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How To Protect Yourself Against Energy Vampires

Energy stealers are everywhere! They are your family members, your friends and they are your co-workers and YOU may even be one yourself. A more common name is an Energy Vampire and we all know what vampires do! In this case, the vampire is sucking our vital energy, depleting us and causing us to become unhealthy emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

What does the term Energy Vampire mean anyway? An Energy Vampire is a person that steals other people’s energies because they are living their life as a victim and believe that everything happens to them. Living in this manner is very disempowering. Therefore in order for them to feel better about themselves, they need to attach themselves to another person’s energy.

When they need a boost, they unconsciously steal your energy instead of using their own!

How do we recognize an Energy Vampire? Some traits of the dis-empowered energy stealer are:

  • Feels lonely or abandoned
  • Feels they have been rejected
  • Needs constant reassurance
  • Never feels satisfied
  • Low energy and fatigued
  • They have a poor me attitude
  • Is a drama king or queen
  • Constant talker that never allows you to speak
  • Needs you to be their therapist or rescuer fixing their problems
  • The blamer making you feel guilty about things
  • Vindictive by putting you down
  • A person that is unhappy a lot
  • Tries controlling you or your life
  • Manipulates you to get things their way

I know, you are now thinking that almost everyone is alive! Unfortunately, too many people are simply not aware of their energetic bodies and how they operate. This is why you will often feel better when you surround yourself with more spiritually aware individuals.  

How do I protect myself from this? First, you need to become aware of which individuals deplete your energy and limit your contact with them. Second, begin working on releasing all the negative emotions that you carry within yourself. If you hold anger, hurt, jealousy, etc. then you allow your energetic body to vibrate at a low frequency which attracts energy vampires. Third, focus on things that bring you joy and happiness. Incorporate moments of joy into your daily life. Raising your energetic frequency will keep energy vampires from being able to “suck you dry.”

You now have the tools and knowledge to take back your personal energy. I invite you to begin protecting yourself today!

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