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Freedom in Relationships Comes from Acceptance

It is only through acceptance that we can truly let go. And it is only once we let go of expectations and even hurt that we can truly feel freedom in our relationships. When we can learn to accept people for the broken, healing souls that they are, we will feel the freedom to be what we want to be or need to be in the relationship.

Let me help explain what I mean…

When you accept that we are all broken you will begin to let go of any expectations that people will know how to best respond to you. You’ll begin to see that each of us bring our past into our current relationships and it is more important to be willing to work through things in a healthy fashion. You will find more freedom to be imperfect in your relationships.

When you accept that others struggle to set boundaries you will begin to let go of frustrations around people changing how they show up in a relationship with you or what they need to be safe. You’ll see how boundaries can be fluid and should be fluid. You will find more freedom to adjust the boundaries you have in each relationship.

When you accept that people will only change if they want to, you will begin to let go of your desire to control people or their lives. You will see how change is a personal choice that everyone needs to make on their own. You will find more freedom to make the changes that will benefit your life…especially in your relationships.

So you see, freedom comes from acceptance first.

Tell me my dear, what is that you need to work on accepting? What is it that will bring YOU more freedom???

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