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How to Rewrite an Ego Story

Now, if you recall the last little tidbit I shared with you about egos and ego stories, you may remember that ego stories can be created by what other people say to us about ourselves OR things we say to ourselves about ourselves. (That’s a lot of ourselves)

Sometimes those things we want to identify with, like, “Oh my God baby, you are the best lover I’ve ever had. Every time we sleep together I feel like I’m in the presence of a Goddess.”

Other times we don’t want to identify with it, like, “Adult-onset acne? Oh god…I’m the ugliest creature that has ever lived.”!

So the question is, how do you rewrite an ego story that you don’t want to identify with??? Here’s how…

  1. Recognize that the story exists and does not serve you. What I mean by doesn’t serve you is that it keeps your energetic self in a funk. It makes you feel low vibrational emotions like shame, guilt, jealousy, anger, doubt. It’s not elevating you, yo.
  2. Make a conscious choice to rewrite it. Seriously, a conscious choice. My favorite way to do this is to literally tell people I recognize it and I’m rewriting it. The Universe really knows you’re serious when you do that.
  3. Literally rewrite it. If you could turn that story into anything else, what would it be? Write that down on paper. And you could even draw a picture with it too.
  4. Read that rewritten story as often as you can. Post it somewhere that you’ll see it. Read it daily and last but not least….to really make it stick.
  5. Tell that rewritten story to someone else. Yup. Do a little bragging my dear. Share what that rewritten story looks like and sounds like. 

You can literally do this as many times as you like with ANY story that pops up and doesn’t serve you. I find that my ego is one of the things I constantly work on because I often uncover stories I didn’t know existed! 

So, how about you – what’s one story you would like to rewrite??? And what’s stopping you from doing it right now.

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