upright and reverse all that kind of vibes, right, you’re including this and that, essentially.

And the cloaks reminded me of both, like the active and receptive aspect of it, right. So, you know, think about the cloak is like something associated with bravery, right? The courage that’s given when one wears a cloak, you know, the association with protection even right, sometimes in heroic abilities, as seen throughout many of the, you know, hero and superhero films, and then the other the other side, right, that that more receptive side, the cloak offering a sense of comfort, comfort received, you know, a sense of concealment, right, hiding oneself away or out from the outside world or outside influences, right. So that brings me to one of the cards that I chose, I picked a couple of different interpretations as far as different cards from different decks that I own. And this card is known for planning and envisioning, with a hunger right for what’s next to come things to it’s fire energy, as it is associated with the suit of wands. It’s this energy, right? That’s like, bringing in bringing in bringing it in hot. I’m bringing it in hot, right? It’s like what to do, what to do, what to do kind of energy that this card represents. Do you know what I’m talking about?

You know what I’m talking about my friends. If the two of wands but um, the two of wands, okay. Envisioning planning. I’ve taken some of the interpretations that I’ve seen from the light series and spiral tarot little white book of magic that talks about the two of wands, upright, meaning new deals, right and new plans, business partnerships, progress and possibilities, kind of vibes as well as in reversed, meaning maybe a little bit of restlessness, a little fear of taking the next step, a little hesitation, you know, even a little uncertainty.

So right And that said this in that exists both in the tarot which I love, this is how you gain deeper wisdom and deeper insights is by not negating anything that exists, and really kind of trying to view everything as as close to the hole as possible. All right. So what do I think of the two of wands? Well, every time I look at the two of wands, and I receive it in a in a reading, I’m like, alright, alright, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go with the energy of like, okay, I’ve got to get off my booty. Let’s, let’s say, if I’m sitting down, it’s time to stand up, essentially, and start getting things rolling, right? It’s not the three of wands, it’s not taking the next step yet, right, the three of wands will come just as quickly as the two of wands idea comes to mind, right, as the idea of the two of wands sprouts with the two of wands is like, get the gears moving, essentially, right? start clearing off the dust.

Let’s see what we’re going to get into next. Let’s, let’s envision it right, let’s start planning it out. And start thinking about our next moves, kind of let’s start thinking about next day versus today. So anywho, I would love to talk about the cards that are in front of me just to kind of build a little story and show you the way that my mind works in the way in which I see these cards. And so I’m going to talk about what I see with the cloaks here, I’m definitely going to talk about the color and the mannerisms even and kind of shaped that together with the meanings of the cards, just to show you how you can interpret different tarot cards right?

So right now I have with me to assist me, the lovely spiral Terrell, as well as the lovely Astro matrix tarot, and the radiant Rider Waite, as well as the everyday which is Taro. And so I have depictions of all of these cards. I know you might not be able to see them. I’ve yet to wonder if I’m going to let this recording go as a video or keep it as an audio. So maybe you see the cars maybe you don’t. How surprising how mysterious. Can you even see me laughing right now is the is the question. Okay, I’m getting I’m getting a second. 

So one of the first things, it’s so funny, because one of the first things that catches my eye throughout these guards, is, of course, the cloak. But it’s the globe. Okay, it’s the actual globe. In three out of the four cards, the globe is actually in the person’s hand, versus in one of the cards, the globe is right in front of the person and the globe that the person is in front of their cloak, essentially, to me, is the dingy just one of them. All right, this person’s cloak that doesn’t have the globe in their hand, right. So they don’t have the world that they’re planning to conquer in their hand, essentially, it’s in front of them. And their mannerism almost looks bored. And it makes sense because their cloak is brown. Throughout the other cards are more vibrant. And I’ll tell you about them. But this person in the spiral Tarot, their cloak is brown, their hand is on their head kind of vibes and the globe is in front of them. And they’re looking out yonder, right beyond the shores to potentiality.

And so this card can easily very easily change and shift from the meaning of planning and visioning. Being open to new plans and new deals and new associations and like, you know, get ready, are you market set? Not yet go but market set kind of lives. But this person has this brown quality to him with the cloak that he’s wearing. And so there’s no movement in the cloak either. So what I get from from him is he almost kind of see maybe seems like he’s ahead of himself as far as like, ahead of himself to block himself, essentially. There’s almost this sense of like boredom and things are, you know, clearly he wants the things to get off the ground. It’s still wands, energy, but the brown essentially, it’s almost like a protective mannerism and feeling that this person has, it’s like they, the seeds aren’t there. They’ve got the fertile ground right with the brown energy. But there are no daydreams that they’ve yet conjured up right because the world is not in their hands, essentially.

So that card again, can can go like I said, flip from upright to this sensation of, you know, uncertainty and hesitation when it comes to making something happen. I’m planning to make something happen right?

Then right next to this person, and this is not even a cloak this person is wearing. Okay, that was the other part,  I said this was essentially about cloaks. But of course, I have to slip this guy right in here, okay? Because what he’s wearing is essentially something like a cloak, because he has an open a buttoned up shirt that is open, and it’s flowing. So it’s like flowing and movement, and he has a t shirt underneath. So I am associating his button up with a cloak because he has another t shirt underneath. So this person, the way they look in the astral matrix, tarot, this person’s got the globe in their hands. They’re looking off yonder, as in many of the depictions of the two of wands, it’s always this person that’s looking over to the sea to another horizon. Because they’re planning the movement, they’re planning the travel, the three of wands is the is the go to the two of wands is what happens before the go to gets going.

So this person in the two of wands in the Astro matrix is wearing a blue cloak, we’ll call it and a yellow shirt underneath. He’s had other colors to other vibrant colors on him. And what this tells me is this person is confident, dense. Okay, the blue cloak that this person is wearing this blue cloak cover up, is billowing, right, so there’s wind hitting it, there’s movement. And it’s this dark blue that is also has these almost like diamond like patterns that are yellow, that match the yellow of this person shirt. And yellow, I often associate with like vibrancy, with being driven, wanting to be seen. It’s a definite different difference, essentially, from the man who’s wearing a cloak.

Previously in brown, and he’s sitting down. He’s the only person sitting down I forgot to mention that part two, tells you a lot about that two of wands. And the way that I might interpret in a reading, the two of wands and the spiral tarot, versus the two of wands in the Astro matrix tarot, I would say, the one an astro matrix is a lot more readier to take on the world. And so getting back, right, yellow is that drive. And that courage, that movement forward,  the illumination, plus it’s all it’s in his billowing cloak. So it’s like he has a centering, essentially that this person looks like they have a centering within themselves, and they’re ready to communicate it with a dark blue.

Dark blue also has its different little tweaks of interpretation when it comes to the color blue, like a lighter blue is going to signify something very different than a dark blue. Sometimes it gets associated with darker energies. So this person has a drive in them. And if we’re going to talk about maybe a little reverse energy, this, this person would definitely be along the lines of restless to me. If I were to talk about this person, I’d be like it this person is raring to go. They are like one of the readiest people that I see throughout these four different cards that I that I pulled out in front of me to interpret today.

Okay, so the the other two here in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot and every day, which tarot they both have red cloaks. So they essentially both have a red cloak, with one of them has one of them has an orange tunic underneath, and the other one has a green tunic underneath. And so the red cloak, and they both have the globes in their hand. I keep saying that, because I don’t know, it’s important to know they have a globe in their hand, they’re they’re ready to take on the world essentially, right, which is what the two of wands can represent. So their red cloak really brings out this like fiery nature, that you know, red is definitely an association with the with fire. And so there is a push in these in these two cards, I feel the push of the energy of the two of wands wanting to be made into manifestation.

Essentially, you know, you go from the ace of wands, which is like the initiation of the suit to the two of wands, and this energy is where I feel the fuel especially in these in these red colors here. Red can signify passion, vitality, drive yet again, but a more primal drive like something like it felt within their soul essentially in their spirit, which is another thing that wands and fire can be so associated with it’s often associated with the Spirit. So, the difference though, what I love is that the two of wands in the Rider-Waite-Smith and his tunic is orange. His drive is fueled, essentially by creation.

This is somebody who wants to see his his ideas, his passionate pursuits, you know, his artistic pursuits, essentially be given free rein, so that he can love the world, right. And though it’s so funny, because I see, his globe is the one that is the only globe that is colored differently than the other three, the other three have the typical coloring of the globe, the green and the blue. But his globe is actually green, a light green and red. And so there’s this aspect for me and this card that he wants to show show his love for the world by being himself by letting his ideas flourish.

And so there’s a lot coming here almost from like, this person found like a soul calling to me, essentially. And that’s what this person wants to bring out into the world. Were in the Two of Wands with the red the drive of the red with the I’m sorry, the two of wands, and everyday which were his cloak is red, but his tunic is green. This is a person almost that like wants to show the world what they’re made out of. I sense the bravery aspects from this card, right? He wants to blaze forward like the I’m sensing the courage from the person in this card, even his face out of everybody’s face. In the in the in the different cards here. His is the most determined. He has the most determined look on his face. And his his green is dark.

The other card the other card here the Green was a light green, his his heart, you know, the the green color is very bold, it’s very rich. This rich green. So this person is ready to make a mark essentially. I think about like the green mixing with like, the earth, right the earth that he has in his hand. And I just keep seeing, statues and statues of trees coming like up all around this guy like really, really making his mark, right?

So essentially, my friends, why am I telling you all of this, you might be wondering, why is this person talking about all these different aspects of the card, it’s basically to give you some insight and understanding at how tarot works and how taro worked throughout so many different decks, depending on the artist who’s created this magnificent art piece that you see before you today. And it’s to show you that one interpretation and one meaning of a card is not a one size fits all kind of energy. You can take one key word, you can take one color, and you can compare it here and there throughout different cards and really start to build this layering of meaning and this depth of the meaning of cards by sinking deeper and deeper, but also layering higher and higher and creating this almost 3d effect or this thing that matters, something that essentially matters.

That just continues to give you like more clues and more insights and it continues to give you pieces to this masterpiece that you call your life my friends and the life around right just just sharing a little bit, that’s what I like to do. So that is why I have told you all of this, my friends. I hope that was super insightful. I’m excited to talk to you next time. I can’t even imagine what’s going to come through I’m like, I feel like I’m still I’m still on the on the on the cloaks. There are definitely other tarot cards that I saw. I couldn’t help but notice some of the other cards that I’ve already written about.

In my tarot blogs  on sunshine readings that calm that I was checking out their cloaks, and I’m like, am I gonna mention them? And I’m like, Okay, maybe not, maybe not maybe next time. So, yeah, until next time, my friends.
I will be back, same time, same place next week. Also, if you’re interested in working with me further, I think this time, it would be no better time than to link up with me I’m having a sale 50% off gift certificates through the end of the year just to give back to everybody and be able to offer a little something, something around the holidays and so that would give have you 50% off a gift certificate, one hour zoom session with me my loves, it would be one hour filled with pouring energy into you via meet spirit and the cards and you would go away with a recording of that that you could keep for a lifetime.

So if you are interested in that, you can go ahead and visit me your girl Ineisha and sunshinereadings.com and just click the link there that says 50% off gift certificates right. So my love’s until next time, I will talk to you again my mystical magical people. Thank you for being here. Thank you for entertaining me. Thank you for letting me entertain you and maybe offer you a little nugget of wisdom. You know what I mean? I do fairly well and until we meet again, my friends. I hope you have a wonderful week. See you later.

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