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It’s Time to Open Your Mouth and Express Yourself

This is not always easy for us to do. Some of us struggle with fear of speaking up. Some of us struggle with a lack of confidence around what we should say. Some of us will teeter back and forth on whether it’s silly/weird/crazy…or that it may upset/hurt/offend others. But I ask that you throw all of that hesitation aside this week and just DO IT. 

Because JUST as it takes practice for us to get better at our job…hobbies…exercise…whatever, it takes practice for us to get comfortable and confident around our own self-expression. And until we make a decision to just throw all caution to the wind and speak our own truth into the Universe, we will always find some excuse on why we should keep quiet. 

NOT THIS WEEK my dear spiritual warriors. 

To take a little bit of magickal inspiration from Madonna, “What you need is the Universe to lift you to your higher ground!” And one way that the Universe will do that is when you vocalize who you are!

I am a badass, magickal, spiritual, powerful, successful, kind, loving, and passionate woman. HEAR ME ROAR Universe!!!!

Now drop a comment below my dear and tell me who YOU ARE!

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