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Fall in Love With Life Through Venus the Goddess of Love

I have been fascinated with gods, goddesses and all sorts of different pantheons of religion for quite some time. And I’m a researcher by heart so when I found myself exploring February’s content I kept getting drawn back to the beautiful, intoxicating goddess Venus. (Or if you like her greek interpretation – Aphrodite)

She was known throughout the Roman empire as a goddess of military victory, sexual success, good fortune, prosperity and fertility. She was revered for blessing families with children and was called upon to keep husband and wife hot and bothered for each other. She invoked deep, intense love and desire in those that worked with her. It is for this reason that we can also call upon Venus to gift us romance for life.

Warning – working with Venus can lead to hot and passionate sex with yourself or your partner, it can leave you bored with the humdrum of life and searching for action, it can also turn you into a delectable sex goddess without you even knowing. Use the following invocation at your own risk.

This invocation is best performed on a Friday. 

Preferably while taking a very luxurious bath.

Light a white candle next to a delicious bowl of strawberries as an offering.

“Oh beautiful and seductive Venus, Goddess of desire, may this offering that I give to you be an expression of my devotion and admiration for you. May you bless my life with as much passion as you had for Mars. May you bless my heart with an undying love for life like you had for the city of Rome. May you bless me with good fortune in romance. Long live your name my Goddess of love!”

Repeat this on as many Fridays as your heart desires and watch the Goddess begin to shower your life with passion, love and romance!

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