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How I Define Interconnection

I think the typical definition of interconnection is simple – connection between two beings. But what does it REALLY mean? What does it mean and why is it important to understand that? 

I believe that interconnection is a connection between two beings and when we look at it as a deeper concept, it can take on a very beautiful understanding. Because when we connect with others, we can connect to them on a soul level, a mental level, an emotional level, and a physical level.

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So how will you connect with someone this weekend on these levels…


  • A soul level – how will you connect with another soul? Maybe its just sitting in silence with your partner or a loved one. Or sitting in silence remembering a loved one that has past.
  • A mental level – how will you seek to understand why someone thinks the way that they do or responded the way that they did? Maybe you practice some active listening for 20 or 30 minutes.
  • An emotional level – how will you share emotions with someone? Maybe there is an event you are attending this weekend you can celebrate with others. Or maybe you can call someone up that you have missed.
  • A physical level – how will you use touch to express connection? This may be sweeping someone up in a big hug or even planning a sexy night in the bedroom.

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