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Queen of Swords: Cruel to be Kind

Alright, get this. I’ve been trying to sidestep this Queen of Swords gig for a while now. I even planned to delve into her world last month, but life happened. I found myself reflecting on my journey with the Tarot, focusing on my past experiences and in a more reflective vibe with the cards that had spoken to me this season. 

If you wish, you can take a look here of a particular culmination of events I experienced at the beginning of this month: CLICK HERE!


But here’s the kicker, I always knew she’d come back. She’s become one of my stalker cards, haunting me and my deck for most of this year.

Haunting, yes. I’m dramatic. And why, you might ask? Because she embodies a truth, a glaring, unmistakable truth that I’ve tried, and failed, to turn a blind eye to.

As per usual, there can only be so much running, so much ignoring. Her call, her presence in my life, has become too strong to resist. The Queen of Swords herself is represented by fixed air and associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius, and the irony here? The only Aquarian placement in my chart resides in my first house.

I’m an Aquarius rising. In astrology, the rising sign is part of the “Big 3” along with the Sun and Moon placements and is the part of you that is really you, it’s what people see about you when they interact with you. So the truth, it seems, has a funny way of making itself glaringly obvious.

We’re going to take some time here and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as some of my personal experiences with the Queen’s archetype as of late. I too want to leave you with contemplations and considerations in regard to the Queen of Swords so you can use your own quality of thoughtful presence when working with and recognizing the embodiment of her archetype within your character.



Diving right into the essence of the Queen of Swords I look at the various depictions of her in my tarot decks and I see someone who exudes intelligence, has a keen mind, and has mastered the art of making sense of what lies before her. She is the embodiment of pristine communication, sailing the tumultuous seas of words, guiding the ship of conversation towards its destination. There’s a sense of compassion in her as well that showcases the benevolent queen she is.

It is without a doubt that she embodies a sense of mercy. Observant and confident, she picks up the subtlest of currents in the air around her – a true testament to her association with air, the elemental symbol of communication and intellect in tarot. She can detect the understated shifts in these energetic waves that give her the innate wisdom and a predisposition to perceive, allowing nothing to escape the gaze of the Queen of Swords.

She’s a beacon in the dream-like state, a compass able to bring us back to reality. She strives to clear any cloudiness in perceptions and her mission is to dispel any dreamlike state that inhibits understanding. In essence, the Queen of Swords harnesses the clouds and the air to her advantage. If you find yourself enveloped in brain fog, you can call upon her archetype to assist you. She embodies realism, directness, and crystal-clear communication.

With the Queen of Swords, there’s no need to second guess or read between the lines. This queen does not sugarcoat or evade the truth. She speaks her mind with conviction. Her representation as an owl in both the Wild Unknown tarot deck and the Anima Mundi tarot deck that use animal archetypes is no coincidence. The owl, widely recognized for its night vision, also embodies the air element of the Queen of Swords.

This brings me into a fascination with the images of her eyes as seen throughout many of the tarot decks I own. The eyes of the owls and many of the Queens show a penetrating quality that is particularly striking. The magnified intensity of their gaze is shown in the depictions of her in the Slow Tarot, Alice Tarot and Joie De Vivre Tarot. The piercing gaze in her eyes is a testament to her confidence in the ability to have clear sight and is a symbol for all of us to aspire to. She is an intuitive intellectual gem, blending mysticism with sharp realism.




When I muse on the Queen of Swords and her intimidating aura, I can’t help but chuckle. Her energy is astute and piercing, a force you can’t ignore or sidestep. Her razor-sharp tongue, unfiltered honesty, and directness might seem a little too much for those on the receiving end of her words. It’s like standing before a person who can see right through your soul which can be a somewhat unsettling encounter.

She’s the woman who has no time for fools, slicing through deception and hollow words with ease. She’s discerning to the core, never lying to others or herself. In the Black Tarot deck, she holds a sword in her right-hand, and it seems as if the sword held in the left-hand pierces through her left palm. This suggests her willingness to personally experience the sting and bitterness of the candid truth as well.

Bringing back the remembrance that this calm cool collected lady still has a heart, I want to express the importance of knowing that she embodies a deep connection between assertiveness and love, a theme expressed through the color combination of yellow and pink in various tarot decks like Alice Tarot, Slow Tarot, Celestial Tarot, Joie de Vivre, Heartful Spirits Tarot, and Santa Muerte Tarot. This emphasizes her commitment to speaking the truth with as much love as possible.

It makes me recall the song “Cruel to be Kind,” originally by Nick Lowe but famously covered by Letters to Cleo in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”.

It feels fitting, given that Miss Cleo was the name of a popular phone hotline psychic who coined an even more popular catchphrase she spoke often, “Call me now!”. Miss Cleo’s reputation as a psychic was of someone unafraid to reveal the truth amidst secrets and cover-ups, regardless of her actual credibility.

Anywho, The lyrics go to the song go,

You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind in the right measure
Cruel to be kind, it’s a very good sign
Cruel to be kind means that I love you, baby
You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind

This resonates with the essence of the Queen of Swords. She may not be gentle in her honesty, and her unwavering integrity might be intimidating, but make no mistake – she is a force to be reckoned with. She holds herself and the world to a high standard, revealing the harsh reality with the aim of fostering growth and enlightenment.



Now we journey into the shadows, the enigmatic side of the Queen of Swords. If you thought her mystery was deep before, prepare for an even deeper dive. We are going to begin to unravel the darker aspects of her nature here, and I do want us to remember, her harshness comes from a place of love, although one that comes from holding on to pain and of forgetting the nature of multiplicity. She is the wise woman, the mentor, the mirror reflecting your authentic self and the truths of your life. She is a guide, a confidante, a friend, even when her words slice like a sword.

There can be an unmistakable essence of the Queen of Swords and in the quality of the Fixed Air sign that she represents. As an Aquarian, I understand this well, and it’s a painful realization to admit the limitations of the Queen of Swords and her being. Acknowledging this, writing these words, is like a self-inflicted wound, akin to the Black Tarot’s depiction of her, holding the sword that pierces her palm. Recognizing these less-than-stellar qualities, the potential cruelty masked as kindness, is a bitter pill to swallow.

She can be icy in her communication, forgetting the warmth and love she’s capable of. When she forsakes the pink and yellow – love and will – and embraces only the will, discarding all emotion, she can become a difficult person to be around. Her affinity with rapid air means her negativity can spread quickly, tainting the minds of many. This malice, this harshness, once experienced, is unforgettable. It’s a negative imprint that can linger long after the encounter.

There’s great responsibility in striving to avoid the shadows of the Queen of Swords. If she transforms her all-seeing, all-perceiving nature into a narrow-minded being, indifferent to healthy communication, it’s akin to drinking poison. This venom, like the bite of a serpent, can create a bitter aura around and within her.

As the Queen of Swords, she is water of air – but what happens when water and air are trapped? Within her, they can create a stifling environment, leading to decay. This internal rot stagnates her logic, her intuition, and sours the very air she breathes. And as an important axiom to Hermetic Philosophy, as within, so without, she can create an environment around her that matches the decrepitation she holds inside of her being.


Personal Experiences

As an intuitive and a healer, I act as a conduit for energy, utilizing it to bring clarity into people’s lives. This ability to offer clear perception, a trait of the Queen of Swords, resonates deeply within me as I harness my intellect, my will, and my heart to propel my business forward. I am a leader, guiding others towards clarity and enabling them to engage more effectively with the world.

Despite this, the Queen’s persistent presence in my life suggests that my communication has been harsh and unkind of late. She has also been a thorn in my side and super persistent in showing me where I am stagnating, sifting through a place where there is no more truth to be beholden of. I have found myself willfully ignoring the messages she is whispering to me amongst the breeze, but I also find I can’t elude the growing chill in the air calling my attention.

I find myself wading in murky waters, teetering between the good and the ugly, no longer finding solace in the idea of being cruel to be kind. My engagement and awareness fluctuate and my reliability as a communicator has been suffering. I have found myself seeking refuge in indifference, attempting to numb my emotions to avoid confronting the painful experiences that currently permeate my life.

Shifts in my personal relationships send painful jolts through my body. My life has pushed me into the throes of transformation. And it is amidst these tumultuous tower moments that I stubbornly dig my heels in.

I’m reminded of the times I turned cold in the face of another, ignoring the truth that was written in the stars, right there before my eyes because I allowed my gaze to narrow around narratives that should have been recognized as extinct long before the occurrence.

Reminded of the rage I’ve allowed to fill my being, out of the sheer will of plowing through the world, hurt people hurting people style, cursing everyone and everything around me in effort to redeem a character of myself that was never put into question to begin with.

The Queen of Swords has mercy though and has shown up over and over for me to help me embody the present moment, to help cleanse the air and remind me of my gift of reason. She reminds me I have been endowed with the power of discernment, the ability to navigate life without allowing my thoughts to weigh me down.

And so instead of remaining in the mustiness of trapped moist air I can continuously refresh and recycle what I am experiencing to enable myself to keep moving forward, one step at a time, with an open heart.


Contemplations and Considerations

I bid you adieu, leaving you with some mindful ponderings and reflections about the regal Queen of Swords. As her archetype graces your tarot readings, and your everyday life, dare to question how her essence manifests in your life.

The Queen of Swords invites you to self-reflect on her influence in your life whenever you cross paths with her. When communication seems to hit a roadblock, evaluate your interactions and those moments that call upon your intellect, your keen sense of wit, and your ability to perceive reality beyond the haze of daydreams.

Ask yourself if you’re encountering any hindrances when engaging in intellectual situations and if you are acting from a place of service, using your compassion and tough love approach to life while utilizing the command you have of an unfiltered view of reality here in this plane.

Discern which thoughts stem from fear and which are born from love and truth. Acknowledge your bluntness when delivering the naked truth, even if it’s disguised as kindness. Take note when it’s gratuitous cruelty. Recognize when you’re guided by your intuition and intellect as opposed to being swayed by the intellect of your surroundings or what you witness.

Even as the Queen embodies the element of air, she is not devoid of tranquility. You, too, can embrace her poised demeanor and slow down. Take a breather, sit, and observe the vista from above the tree line. Retreat into a meditative state, a silent sanctuary where your thoughts flutter freely without the burden of judgment. Simply observe them, witness them without bias.

Once the whirlwind of thoughts settles, again ask yourself which resonates with you. Which thoughts carry the weight of fear, and which are brimming with love and truth? Begin to build trust within yourself and become closer to the trusted confidante that exists within you.



 P.S. With Love


Everything that I talk about and speak about is for you to take with you and consider. If it offers you a different outlook on life, or further solidifies a belief that differs from my own, I will always consider that a win. I like to think about outcomes, probabilities, possibilities, and when I share I am offering you a way to see the world from my own lens. What you take or don’t take from my shares are your gifts to be had. Consider life, remember to choose, and decide to dream.


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