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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the MysticaL [EP.16] Cult

In this episode of our podcast, we dive headfirst into the intriguing world of cults! We’re embarking on a thrilling exploration, taking the conversation off the beaten path to address a topic that’s as mysterious as it is juicy.

Starting with a foundational understanding, we scrutinize the dictionary definition of a cult and unpack its implications. Together, we shed light on these often misunderstood societal pockets, characterized by intense devotion and unique practices that leave many on the outside looking in, scratching their heads.

Join us for a riveting 15-20 minute discussion that’s sure to make you go “yikes” and “hmm” in equal measure. Buckle up, my dear friends, it’s going to be an enlightening ride!

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

I am waiting for all of the lovely little stuff to say that we are good we are live, you know, and that I’m gonna get going, and I’m excited we are going to I’m actually really excited. I normally we’re gonna see how long this one takes today, I try to keep these around 15 to 20 minutes. But this topic today is pretty juicy. We’re gonna be talking about cults today, my dear friends, oh, boy, yes, we are, you know, yikes. I’ve got all sorts of notes here. But we’re gonna start with the definition of call write, as we do just making sure that all of us are on the same page, we’re coming at this from the same point of view.
And if you were to go look up, which I did look up the definition of a call, there’s a couple of different definitions like in the actual dictionary, a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure object, right? I love this one, a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. And then this one, uh, misplace your excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. And I think that’s a little bit closer to where we’re going. But I did like Wikipedia had a definition that I really appreciated a bit more. And so that’s what we’re going to use to kind of level set ourselves here today. And that is a call is a term in most contexts for jobs. I don’t even know, not friendly. I don’t know what that word is.
But it’s not usually a good thing is what this word means for a relatively small group, which is typically led by a charismatic and self appointed leader, who excessively controls its members requiring unwavering devotion to a set of beliefs and practices, which are considered deviant. And I’m going to tell you why we’re talking about this.
There has been kind of an influx I don’t know if this is just one of those things, like you’re aware of it so you see it right. You know, it’s always been there, but you’re just now aware of it. So you see it more often. But there seems to have been this influx of movies and documentaries and things of that nature that are highlighting some of these individuals that are like here in the spiritual space like hearing now. We have you know, if we think about like, long standing, I think most people when they think of like a cult are gonna go back to like, Charles Manson. Right?
Whoa, that’s a Whoa, one. I mean, we go into conspiracy on that one that is just crazy, including this government was Jim Jones, right? Ever heard of the word drank the Kool Aid, Heaven’s Gate? You know, Heaven’s Gate was crazy. I was actually surprised when I saw there’s like, how to become a cult leader. That’s one of the documentaries on Netflix watched all of those. And I guess I was kind of shocked to them pretty positive. That’s the one that had talked about Heaven’s Gate. And I was kind of shocked at like, how recent that even is. And so it was like 1997, right, that these these folks like kind of mass suicide. You’ve got David Koresh, which once again, when I was younger, so 97 was the year that I graduated high school 93 would have been David Koresh down in Waco, Texas, right. So this is not like, we’re not talking about like cults of like, hundreds, like, this is a real time and I’ve got a couple of, you know, examples that are like, even right now, right now.
And so I’m going to talk to you first though, why we’re talking about these? Why are cults dangerous? I’m not gonna share, like, why I’m sharing this with you, but why are cults dangerous? And I think the very first thing is these cults, whether or not and I think sometimes cults can form without the intention of it. But these cults are literally intending to override your own sovereignty. Your own, like who you are, and defining yourself and your beliefs. And you’re like, “This is me”, “this is what I mean”, “I’m in I’m in control of all” of this. They intend to override your own sovereignty and have you adopt your their beliefs as your own.
So it’s like this really dangerous place of that if you yourself, have not reached like your own sovereign being of like, here’s my beliefs. This is what I believe. And this was an important this is what my passion is. If you’re like, in that limbo state, they can literally introduce their own beliefs. And you may take them on as your own sovereign beliefs. I mean, it is so dangerous, so dangerous. You know, and they do this over time. It’s not like you walk in there’s a big gigantic sign on the door like “Welcome to the cult”, you know, meeting this week. “Hi, my name Miss Jen. Um, you know, I’d love to be a part of this cult”. This is amazing, you know. And so it’s not like that. This is stuff that happens slowly over time.
It may and it may be even matter of like you are at first just kind of like maybe hanging out in a Facebook group or hanging out just watching an IG or a Tiktok, you’re hanging in the comments, maybe you then move into the DMs, maybe you then engage in some of their activities. This is slowly over time. And it’s not uncommon. I have heard this before in some of the documentaries. I’ve heard this before, with some of the people that I’ve talked to in person. They say like, they just kind of woke up one day, and we’re like, “oh, shit, I’m, I’m like, not myself. Like, what’s going on?” I mean, some people don’t wake up, I have a couple of really, you know, and then some people don’t even have a choice, let’s be real. If you’re a child, and you happen to grow up in like a cult, or a cult, like, you don’t even have a choice. It’s pretty wild.
So they’re dangerous for these reasons. And then it kind of makes you lose yourself. And when you lose yourself and who you are, and you have adopted other people’s beliefs, you may do things you normally would not do. Think about the ones that I’ve already mentioned. Charles Manson, you had a group of individuals that literally walked into a home and murdered a bunch of people. You think about Heaven’s Gate, Jim Jones. Both of these are groups where they committed mass suicide. Like, what?
And you’ve got, you know, David Koresh who literally locked down and these folks lost their own lives, like literally digging their heels into the ground and standing up, you know, for the rights.
I mean, these are very drastic things. They’re not like here on the right here now. But if you go and you watch, there are two documentaries, that how to become a cult leader looks a lot at these older ones. But there are two that are out there. And one is, forgive me, I think, I don’t remember what they’re both on. I don’t, but one is around the Twin Flames University. And the other one is called around love has one. And these are two organizations that folks are now looking at inwardly and recognizing as a call and right if you’re a part of it, and you stumbled onto this, and you’re like, “wow, that doesn’t make any sense.” You once again, get to choose your own beliefs.
If those are your beliefs, and you did not adopt them because somebody else, you know, gave them to you to like, embrace. I’m cool with that. Like, that’s good. But if you if you by chance, you know, stepped in and are starting to like go oh my god, like really? Like, you know, an asking, “Do you really believe these things?” “Are these your truths?” And your body? somatically is responding like, “Fuck, yeah, those are my truths”. I’m, like, cool, stick around. But for those of you that are wondering that something feels a little bit off, something feels a little bit strange in those, right, like, it could be because you’re starting to recognize that your own sovereign self is not able to be who you truly are meant to be. And that you’ve been enveloped into these calls.
And so I’m gonna give you example, twin flames university, that particular one that just like really blew blew my mind. There’s a whole slew of things if you watch that, but one, there was someone that was very young, that was instructed to kind of be involved, establish a intimate, romantic and sexual relationship. They were young, like 18, or 19, with somebody that was like 12 years, their senior, and they felt like things were off. But no, they were told like this is this is your twin flame, you need to do this. And home, the whole gist, from some of the stories, it sounded like this was a gentleman that might have been, you know, had some mental health issues may have been struggling with addiction, things of that nature. And so this young individual went and put themselves into this situation. And so that, to me is like, once again, extreme examples here.
But if you like, it could be a matter of like you were forced to like, you are strongly encouraged to do X, Y, and Z. And I’m going to tell you like how to identify some of these things, right? So I’m giving you extreme but these could be micro, these could be macro examples of little micro examples you could be experiencing the other one with twin flames as they started to have people really challenged their own gender identity. I mean, it was mind blowing. And so they would have these people starting to like switch their identity start to identify now is a feminine energy versus a masculine energy and it’s just like, once again like it If that’s what you want to do, like, if that’s your choice, that’s cool. But like, You got to ask yourself is this is this is this my truth or somebody else telling me because our truth only comes from our own Higher Self, our connection to our holy guardian angel, right?
Our connection to the divine, our connection to God, that is the only place that the truth comes from. Right? You may have somebody else like me that’s talking and sharing and you’re like, cool, that’s a great message, but I’m not meant to be like worshipped and followed. Hey, you know, so you got to kind of look at these these scenes in these situations. The next one is love has one and that one was a yesterday and that was on it triggered today’s episode.

Holy shit, cult will often have you ostracize your family, which happened in this particular one. But like this individual, this leader literally left walked away from she had three kids when she walked away, and which was like that, in itself is just kind of like a bit of a shock. But she went and she ostracize, her own family. And then my partner pointed this out and said, don’t you find it interesting that she stopped being a mother to her children, and then created an identity that she was a mother to the earth.
I mean, isn’t there a little bit of a weird message in that. But the other piece too, is like, if that particular one, folks were literally participating in active addiction, not only was there a severe and dramatic use of drugs and alcohol, but literally to the point of they had adopted this belief there was part of this, like, ingrained in that belief, right. And so So for somebody that’s a recovering alcoholic watching that yesterday, was horrifying, horrifying, my partner and I are both in recovery from alcohol. And we were just like, we felt our hearts hurts so much, so much, because that particular group of individuals had come to believe so strongly that like drug use, and alcohol use, and like all of these things, these are really low vibrational activities.
Fasting can be very, very good for your spiritual health, but forcing other individuals into like starvation and and not being their choice. And like, the alcohol she was literally saying alcohol was her medicine. And then on top of it, she was consuming Colloidal Silver, which has a lot of health benefits if you’re in the naturopath world, but she was doing it so much to the point that at the very end, her literal body had started to turn this tinge of blue that was a result of the amount of silver colloidal silver that was literally in her tissues and organs. And so these people were literally participating in her active addiction, and we’re, we’re not even willing to go and step out and get her help. Because she had instilled such strong beliefs in them that she didn’t want any, like, 3d hospitals were no good, right? I mean, it’s just like mind blowing, right? So these are why cults can be dangerous, they can literally lead you to do things you normally would not do in a healthy spiritual environment.
So which may make you wonder like, oh shit, how to identify if something is a call them around to call them in a cold, anything of that nature. And so, number one, you will have certain organizations that will joke about being called being part of a cult, or we’re called like, or you know, and they think it’s fun and joking. And I remember I had a business coach, probably like two years ago and said, “what kind of community and group do you want to have? And she’s like, do you want it to be like a cult like feeling?” And I was like, I was kind of shocked. She said that. I was really shocked. She said, It sounds like hell no, oh, God, no. But so if they are literally claiming that talking about it, or even saying like, they’re not, you know, if they’re using the word cult in any of their marketing, maybe maybe might be called.
The other thing too, and you can go look like I did, I searched a couple of articles this morning, just to make sure that you know, some of the hits that I was getting to share with you were also things that folks had shared. And so there’s this other really interesting one, and that’s around any kind of like feedbacks or questioning around the programming, questioning around what needs to be done, questioning around the expectation, providing feedback and saying, I didn’t understand that. That seemed weird. What if we did it this way? That’s typically squashed. Right? There’s like a dramatic response to healthy feedback or questions, right?
But if things will keep going, there’ll be this like moment of like, you know, submit this kind of this somatic or even mental response to like, I just told them, like, you know, they like their volume was low, right? Like, it’s like really weird. So there’ll be these unhealthy or like overly dramatic responses to questions or feedback. And so what may also how this might also show up is you’ll be provided clarity in what is allowed and is not allowed what is helpful for feedback, what is not helpful for feedback, like these kinds of like, it’s very, very rigid, and to the point that it starts to prohibit people like, they’re like, “oh, shit, I don’t want to give the feedback or ask a question in the wrong way”. So they will stop getting feedback, stop asking questions.
And if you’ve ever provided that, here’s the other key if you’ve ever provided, you know, asked a question or provided any type of feedback, and your, your emotional response to what was said or given back to you was any type of guilt or shame. There you go, right. So that that those are, those are absolute signs that they’re, it’s called, like energy, right? Absolute signs, like, I think of myself as a servant leader.
So if you ask a question, or you provide feedback, I’m here to be of service to you. That is what I’m here to do. And I’ve done it throughout my corporate career all my life, being in a leadership role for the last 20 years. Another one is, there’s a lot of do as I say, not as I do, so there’ll be a ton of hypocrisy or double talk, right? They’ll say one thing, they’ll do another, they’ll be like, “this is okay”, and then you’ll be like, wait a second, they were like, “oh, oh, you know, what, the divine powers of being have spoken to me”. And they, they and so they will often use that divinity or their own connection directly with their guides and try to share messages and like justify shifts are changing or hypocrisy or double talk, whoa, they said, it is okay for me, but you guys that are still learning cannot write.

You know, this is another one that really kind of this, this one really boils my blood here. And that is you’ll have individuals within that organization whose specific responsibility is to kind of act like a spy. Right. And this could be folks in in that are just been around for a long, longer time than you, right? It could be somebody that’s just been around three months longer a week longer, right. But they will literally there’ll become this cultural, like underlying unspoken rule of, you need to tell someone when you when you see anyone not happy or venturing out of the path that is expected. So they’ll be the spies. And the their whole intention is to to really highlight anyone, and to bring to light anyone that may may challenge the power that the authority figure has.
So that being said, there’s typically going to be a very distinctive hierarchy and roles. This person does this this person that, but the interesting thing is is they never will be consistently upheld or understood stood how folks get to it. We just talked about all that shifting and changing. You know, it might be one day, this person’s a lead, the next day not. And it’s often because these decisions are made through very emotional responses. Oh, well, so and so no longer believed with what I agreed with how I wanted to do things. So they’re out, we’re not going to come to some kind of leadership, collaboration and cohesiveness, we’re just going to kick them out because I’ve got the power. And yeah, so on and so forth. Right? You kind of feel what I’m saying, right? So there’s this very distinctive hierarchy.
But there’s no real understanding of like, how someone gets to that position, what is even the like, you know, what happens if, like, let’s say, the, you know, earthbound God dies, like, perfect example, is in that one documentary, what happens then to the group. So if that’s not clear of like, where the succession plan is how the leader actually, you know, all of that kind of good stuff. Then there’s their side of the call. There’ll be poor transparency in any type of financial budget. And so often, these organizations will get to a point that they’ll start referring to themselves as family, they want you more involved, they may actually want you to participating for free volunteering your time, they may even make some promises of like, Oh, don’t worry about it.
Well, we’ll get to that at some point. And I will tell you, this is this is 100%. My hesitation of ever asking anybody for help is this particular one here because there are so many folks that organize, you know, have organizations that lean into the cult like of space So that are abusing and using their members to further their own achievements. And so that is one of the things. So if there is poor transparency into the financial budget, so let’s say you are really helping to contribute, and it’s not being shared of  what that money is and where it’s going and how much is coming in and all the expenses, like if that is, if you by chance, are working within a group in an organization and volunteering your time, and are not able to say, hey, can we talk about what the actual financial health of this organization is and can’t get a positive answer in response, and it’s probably you probably dancing around a cult there.
Now, don’t get me wrong. There may be businesses that are really hesitant and things of that nature, but I would hope that is a healthy sign that is healthy. So I know, I’ll tell you, I personally would have no issue and have done just as such, with the team members that have been willing to volunteer, and help me out every now and again. I put this note down here. So many of these groups consider themselves family, and yet any collaboration around financial health doesn’t exist. And I don’t know about you, but I will tell you when you are in a family unit, mother and father, you know, adult, like they work together as a final as a unit to make sure that that financial health is healthy. This is the other one to write.
Folks that are followers are part of the family that are not part of leadership. I mean, even if you’re part of leadership, you may still feel this. You’re gonna have feelings of not being good enough, not being worthy, feeling like they have to prove themselves. Like if I only did this, I do that, if I do this, like you’re going to, like magical fairy sprinkle dust is going to come over to you and now you’re going to be seen as something spectacular and amazing. And I put this no doubt, almost as though you’re privileged. If you are in an organization, and you are under this impression that you’re like, privileged to be a part of it. And I don’t mean like your efforts. So for example, if you busted your ass in college, you know, so I went to college, I was invited into an honors fraternity, right? And I don’t share that with me, but I am a part of an honors fraternity. And so like, that is a privilege. I did a lot of really hard work to get there.
But if we’re talking about just being part of an organization or part of the community or a family, a family somebody that calls themselves a family, you are not there is not a privilege to be a part of a family. It’s like yeah, it just fucking sounds really shitty. So why am I sharing all of this with you? I hope that at this particular point, you may understand why but I’m going to reiterate that before we call it a day here today because let’s see how long have I been rambling about this lovely topic? Whoo we’re we’re over that 20 minutes. Number one, this shit is real.
We are not we are not talking about books, fiction books right now we’re not talking about movies we’re talking about these stories have literally been shared in documentary it is happening to folks out there right now here today. It may be happening to you it may be happening to folks that you love the dangers out there my friends it is out there. And you know, I hope that you are listening to this and you’re in that situation you know feel free to reach out and ask a couple questions of how you might be able to navigate you’re asked to get out of it I’m happy to share my can I’m absolutely happy to share but this shit is real in the dangerous out there last last but not least totally selfish. Why I’m sharing this with all of you, I don’t want to lead a cult! I do not want to lead a fucking cult. Please don’t ask me to ever lead one. Do not ever like put me on that pedestal you know keep me honest.
If you feel like I’m violating any of those things above that I talked about I need you to bring that up. I need you to share that I don’t want to lead a call. I’m a collaborative leader. I am a servant leader I am It is very strange to me to be in a position of power because I feel like I am you know all I all I do when I put my arms around people and I lead is I literally do so like right there in the thick of things. Yes, so that’s my very very, very selfish reason as to why I’m sharing all this with us. Please keep me honest folks. I don’t want to lead a cult and if any of you ever feel like I’m saying something that in case that I’m doing something that indicates that or you know you’re getting any of that energetic or feel any of the ways that I mentioned feeling, please let me know keep me honest my dear friends and watch some yeah it’s called the Monster Cult. Go watch some of these documentaries they’re pretty damn good that being, said my dear friends we are done for today. I am going my hair appointment because I do not think that I’ve gotten enough pink in. So I’m gonna get ready for that and until next time.
Much Love for Me to all of you. Avoid the cult. Let me know if you need some help getting out till next time

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