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Tarot Spiel! Episode 4: Four of Swords- Sometimes You Just Gotta Chill the Fuck Out

This episode is a warm, sun-kissed invitation for you to lay down your swords, kick back, and soak up some restorative vibes. We’ll explore the tranquil energy of the Four of Swords card, embracing the necessity of rejuvenation and reflection in our whirlwind lives.

With Tarot as our guide, we’ll voyage into a space of serenity, where you can truly chill and find your zen. Just like the sun after the storm, this episode promises clarity, peace, and a fresh perspective.

So, grab your favourite beverage, find a comfy spot, and join us for this enlightening episode!

Ineisha the Intuitive Psychic:

Hi, well as usual, my friends, I feel this room in this space in your hearts in this place with my laughter and with my joy. I am coming to you live from Tarot Spiel. I’m your host and your girl Ineisha, and I’m here to drop it like it’s hot when it comes to revealing the Tarot and the mysteries of tarot and storytelling and all that beautiful stuff. For today’s episode, I am titling Four of Swords.- Sometimes you just gotta chill the fuck out. Yes, yes. So before I get into it, my love’s Welcome to the taro schpeel. I’m your host. And I’m here to offer stories, insights, reflections, and inspiration; I offer you the benefit of getting to know the taro through my eyes, enriching our experience through life. With the depths of the meaning found within these cards.

I am a gifted intuitive psychic and your spiritual advisor. And I love guiding clients toward clarity. You know, my using my own wisdom and storytelling archetypes and the meaning of tarot and in the way that I interpret them, see them, hear them, feel them, witness them know their experience and all that good stuff. And brought to you by my voice. So anyway, let me chill. Let me chill out, which I love. Which is hard to do because I have so much energy. And so, what piqued my interest this weekend? Why did I want to talk about the four of swords this week?

Well, the four of swords is not typically my friend, four of swords. I love the four of swords, don’t get me wrong, I love the depiction of the forest swords in many of the different tarot decks, I’m going to be using a couple of them that I’ve pulled from my collection, the one that I saw and connected with, specifically with what I want to let you know, today, but easing easing up, slowing down, you know, resting, these are not things that I typically offer myself with ease, you know, I’m someone who is pretty active. And sometimes I push past my own boundaries. You know, and don’t want to hear someone telling me that I need to calm down or slow down.

And so I had the opportunity to do so to really tap into that four of swords energy within the past week and a half. And so that’s what I want to talk about today and kind of share my experience and, you know, what I went through and whatever, you know what I mean. So, I consider myself a warrior of the heart, I have a lot of fire in my astrological chart, I also have a lot of just energy, active energy, I love to make people smile and laugh. And for myself as well. So there’s there’s that energy that’s always bubbling within me, I’m a manifesting generator in human design. So so so so much of me, has real energetic imprints that are meant to move and not stay still, essentially.

And so, I realized this past week and a half how important it is to have these kind of PitStop moments. And for sure, you know, since I myself didn’t take it upon myself to listen, listen to my intuition, literally, you know, it happens, and rest and do what I needed to do. I was put into my place. And what I realized is, it’s the end of the year, I almost forgot that it was like literally the end of the year, Today is December 1st. So whenever you’re hearing this, and a couple of days from now, it’s the ending of 2023. And what I realized is this last month this time, is really a pause for me before the next big thing. The next big thing for me is 2024 lots of shifts and lots of changes things that I already know that will will occur that I know to be true, and things that are, of course, out of my control that have yet to be revealed. 

So anywho, I would love to let you know, tell you what happened with the four of swords and what I experienced. So I left now, although at the time and during this past week, I was a little bit shook. Not gonna lie. I fainted. I passed out or I fainted. I literally lost about an hour of time. And I know that because I am a time addict and I am constantly looking at the time to make sure I have enough time to make sure I’m on time. And so I noticed and knew that I had lost this hour of time, and I essentially fainted or passed out because I have no recollection of what happened. Other than waking and piecing the puzzles later, realizing I had bruise on the right side of my body and I’m, you know, two spots of my head, broke my, my summer snow globe that I have in the in the bay window of my home. And basically, all of the injuries and the stories and whatever that I pieced together was accurate with me falling into that window by a faint or a pass out.

And so to me, I feel like this was spirits way to really let me know I had over fried my system, I had essentially expelled and used and generated too much energy, and maybe it wasn’t used properly, maybe I didn’t have the proper rest, essentially, that I needed. And so this moment occurred where if I was not going to stop, I was going to be stopped. So that’s what happened. And you know, I’ll tap more into what happened with the story and you know, more synchronicities with the cards, but I just kind of want to talk about the four of swords. And what’s so interesting about the four swords and its person I just called the forest or the person Yes, I did. So Four of Swords is represented by Jupiter in Libra energy. So we have that energy of Jupiter expansion, you know of joy, the mentor the teacher of abundance on many different levels, right think of expansion when it comes to Jupiter energy, which is, you know, for lack of a better baseline. Good, right, what we see is good. And in Libra. I mean, Libra energy. Libra energy is very good energy, right? It’s representative of the planet of Venus.

Venus talks about the things we love and life and of harmony and balance and all this beautiful stuff and you know, presence and being present, and so think about speech and low energy Okay, write some beautiful stuff in the form of sorts. But there’s one thing from the Thoth tarot deck. I’ve said I typically use the Rider Waite version of the Tarot for when I do readings when I do my own readings. Still, I, in the past four years, got to know a new version of tarot essentially a news system called the Thoth tarot deck and the word that is associated with the Thoth tarot deck. Its troops.

Okay, so Jupiter in Libra, right? For swords, energy represented of troops. So there is this. There is everything that I just talked about that sense of expansion, right with the Jupiter energy and Libra more and more abundance, right. But it’s like, it brings you back to the sobering realization that like right now, it’s almost like there’s a standstill and a truce. You’re almost like in a Weigh Station. A Weigh Station, ready, like waiting to transition to the next thing and essentially, the sensation of the next big thing, which is why you need that pulse. So any using any hoozy some of the definitions about the four swords that you could find online. Truce, right in the upright position, truce talks about being having rest from sorrow, peace, from war, relief of anxiety, recovery, a sense of recharge, after turmoil after stress, like recuperation, that kind of energy of meditation, pause and in the reversed right if you’re if you’re going to get the four swords and reversed talks about stagnation, exhaustion, burnout, restlessness, right not taking care of the self, mental breakdown, right swords swords energy is mental energy.

So it’s all about the communication of the mind and also can also touch upon that meditation and more of like a deeper contemplation because you know the upright position of meditation. That’s like to me, that’s something you go into deep contemplation is almost like something that takes over you that’s what it kind of feels like you get that you see the difference there? I’m impressed by what I just said there.

So anyway, those are some of the definitions that you can find online in regards to the four swords and so what I see from the tarot, and I’m using a couple of different of my my decks here I have the saucer veto taro Four of Swords image here, which shows a person with in a meditative position that their cross legged and their minds or their their face area, right where their mind and brain and all of that it’s blue. It’s almost like this person essentially is blue in the face. And it looks like he’s sitting on like, a plush, like, red plush, like a plush like seating, which actually reminds me of internal organs.

Okay, the one of the other cards I’m using is the wild unknown tarot and shows a depiction of four swords with a image of a sheep. And the sheep has a son, a glowing as a goat, yes. Is it like is it glowing? I get to decide if it’s glowing. A glowing Sun sitting right there in his in the third eye of that, of that creature. And so, what I realized, okay, what I realized one, when, when I tried to understand what had happened to me, with this fainting moment, in this this point of exhaustion, in which I over fried my system, to the point of passing out and not recollecting as an intuitive being right as as my own psychic advisor, I went to see if I could trace back why it was or what had happened, why it was that what had happened had happened. And I wasn’t getting much I wasn’t getting much. And it’s like I was, it’s like, I still hadn’t learned the lesson of I’m still, I’m over exerting my energy.

And I decided to pull cards for myself. Within two days, I pulled that same from the wild, unknown tarot deck, the same four swords telling me that I didn’t need to figure out what happened. Okay, there is this point where me trying to go into this meditative state to uncover right, backtrack and uncover what had happened to me was actually going to further exhaust me, it wasn’t going to give me this deep contemplative motive that I essentially was seeking, where I’m going to uncover in all the pieces of my puzzle, and this happens to be something I’m going to uncover right here. And right now, within the next couple of days.

No, it was this time for me to like, chill out, okay, it’s like I needed to re energize myself like that sun energy, that sun energy in the third I, what I needed to know was that in this moment, my vitality was more important, right? The need to rest from this entire cycle in this entire year that like, has been loaded onto my person onto my presence, right? 2023 is almost over it’s like all of this just needed. Just just needed to be revitalized again, and this wasn’t the time for me to try to meditate to receive more clarity and more wisdom and more and more and more and more, because one of the other things that I love about the Four Swords specifically from the bone stone Earth flash tarot deck is the depiction of this warrior, this warriors essentially has taken their armor off right they’ve got their horse and their armor seated in the background. And it looks like they’re they’re entering a ice kind of Lake.

Okay, the lake looks like it’s frozen over or cold. I don’t know why but the look of it the colors remind me a feeling like something pulled and think about. Think about things that are frozen, right? It’s water. That is iced over and frozen. Now what does water typically do well, water, when it is not frozen? It is everywhere. It flows through everything. It is like water, you cannot stop water from its movement. But when water is frozen, right when the ice overtakes it, you then the molecule slow down there isn’t that This forward movement, it’s almost like that time right now is to gather oneself, to gather oneself. And so that’s what I gather. That’s what I feel like, what was actually trying to be shown to me it wasn’t to uncover and discover, like, more and more it was actually to receive this moment of respite, I think that’s the word, this moment of weights of respite of like, I am the warrior of the heart,  I’m the warrior, I’m the go walk, go, go go one foot in front of the other, let’s move let’s let’s, let’s get it moving, right?

Let’s exert this energy, but that there are times that even then I need to still myself and provide some kind of TLC, right tender loving care, so that I can leave this water essentially, that the warrior has immersed themselves in. And once again, then don’t on that my, my outfit, in this case, my warriors, outfit and yet again, continue moving into the world, you know, restored, restored. And it brings me to the much larger Sun aspect depicted in the dreamer four, which is dreamer four and the terror of the sheep is the forest swords and talks about restoration. And it’s this person, arms open, arms spread up high. A huge sun. That now doesn’t just exist in the knowing, you know, like, like that sun that I see in the in the, in the sheep, on the four of swords of the wild unknown. It’s not just the the little mini sun that’s flowing from the third eye in which I know what vitality is. But no, it’s where the vitality now encompasses my being, right?

This person encompassed by the sun in the terror of the she’s four swords card, and that it is felt and reflected, not just something that is known or understood. And so I think that was the friggin lesson this week was that I don’t need to know. It needs to be reflected and understood. There’s a difference, right? Here’s a frickin difference. And it’s like, I was going to know I was going to find out until I got blue in the face. Okay, and that’s what happened. I essentially got blue in the face. Because how often does somebody pass out other than when they lose oxygen? 

To me like they lose oxygen so blue in the face I was and that’s what happens. And count that’s why that’s why the talk about the four of swords. So why am I telling you all of this, my friends, why am I here? Like, why? Why in a shirt? Y’all know why? Because I want you to understand the Tarot and how you can use the Tarot in your everyday life to help you. Gain wisdom, understand, maybe unlock memories, maybe show you where to keep going to slow down, show you you know what to look into, what to forget about, you know, what kind of energies to tap into, like that. Know that tarot is just my love, the bee’s knees. And that’s why I want you to be able to look at cards like the four of swords from different depictions from different Tarot artists who have created in their image what they see feel witnessed and know of the card and take their you know that that depiction that story and that energy and mix it with your own and create this cauldron of like, your feast the feast of your life.

Like cauldron- think about like cooking like the feast of your frickin life. And you just think of like the Tarot as being pieces and ingredients in that feast that you’re creating. Oh, damn, that was good Ineisha. So my love’s that’s my story for today. I hope you’re enjoying it. Four of Swords when sometimes you just got to chill the fuck out. Until next time, my loves. Thank you so much my magical mystical peoples for being here today. I appreciate you. Thank you for being here today here every day. For that matter. I bid you farewell right until we meet again. I will be back again next week. I did skip last week but again, I passed out so please forgive me my love’s. I just was not feeling that good. Hopefully, next week provides me the chance to talk to you girls. Again, I said girls, my friends are here.

PS- I am in Alabama. And this is not my typical location. I’m an Alabama I am a traveler, because I have friends now. And they’re in there over there all of the girls so I didn’t need to be gender specific my love’s. I’m already like ready to hop off and have fun and pretty much take the advice of this four of swords and not being too hard and kind of just rest with the thinking and maybe have a little more fun, you know? So, anyway, how weak my friends and you know, same time, same lane, same space. Alright, take care. Bye!

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