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Honor Your Beauty and Embrace Your Sexuality

I mean that. So often it is hard for us to see our own beauty. Instead of us seeing our beauty, we see those little imperfections. Maybe our teeth are crooked (mine are), maybe we have a mustache (I do if not plucked), maybe we carry more weight than we wish (I’m rocking an extra 50ish). And it’s those things that we focus on rather than our beauty. 

So I encourage you to spend some time this weekend honoring your true beauty. Taking a ton of photos of yourself, like 10 or 20 of them, and going through each and every one of them and naming at LEAST two things in each of those photos that are beautiful about you. 

It could be how your shirt drapes on your shoulder

It could be the crinkle in your eyes when yous mile

It could be that one little curl that pops out 

It could be the hot shoes you have on

It could be the soft slope of your neck

Whatever it may be, use these moments reflecting on your beauty to embrace how absolutely beautiful you. How unique you are. And honor yourself for having the courage to take the photos and spend this time admiring your own beauty. 

That beauty is the same beauty that reflects back at those that love you. 

Once you’ve done this exercise, I’d love it if you’d let me know what beautiful piece of you really stuck out in that photoshoot 🙂

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