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Tarot Spiel! Episode 3: Five of Cups- The Unfortunate Poo Poo Party

With a bright and enthusiastic tone, we dive deep into the magical realm of Tarot. This discussion is a vibrant exploration of all facets of Tarot – the enchanting symbolism, the timeless archetypes, and everything that sparks curiosity.

Join me as we unravel the mystique of Tarot, shedding light on the elements that have captivated our interest, and inviting you to embark on this captivating journey.

Ineisha the Intuitive Psychic:

Okay. I always laugh all right. Hello my friends. This is me. This is this is who I am. My name is Ineisha. Welcome to the Tarot Spiel! with me. I am your host. I am here today to talk everything about Tarot, all things Tarot, the symbolism the archetypes. Tarot is my love. Is taro my love? Yes it is. I just dropped the card that I want to talk about. Go figure.

Tarot is like I am; I am your love. Anyway, welcome my friends. I am here to offer you stories, insights, reflections, inspiration, basically anything that I want to talk about when it comes to tarot. And yeah, that’s what I’m here for. I am your intuitive psychic. I use my sensations and my abilities. I love storytelling, the pictures, and the richness of my own imagination. Plus, the actual meanings of these cards and this blend that I’ve created to create this terrible world that I live in. And that I live by. Okay, my friends. I don’t know if you caught my first podcast episode. But I told you all about my love tear, so I won’t I won’t bore you just in these moments right now. Okay, so anyway, let’s talk about what piqued my interest, right? Again, if you caught my last episode, I talked about cloaks, right?

And I was really excited to talk about Cloak throughout Tarot. I decided to talk about the two of wands, specifically after looking at all my cards. And what I did notice about the cards was that a lot of the newer depictions and the newer tarot decks that, you know, different artists have created themselves, I would say, in the past 10 years, maybe 15 years, whatnot. Not a lot of them had the symbolism with the cloak throughout the One card, specifically throughout each deck. So either who, what drew me even to talk about cloaks, and I want to bring that back was basically the five steps. I’ll show you a picture of the five cups. This is from the Astro matrix tarot deck. That was the original card that drew me in for the cloaks, and I still wanted to talk about the five cups and the cloak energy, but I kind of evolved past it.

Again, a lot of the tarot decks don’t have the same depictions throughout the cards, which makes it much more meaningful, in my opinion; you know, it makes it a lot easier for you to grasp different meanings from the card right from like the original like, you know, more solid meanings of the deck and card specifically and then what you make of it right. Anyway, I have, I am spilling a lot. That is a word I just made up. So a five of cups. That is what I want to talk about today. It’s scary, isn’t it? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, if you know that. Five of cups. It’s actually not scary. It’s, it’s sad. I would call it a sad sap of a kind of card. You know what I mean? No, this, no, this intended, right? I’m not dissing the cards. I love all the cards equally. But it’s the truth, right? different depictions have different definitions; I would say I found them online. I checked out, I think, the tarot guide online, famously known as bitty tarot and her definitions of the five cups and upright definitions of the five cups talk about disappointment, despair, failures, sadness, regret, being let down, loneliness, emotional instability.

And the reverse meaning of the five cups can talk about personal setbacks, moving on to acceptance, releasing emotional baggage, and finding peace. Okay. And so what I want to talk about is the five of cups and these definitions and meanings throughout the Tarot deck and how they’re different tarot decks and how they’re depicted and how the artists themselves have picked up the essence and you know, ingredients of the five of cups and made it their own artistic display of a meal of a ditch, whatever, whatever. See, I think about one thing, and then I want to; I want to lead into it with the same words. That’s me, man. That’s me, man. That’s why I love these pictures and the artistry, right? So let’s get into it. Let’s get into it. First of all, I talked about the fabric cups being a sad sap kind of card. And it really is right. I mean, let’s look at a couple of the images throughout the decks. We see here in the slow tarot, there’s a young kid sad in this hand, handed his head and head in his hands. Like, in their head. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Basically, a lot of Broken China here reminds me of Spilt Milk. And what’s that saying when it talks about, like, don’t cry over spilled milk? Well, this kid is definitely crying over spilled milk. 

Then we’ve got in the every day which, tarot? There’s a young witch, right? It looks like she’s at a party at the beach. But she does not give not to about that party, right? She’s sad. She is not something that is not pulling her towards the enjoyment, right? If anything, she’s more focused on what is unenjoyable. Right, and then even that depiction, again, of the five cards, the five of cups in the Astro matrix, Tarot, you know, the cloak. This is such a dark look. It’s black. A lot of the depictions that I did see throughout some of the other cards were gray; it was never, it was never colorful. Okay. And this person’s got their heart in their hand, right? So there’s a lot of holding on to something of meaning, right? So, something of meaning. And what are the other ones that I want to show you here? I know not all of you can see this if you’re listening to the podcast, but if you get to see the video, you get to see the video. five of cups here. This is the wild unknown tarot deck that shows a sad horse. I mean, sad horse has sad by it. I mean, I think of horses as free and running wild and things like that. So, like a sad horse, any sad animal, anything that is sad. It makes, and then we have a bone stone and Earth flesh tarot deck, and it shows an elephant looking at forgotten tusks, right?

He still has his own tusks, he or she, and but it’s looking at the tusks, right? This one, this one actually got me when I thought about the depiction of the five cups, and the meaning is to think about what, you know, the elephants themselves. One of the things that they represent is memory. It said to it said that elephants have really large memory banks. Like they can they, you know, they remember a lot. They’re definitely in touch with emotions and things like that. So you see this like an elephant looking at these tusks, right? And it’s like forgotten things of importance, tusks are very meaningful to elephants. Okay, so, this almost forgotten memory of what was of, you know, or even the people who the people, the elephants, who once had these tusks on their, on their body. This definitely speaks of a real overwhelming emotional loss and even a loss over a tribe, you know, kind of vibes.

But one thing that I see in this card is like the searing memory of it, the elephant and what it stands for, and it’s, you know, in-depth with emotion, it’s depth with emotions, and then its ability to have this memory bank that’s really large it’s a pain that over time if anything has gotten larger, right? Again, sad horse lives sad horse vibes here with the depiction of the wild, unknown tarot deck. Now, what I love, though, about the five cups is you can feel what’s happening, right? When you’re going through it right when something touches your heart. When you feel the pain and overwhelmed emotionally, when you’re going through it, it’s hard to think that things will change or that things will get better and things will get elevated and whatnot. But one of my favorite depictions is from the South through Beco tarot deck, where it shows you know a girl yet again had in her hand sad right she’s in water, so it’s like so much water so much grief, but she doesn’t see the rainbow behind her right. And this is like the overcoming. This is like the acceptance that is like the dawn of a new day despite this day not being how you wanted it to turn out, or this day is how you initially went into it, right? Maybe it started well, and then something dampened the memory, you know, dampened the situation. All you can do is replay this loop, and sadness in your mind without realizing that, essentially, there’s still joy to be had. There’s still content times that to be had, again with the every day which, you know, there’s a party. What is she sad about it? She’s sad about turning, you know, older. Is she sad about maybe certain people not being at her party? But the point is that you can come to the point of realization that, this is not the end all be all you know, and you can find the sense of peace in knowing that like the even the reason why you got into such feeling of being let down, right this feeling that’s just so unwelcome, this like flood of like really lonely and sad emotions, the whole reason it was able to occur is because you did have an open heart and you were in such a receptive mode.

And so you can, you know, you can remind yourself and think about that sometimes when you find yourself in that mode of the five of cups, and in that spiral downward of the sad party that like you can do, you can keep going, right, you can keep going, you can love again, you can open yourself up again, to discovering what’s on the other side of that, right. I am a fan of my friends. I am a fan of doing, you know, this work. Where, you know, I’m aware of both the lighter sides of life and the heavier sides of life. That actually brings me into a story. Yeah, that actually brings me to this story. I’m like, do I want to? Yeah, I actually do. I was spiraling the other day. Okay, I’m gonna talk. I’m gonna talk about one of my favorite fictions. Again, I always say that these are my favorite depictions of the cards. And I’m just not lying. I know I’ve said that three times already. But I just love all these cards. So, if you hear me say it’s my favorite depiction, I am for real.



So here is yet another favorite depiction of mine from the tarot decks: the Santa Muerte tarot deck. And this shows a skeleton, something where the tarot figures our skeleton. Sometimes, what that means in Spanish is the Saint of Death; okay, so there is a lot of skeleton symbolism in this deck. So this skeleton is sitting in water, and it’s got a maze in its head. It’s like a real circular oval here, and amazed, it is found in their head. And so what I want to talk about is how I often times find myself in the boat of the five of cups; I assure you, I have such a beautiful, sunny disposition, I love love, love being happy. But let’s be real, you know, in this life, and that exists. I’ve learned to come to terms with that.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t fall into it, just like everybody else does, you know, I fall into a just like everybody else does. And it’s just so so easily I can find myself in this loop. This is a constant loop of replaying memories, right? You know, replaying any kind of, like, setbacks that I’ve experienced, I was drowning the other day, thinking, you know, have I Well, I’ve been doing very well, right now in making things happen. And so I’ve been in this, like, almost like this domino effect. And then I came up, you know, to a little bit of a little bit of a halt in that movement, and boom, in that hole, and I decided to spiral, you know, what, I decided to go into this place of feeling like, oh, you know, things are never going to change, things are never going to be the same.

You know, the clouds are never going to disperse from my life, all the ways in which we can just continue continuously, like, drown ourselves in these feelings, right? Instead of seeing them for what they are and accepting them for what they are right, it happens it happens. Another way I can get myself down with the five cups is like regret, regret. The regret of, especially in the Astro matrix, this person always feels like this person always feels to me like they are so angry. Okay, out of all the depictions of this of the of the five of cups. The one in the end, the person in the astral matrix always seems so angry that they’ve given their heart because they have there’s their heart in there, and it’s like a, they’ve got a golden locket, and they see the three cups that are spilled in front of them, and there are two of cups behind them. And it’s almost like, yeah, who cares about the two cups? You know? Who even cares? I’m so worried about the three cups that are spilled in front of me.

And yeah, the regret that sometimes I could feel, which I sense like from this person And is the regret of like having given oneself you know, having, opening your heart and, and this is not I’m not just talking about, like, in love but like, to friends to situations right, where you’re met almost with a cold shoulder, you know, a cold shoulder and how many times you know, also, the regret of not giving ones are, you know, the regret of the what ifs and the, you know, what would have happened, what could have happened, those kinds of things. So, all that to say, you know, it creates these loops, these like, never just like, replaying of painful memories and replaying of painful emotions and painful stories that you tell yourself and whatnot. And so, you know, why am I telling you any of this? 

Why are we talking about the five of cups? Why am I talking about such as it’s like a sad poopoo party that is happening here? I’m telling you this, my loves, because I want you to recognize right and remember, that life is painful. Life is painful. It’s very, very, very easy to drag ourselves underwater. Very easy to read and live in memories that were painful, to read and live in. Situations that didn’t go our way read and live in the wish I would have said this or wish I didn’t say that. The human mind and the human imagination are rich, my friends; if you don’t believe me, go lay out under the grass and stare at some clouds and tell me you don’t see things start to form. After you’re staring at it for a while, close your eyes and let somebody take you on a journey and tell me, you don’t start to see a beautiful landscape. play out in front of you in whatever images and symbolism come to mind. You know, anyhow, it’s rich. And it’s just to say that be easy on yourself, catch a little break, give yourself a little break. When times don’t seem to be going your way, when you find yourself in these loops. When you find yourself almost feeling like an outsider, you know, on the outside looking in, right?

It brings me back to the cloak. You know, when the cloak is used for protection, you know, sometimes it’s okay, sometimes you have to sit with your pain. Sometimes, you sit with it before you move on, and that’s okay. You know, it’s also okay if you if you loop around and spiral a little bit like there isn’t a race. That’s another thing. You know, this isn’t a race, and so I’m just telling you this so you are not hard on yourself on whatever leg of the journey you find yourself when you find yourself in these disappointing times, in these times when things are not going your way or in situations, places. Whatever the case, that just isn’t suiting you aren’t the best for you have hurt you whatever the case, just remember this: sooner or later, you will yet again, as life is meant to be able to savor and enjoy life again.

Okay, so that is it, my love, that is it for today. My mystical, magical people. Another one in the books. I hope you enjoyed my little spiel on the five of cups today. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being everywhere every day, for that matter, because you all matter. I’m only saying this because I’m such a sap; I could get sappy. I’m going to rein it in; I’m going to rein it in my friends. Okay, I bid you farewell until the next time. I hope you have a wonderful week. I will be here yet again same time, same place next time.

Also, if you are looking for insight from me, and if you’d like to spend some time with me, I’ve got quite the offer. I’ve got 50% off gift certificates now through the end of the year. So that’s at the end of till the end of December, essentially, and I’m offering an hour session with me Zoom call and record, you know, private for you and me to discuss whatever it is that you want to discuss and find out about and receive clarity on and wisdom and all that good stuff that’s available on sunshine readings.com. So go check me out there. And yeah, until we meet again, my friends. This is Ineisha. I’m signing off. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye!

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