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How Inner Wisdom And Intuition Can Strengthen You During Difficult

All of us were created with innate inner wisdom which guides our lives, serves as an inner “truth meter” and helps us to make important decisions at critical turning points in our lives. Some call this natural gift intuition, spiritual guidance, or “gut feelings.”

Each of us connects to intuition uniquely. Those with artistic or musical gifts may call upon their muse to inspire them with creative ideas. Those whose work involves great physical or mental endurance may connect with their inner wisdom by challenging themselves deeply to break through the barriers that usually stand between themselves and their inner gifts. Some of us may live very busy lives with little time to tune into our inner guidance, but our dreams serve as messengers to share the important information we may have tuned out during a busy day.

Our intuition is a profound gift that connects our embodied physical self with our divine spiritual essence. The soul can communicate with our embodied self through this line of light, and we can develop this inner connection over time through meditation, prayer, and the desire to know ourselves more deeply.

Our intuition can be of great benefit at all times in our lives, especially during times of great stress or difficulty. In situations where we are facing unanticipated challenges such as the loss of a loved one or an illness, many intense emotions arise from within us. Our habitual supports are removed or shaken, which can cause us to feel unmoored, adrift, and without anything to hold onto.

Our intuition can act as a guiding compass, pointing us instinctively towards the support we need to get through the difficulties we are facing. When our minds fail us because we feel overwhelmed, the voice of our inner wisdom speaks clearly and will repeat itself as often as necessary.

If we are accustomed to being in control of our lives, and then suddenly are faced with a situation we cannot manage, we may feel frightened and desperate because our usual methods of coping no longer are working. Intuition, however, will always work, even in dire circumstances, because our embodied human self in the physical world is always connected with our larger spiritual self.

In a time of challenge or crisis, our spiritual support systems are activated from the spiritual realms. Our connection with intuition or guidance is strengthened, and those loving beings in the spiritual realms that watch over us and guide our lives provide extra assistance.

If we have become accustomed to discounting our inner wisdom, or have simply shut down the intuitive parts of ourselves through years of neglect, it may feel as though we cannot find the thread of light that would re-connect us to our source. It is important to understand that no matter how disconnected we become from our divine inner wisdom, it is always present and available to us. Even if we have erected barriers to shut out our inner guidance for a time, these can be removed by our diligent prayer, meditation, and intention.

If we have been disconnected for a very long time, reconnecting will often bring up old emotions, thoughts, and memories that we may have hidden from ourselves that we were not ready to deal with. During this re-balancing phase, it is helpful to participate in some kind of regular spiritual or emotional support system that can help stabilize our inner connection with spirit.

One of the most challenging aspects of the healing process is remembering that emotions and memories from the past are coming up to be healed and released. A support system can help us to anchor in the strength of our inner being, to allow the emotions and feelings to pass through us, and release us from our body, mind, and spirit.

As this cleansing process happens, intuition and inner wisdom are naturally strengthened, for there are fewer barriers between ourselves and our spirit. This deeper inner connection can provide a source of wisdom, freedom, empowerment, and comfort during difficult times, and will sustain us throughout life with greater love, joy, and peace. Inner wisdom is a great gift and is intended not only to bless our individual lives but to share with others to bless all of life by our connection with the divine.

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