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Do You Know the bitter truth about Empathy?

I would have to guess that if I asked you to drop a comment below and let me know if you were an empath that I would hear a resounding yes from you. So please make sure to read through this whole post because today’s message is for you.

It is not your responsibility to make someone feel better. 

I repeat.

It is not your responsibility to make someone feel better.

Yes you are an empath and that means that you can deeply feel other people’s emotions. You can step into their shoes and experience the pain, sorrow, anxiety or even JOY that they are feeling. The joy of course feels wonderful…but those other emotions, those feel absolutely horrific. And if those were your feelings you would want to work through them and get back on the joy train.

They aren’t your feelings though. And it is not your responsibility to try to fix, change, adjust or even gently nudge someone else’s emotions. As human beings, we are each responsible for our emotions and processing them. 

And I get it; you may not like hearing this or may even be panicking because you don’t know any other way. 

Here’s what you can do…here is the one thing that is absolutely important for you to do for other people as they are processing their own emotions – hold space for them.

  • Tell them that you are there to show them gentleness while they are going through their own personal storm
  • Tell them that you will not judge them while they process what is going on in their mind and their body
  • Tell them that you love and respect them and will help them find answers if it’s answers they seek.
  • Just be there with them and for them.

Life is hard enough for us to work through our own emotions. If all of us were better at holding space for each other RATHER than trying to fix each other’s emotions, we would all find ourselves in an incredibly compassionate world.

Are you ready to live in a more compassionate world? Are you ready to start practicing holding space for those that you care about???

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