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Identifying the BEST Path With Your Third Eye

Way back when I first started to do some really active strengthening of my intuition, I found myself laying on the floor in the yoga room. I’d just completed another 90 minutes of yin yoga and was venturing into my conversation with one of my guides. I asked for my guides to show me a way to know if a situation was good for me or if it would send me down a more difficult path. 

My guide and I laid there and spoke about it for a while. She wanted to know why this was important to me and how I would put it to use. And then finally she showed me. Since my strongest psychic ability even at that time (probably my ONLY at that time) was my clairvoyance, she told me these steps…

Step 1: Ask the Universe to show me if the situation is good for me or not so good for me.

Step 2: Allow my minds eye to replicate the scene or situation in. When it does that, situations that are good for me will be painted in hues of yellows, oranges and it will look like the situation is flooded with beautiful warm sunlight. When the situation is not so good for me, it will be painted in hues of blues, purples and greens. It will look like a dark storm has rolled in and I should take shelter.

It was about a week later that I sat at a table with a gentleman having lunch. I was actively looking for a new job and this was a networking lunch. We hung out for quite some time chatting and talking and at some point towards the end, I used my new trick and the situation quickly turned into a dark storm cloud.

I passed that job opportunity up. I then watched the guy spiral over the next couple of months not knowing what he wanted to be focused on. He bounced around a couple of companies and from what I know, still is out there struggling. 

I kept using this tool throughout the job search and eventually found myself at the corporate job I’m at now – and LOVING it. (Though not as much as I love all this). 

I’m curious, what situation is going on in your life or coming up that this tool would be helpful for? When will you use it first?? Drop a comment below and let me know.

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