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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical [ Season 1 Episode 12 ] Hedge Witchery


Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

Hi, hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. All right, we’re waiting for all the little things to be whizzing and whirling and swirling around saying that we’re ready to go and we’re ready to start. Hi everyone it is Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium, back here with Witch Please! Episode 12. And I missed a week. I wasn’t here last week. I literally missed you. I really did. And the reason why is I was sick with COVID I was down for the count. I somehow managed to dodge that dam bug for I think three and a half years it was nothing right and I got vaccinated. I got boosters, all that kind of great stuff. Still got hit with it. And boy did it try its darndest to take me down but dammit, I am strong and I wasn’t gonna let it win.
That’s right. We’re not talking about COVID. Here this week, though, we are going to be talking about loving the dead as a hedge witch. Here in Episode 12. So I’m pretty excited about this. I’m actually gonna be writing about this all month. So if you happen to, you know, follow me on Facebook, you’ll see it there. If you’re on the email list or anything of that nature, you’ll find it there too. I’ll just share it all sorts of different things about hedge witchery this month.
So I’m excited. We’re going to we’re going to talk a little bit about it here this week. I don’t know that any of the rest of the podcast, but this one is. But let’s start off first as we normally do, what is a hedge witch?What does that even mean? And if you’re gonna go you’re not going to find like, I did try to look to see if I could find like a very succinct definition. And almost like every single definition that I found about it was written differently, right? Like the different words the language so I couldn’t find any thing like, quote unquote, formal to share with you.
So a couple of things that I pulled, typically they are going to hedge which is going to be a witch that is a solitary practitioner that embraces herbalism and steps into a shamanic path in their practices. And so, right once again, solitary is a big deal. Herbalism is a big deal. And that like spiritual work, that shamanic work that were really deep work, all related to like, if you’re gonna go look at any of those definitions, very often, those are the ones that they’re going to hold on to, like touch on.
Hedge witches are also known for writing the hedge. And the hedge is basically the concept of this topiary between two worlds so to speak, both literally and figuratively. And so if we go back into history, and we think about when the witches were the medicine women or the shamans were the medicine men, when the witch was the healer in the community, what would end up happening? And especially as Christianity really came around and started to push witches into the broom closets, what would happen a lot of times, which is what live on the outskirts of town, let’s be real well, we’re a little bit weird and spooky and strange.
And I kind of liked the thought of a house in the woods. And “everybody leaves me alone” type of stuff. So they often it was very common for the witch, the healer, to live on the outskirts of town, like on the other side of the, the nicely manicured hedges, so to speak. And so they literally these witches would live between the worlds the worlds of like, you know, royalty, so to speak, maybe or the common folk and their own kind of wild home. So they lived in between both those worlds, but they also are able to ride the hedge between the living and the dead.
There is a lot of work from that shamanic focused perspective. And so we may at some point talk about green witches or kitchen witches or herbal witches who are literally just doing a lot of their magical work specifically with the actual greenery and the herbalism. But a hedge witch very specifically is going to be dancing and playing in the spirit world. They’re going to love the dead, right? So excuse me. I had that label turned around because this isn’t a paid promotion. I do consider myself a hedge witch. I talked to the dead I do a lot of spirit related work. I don’t even know at any given time on a day of me being in the real world and like, on the other side of the veil, I don’t know 10,15,20,25 times a day, maybe even more.
So I’m actively talking to the dead, actively connecting with folks on the other side of the veil at all times. And I’m not gonna lie. I’m a huge fan of using herbalism in order to help support any of this worked you know, I smoke. I mean granted not now because I’ve had COVID and my lungs don’t like it, but I will smoke pot. That’s a third eye opener I have no hesitation to do that. I’ve been known to use a whole bunch of various different selves that will help support any type of hedge witchery or you know writing the veil or going into the underworld so things that sells that include things like flowers in my mouth or Bella Donna any of the deadly nightshade are really a big deal. What is the the flyer Garrick mushroom is another one.
And often often the herbs and hedge which is going to work with are going to border on being in the poisonous you know realm think about all of those like herbs and plants if you’re gonna go out into the wild and you’re gonna see they got all the the spines and the the prickly things and the berries and you’re like I don’t know what I should do and it looks like it could literally kill me well actually probably loves that plant it probably has some magical properties that are literally going to allow it to taste death so to speak thus why we use a lot of these very poisonous.
And most of these things are not consumed I’m not pop into terra flowers in my mouth or Bella Donna petals you know leaves in my mouth. I’m not grabbing some deadly nightshade and eaten it right you’re literally going to be using this in a very well safely prepared fashion. One of my favorite once again is in a self something that you’re literally just going to be applying into your skin and it’ll be absorbing from the skin so I’m going to tell you this if you are interested in this is if you’re like “oh this sounds so cool and I can put a salve on” and right into the other side of the veil, yes you can! Do not do that without some research though. Don’t go poisoning yourself or killing yourself there’s my fair warning right there.
Do not do it without doing your research and knowing what you’re getting yourself into.
My belief here is that some of these herbs and the poisonous benefits and there is benefit there are literally kind of like bringing our own body you know our psychological body so to speak, into this dead type of state. You can bring us closer to the dead because it’s like literally taking us there. The question would be: why would someone want to ride the hedge? Like stayed in talking to the dead is the number one thing we are literally smack dab.
I believe we would have started on Halloween so Tuesday night and I think it ends tonight. Did the Feast of the dead right? Mm hmm. Excuse me. That’s gotta be horrible. I’m gonna mute this for all those live streamers so you don’t have to hear this and in me listening live whoo boy, this is why I didn’t record Friday because this would have been even worse. But I’m literally recording this here on November 2. And so we have been smacked out these last couple of days like in this Halloween in this you know the the celebration of the dead in this space. I mean, this is the head which is time. I love this time of the year.
I love when the veil thins I love when everyone is able to kind of experience and feel right because it’s very common during this time of the year those that even aren’t flexing their psychic abilities on a regular basis are experiencing them know everybody like watching the video. So the question would be why am I sharing this with you here today though? What benefits does this have? Why is it important for you to be paying attention? All that kind of good stuff.
Number one that I find is, you may be drawn to things that are dead. You may be drawn to skulls, bones. I mean, I don’t even know. Funeral homes, cemeteries. Stories about the dead spooky movies. I don’t care paranormal stuff too. And that’s okay. Not all witches are drawn to that kind of stuff. I kind of joke my my niece is kind of stepping into her own magic right now. And I brought her, I was like left on my bones and proud of this bag of bones and she was like, horrified. Like, “I can’t believe you have”- not her jam. Right?
So if you’re drawn to those things, there’s a purpose, there’s a reason. Don’t feel weird or awkward or strange. I mean, I love it. I love the weird, kooky spooky stuff.  The other reason why I’m sharing it with us because you may be interested in writing the hedge, stepping into the underworld. And as I said, I would strongly encourage you to do so with caution if you’re using any type of herbals. You know, marijuana is one thing, I think it’s much more common people are aware of it, they’re familiar with it. And that can help. But if you’re going to touch on anything like deterra, Bella Donna, any of the deadly nightshade, fly Garrick or anything of that nature, you’re going to want to make sure to be very, very safe. Be very cautious.
And this is the same thing with like, if you’re talking about psilocybin, if we’re talking about magic mushrooms or anything like that could potentially even help. Some people may even look at that as being able to help them ride, you know, step in and ride the edge. But you want to make sure that you’re being very cautious on it.
As I said, my favorite way to consume is actually through sell that’s not actually a edible, it’s not something that I put in my body, I put it on my body. And the last thing is, the reason why I’m sharing this is you may never have heard the term hedge witch before. And you just learned something new. And I love, love, love, love, love teaching people new things. And so I am super excited that I was able to make it. I know it’s probably not my longest podcast, but gosh darn it, my throat is scratchy and typically.
So I am good. Let me know for those of you that are maybe hearing this hedge witch for the first time, reach out find me stumble across me. I’m curious, what you think about it? Does it interest you if you have not heard of it before? What would you have thought that it was if I hadn’t given this definition? 
So all right, my dear friends that being said, I’m gonna go and rest my voice a little bit so I could be back at full power next week. Okay, and until next time, all my dear friends much love. For me. It’s all of you

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