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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the MysticaL [EP.19] Discipline

Join us this morning as we dive into the world of discipline. It’s the first Friday of the New Year, a perfect launch pad for all your resolutions. Whether you’re planning on shedding some extra pounds, saying goodbye to your vices, picking up a new hobby, or even committing a mere five minutes daily to declutter your space – we’ve got you covered. It’s your year, your move, and we’re here to guide you through it. So let’s kick-start this journey together. Embrace the resolution revolution!

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

Happy New Year. That’s right. This is the first recorded episode of the new year. We are it is I’m recording this. On January 5, we released it a couple of days after. But it is Friday, January 5. And so when I sat there this morning and thought about what we might talk about, I heard and like screaming at me what we were going to be talking about. And that was, in essence, discipline. We’re talking about discipline this morning. As I said, it is the first Friday after the New Year, literally, January 1 was a Monday, which is like, awesome, because if you were one of those individuals that set a new year’s resolution, your New Year’s resolution maybe you’ll say “I’m gonna drop 10 pounds”, “I’m gonna stop drinking”, “I’m going to pick up a new hobby”, “I’m going to start spending five minutes every day decluttering my home”, whatever it may be that you might have set that New Year’s resolution. And I will tell you, if you’re listening to this right now, it’s probably maybe Monday or beyond.
There’s a very high probability, you’ve already tossed that baby to the curb. Okay, I forget what the statistics I’ve looked it up many, many times. But it’s pretty substantial. And when I sat there with my guides this morning, and I was like, really discipline, we’re going to talk about that why? They said, because today is probably going to be the day most people end up throwing it out. Yeah, turning up to the curb. And so think about it, like if you’re on a diet and you managed to do it, you’re like “I’m gonna, I’m eating well, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday”, and you’re like, “oh, you know what, after work, oh, we’re gonna have pizza tonight with him”. It’s just, yeah, so I am just going to send some extra good Juju vibes out for all of you that are listening to this. We’re gonna go like to the future, and we’re gonna come back, we’re just gonna create this really beautiful energy of not letting go of those New Year’s resolution. Give you some extra luck maybe in that. And I’ll share why.
And this is why haven’t set a new year’s resolution in, I really couldn’t tell you when the last time was, I honestly couldn’t. And I not really liked them for a long time. And when you start to look into the psychology of them and the probability of failure with all of that kind of stuff. It’s just, they just haven’t worked. They haven’t worked for me, and they don’t work for a lot of people. So I think it was probably winter 2021 before the new year, and I was getting ready to write some content. And I was kind of asking my guides, you know, once again, what to talk about, what to share with my audience. And this concept of a desirelution came up. And I was like, “wow, okay. Hmm. Interesting. Let me explore this”. And so, I’ve come to love this concept so much more because of resolutions themselves. I mean, if you think about the energy, when you think about how that word sounds, what it means, it’s very, very masculine.  And it is, it’s not very magical. Okay, so for like a witch, it just feels very corporal, like “well, I’m going to resolve” and if I have a desire for something, I desire for a transformation, I have a desire to have a healthier body, I have a desire to enjoy life more, I have a desire to learn something new. You’re attaching yourself instead of this resolve. This feeling of like obligation, you’re attaching that whatever it is into a very strong emotion, which is desire.
And so the likelihood and I’ve been doing this for four years now. And so I can’t say if, and I’ve taught it to other people, and I’ve never heard anything new like, “oh, that didn’t work. You know, come back to me”. So I mean, I guess this is a surefire One way to, like, bring about in manifest some big changes in your life, I guess, if you lock into that desire, the probability of bringing if and if it’s one thing, and that’s what you’re locking into, and that’s the emotion, “I desire this”, “I desire that”, “I desire  whatever that is”. Yeah, I just had phenomenal results with it.
And so we go all the way back to 2020 was the first kind of real big major change and transformation. And it wasn’t like I didn’t have a resolution there, I had a desire. I had a desire to have a better life, in all honesty. And the way that I did it was through sobriety. And so like, my word of the year, that year was sober. And so I have found that having one word, choosing one word, and focusing on that one word in whatever way shape or form that you have to write, it becomes this anchor, in this kind of guide for that desire. I hope that makes sense. So in 2020, that word, sober. And I remained sober throughout the entire year. It was a first year, I had one year behind me. And I remember I was in Tennessee to celebrate that one year anniversary, and it was really beautiful, enjoying my first kind of big vacation after the year before his vacation that hit the fan. It’s kind of like the thing about hitting your rock bottom on your birthdays, you’ve got a really crazy milestone every year, right?
So 2021, my word is strength. And I needed a lot of that, because there were certain changes that I needed to make in my life. And I really felt like I needed the strength to do it. And another word that would have been really good, and I contemplated, and I did some art that year. I’ve often done some artwork. It could have been courage, but I really did. And so 2021 was the year I started to set some really hard boundaries with folks that were really intimately attached to me. And I needed a lot of strength and a lot of courage to do that, to keep making some of the decisions and the changes, going beyond that one year and keeping in trucking into year number two. And so it took me all the way that year it took me all the way to the almost the end of the year before that final strength was needed. And, I parted ways with someone that was codependent with me, and it was really hard. I mean, it just, I can feel in remembrance, that somatic experience. And that was really intense.
The other thing too, is I look back, I think strength and courage could have been interchanged that year, that was the year I went through a deep spiritual program. And so continuing to show up there, continuing to be doing my work and continuing to love myself, those are really big deals, which led us into like that 2022 And so, I brought about all of these changes kind of external in my life at that particular point.  I’ve gotten rid of all of the alcohol, removed all the places and things that were kind of distraction you could see say. That year or two was the people that were really challenging.
My sobriety was in year two, and I’d cleared all of those things out and so now it was really it was really me. So in 2022, my word was peace. This was focused on peace of mind in a big deal. But I looked at it from my perspective like in all ways like Peace in in multiple relationships, in whatever way shape or form that I can. But everything that I did that particular year was grounded in this isn’t going to bring me peace. Last year and 2023, the word was presents and it was very funny, right? My little Saturn in Virgo, I forget what house it is. But it is definitely indicative of like, organizer. Very, you know, structure. Yeah. And so I set presents, I was like, o”h, cool, great. These are these things that I would like to do to show that I’m present” which I find hilarious looking back that I did this. I mean, of course I did. Because, I’m also a recovering alcoholic. And sometimes we fall into our little control behaviors. And so I created this monthly thing to fill out daily and weekly and all this kind of stuff and should have been probably more appropriate to this year. Yeah, quickly through that one to the wayside. I think I made it like a month and a half of filling it out. Maybe even two and a half months of filling it out. And finally, my guides are like, are you done? Because every single time that you worry about printing a new sheet and filling it out, and you’re not living in the moment, you’re not being present. Thinking about what you want to do, is it being present? Looking back at what you did, it’s not good. So I was like, “oh, okay, cool, cool. Yeah, lesson learned”.
Which brings us all the way to 2024. And so this year, I’ve got some big leaps that I want to make, yet, I want to be able to completely focus 100% on growing the business and making magic happen in a lot of different ways. And so, this year’s word is discipline, if you didn’t guess, that’s a long way of saying that, I hope you’re still there. We’ve been rambling for like 12 minutes about why we’re talking about discipline today’s because that is my word this year. But I needed to make sure that you understood kind of why and where it was coming from and some of that one word. So this discipline is a big deal. Like, you’re talking about someone that will admit that I not only a recovering alcoholic, but I’m a recovering workaholic and perfectionist. And so I had to really work on those things. And there is a this discipline is a very I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it over the last couple of weeks, it’s been about four weeks that I’ve been thinking about this. So we’re gonna start now with the level set, I want to make sure all of us understand what I mean by the word discipline. An the Oxford Dictionary states that it’s a practice of training people to obey rules, or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience, meaning if somebody is not following or obeying the rules, then there’s actual punishment and disobedience. And you know, if that’s the formal definition, that’s cool. I’m not going to argue with Oxford, but I am going to state that, words have power. And in order for us to understand what I mean by that word, and the power that I am using, as it relates to that word, discipline for me is making a decision. It’s more of self discipline perspective. It is making a decision and taking on wavering action towards it. That’s it.
You can think of a boundary as a decision and holding it. That’s it. That’s the discipline. It is unwavering. That’s discipline to me. Without punishment, you are just obeying what you’ve decided. That’s it. And so because you’re obeying it without question, there is no room for things like shame and guilt. So that discipline and you think about that when you make a decision and you take action on it and you finish it like it’s even like scientifically your body will release chemicals, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin. I don’t remember what it is. I’m not a scientist. I’m a witch. Right? It’s gonna release those chemicals. And you’re gonna like the fact you get this like logical response of completing and achieving something. When you keep doing that, it’s like you start just you doing this discipline, making decisions and taking action on it. It’s like hitting a little bit of a happy button over and over and over again. It can help raise some of your vibration.
Which as always, it’s just a very final part of these little chats that I love to share and have with you guys. Are you ladies? Are you aliens? or whoever’s listening?
Why am I sharing this with you? Discipline is an important part of the witches journey. And I don’t mean, like, you’ve got to make a whole ton of decisions. And you’ve got to have some kind of dogma. That’s not what I’m saying. I am saying merely, if you choose, make a decision to claim the title of a witch, to say that you practice witchcraft. Whatever it may be, if you make that decision, and maybe you even set a new year’s resolution, maybe you even set a new year’s resolution that said, “I’m gonna go ahead and embrace more of my own spirituality this year”. Okay, so you may be listening to this right now. And you may need a kick in the pants to stay consistent, right? Because that’s where the discipline lies in there. And consistency is not like it’s not like, every hour, I gotta go. And I’ve got to do like the pentagram sign, and now, that’s not what I’m saying. 
In a spiritual practice is just setting a rather regular cadence and rhythm. It could be just going outside every new moon and saying a little prayer. It could be once a week, sweeping your house, and just imagining getting all of the negativity out of it, it could be like, it’s just doing something consistently. So you may need a little bit of that kick in that pants and a little bit of tender love to say, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing fine. Or you may be listening to this like, I don’t know, months, maybe it’s October, maybe you’re listening back and you made that New Year’s resolution or was thinking about making a New Year’s resolution and you’re worried like what “what if I don’t follow through with it” or whatever, “what if I  just can’t figure out what I really dig and like to do consistently”. Maybe you’re just already kind of  worried concern or something of that nature.
I’m going to tell any of you that have maybe ever tried to jump on it before and fell off the wagon. You went back to being a muggle. Oh, maybe that’s funny, maybe I’m addicted to being a muggle. There is a saying in recovery, it says just keep coming back, you can decide to try again as many times as you want, just keep coming back. So, at the end of the day, though this is why I say it’s so important, why discipline is so important to the witch at the end of the day, if you have chosen this path, my speculation is you have chosen this path because you believe that this path can lead you to a very beautiful life.  It can lead you to a place that you can begin to reap spiritual bounty. You can have almost like wishes come true. You might be able to heal things, you might be able to see things, things read back like you know, all of this right.
So, if you have decided to step onto this path, it is only discipline and the consistency of continuing to try and keep coming back. That is going to get you the results and allow you to reap all of that spiritual bounty that you that is right there for you to take. Consistency opens the gateways, so to speak to the dimensions or the other timelines that we have the things that we desire. So, I do have to put one fair warning here, my dear friend, and that’s why I told you that story. There are a number of words that led me down here right? We’ve got sober strength, peace, persistence, discipline is now the word. So one of the things that I had to work through in that year, getting in remaining sober was my own relationship with shame and guilt. Here’s my warning to you my dear friends. If you are a self shamer or self guilt, or self punisher, right, you know who you are. You know exactly who you are. I would encourage you to work on your relationship with shame and guilt first. You need to work on it and learn how to release those things. They are very low vibrational energies and they can spiral you into very, very dark places. Before you focus on discipline, if you are self shame or self guilt or self sabotage, or make sure that you work on your relationship with shame and guilt. I still have blinks. You know, I call them like, I still have these glimpses is probably of shame and guilt that will occasionally pop up but they’re like flutters. It’s like I was flipping a picture book. And it’s one of the pages I see it and it goes right by. You can work on that relationship.
All right. That being said, Happy New Year. Once again, all of my dear, dear witchy. friends, I hope that you had a an amazing holiday. I hope that your new year has gotten off to a rocking. Good start. I know I’ve got a lot of incredible things planned for this year. And I hope to continue all of this amazing conversation that I get to share with you each and every week. So until next time, much love from me to all of you.

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