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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical [ Season 1 Episode 8 ] KARMA and DHARMA: Can it Harm Ya?

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

Welcome everybody!! Welcome back to episode eight, of Witch Please! with of course, your hostess with the mostest, Sunshine the pink-haired psychic medium, high priestess, reiki master. And you know what I was even thinking about last night as I laid in bed, head mistress, right? Because I also have created this amazing Unschool of Witchcraft. So, yeah, I mean, maybe I’m a head, head mistress too.  

But today, of course, you’re, we’re not here to talk about me today. I’m pretty excited about today’s topic, and I’m hoping that some of our listeners are as well, because this one came to us as a suggestion. And we’re gonna talk a little bit today about Karma Dharma, will it really harm you? That’s kind of my little joking and playful topics. So let me pull these notes over, and I wanna make sure that I can see, because we are live streaming this, even though this is released as a podcast, I do show up live to record these on YouTube every single week. You can always find me on YouTube or any of the podcast streaming platforms for any of the other episodes too. But if you want this live, um, find me on YouTube’s Fridays around noon.  

Let’s talk about it first, as usual. What is, what do I even mean when we, when we talk about karma, what is Karma? is the first question. And I think most people are familiar with it and have some type of concept or understanding of what karma is.  

I don’t think it’s a term that most people are gonna be unfamiliar with. But, from a definition’s perspective, these are kind of a Hindu or Buddhist term. I looked up the definition, and it specifically is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence decide their fate in future existences. And so, even one of the definitions said, some folks may consider this destiny or fate.

As an individual that was raised in Catholicism, raised in Christianity, I sometimes equate this to Catholics or Christians believe in some concept of karma, because they believe in heaven or hell, or even like purgatory. So they believe that there is something that your actions now can impact what your future looks like even in the afterlife, so to speak, even in the afterlife or karma.

And so a lot of times people also will think of karma when it comes to reincarnation and things of that nature. And if you were to go, and I didn’t spend a whole bunch of time, but I did poke around on a couple of different websites this morning. There are other religions, or excuse me, spiritual beliefs that have this concept tied into ’em.  

They just may refer to it as something different. They may reflect it in a different way. Um, right? So like, it’s this indication of what you do now can impact you later, right? So be careful of the consequences of your actions, um, which to me then gets us into what’s that definition of dharma, once again, Hindu and Buddhist term. And this one was interesting, and I spent some time really kind of like thinking about this, and talking with my guides a little bit this morning.  

So Dharma, once again, that Hindu and Buddhist term, the nature of reality is regarded as a universal truth. I can’t remember if I’ve talked on this podcast before or not about the universal laws, right? But like the universal laws would be like an example of like Dharma. There is this universal truth that exists. But of course this is being introduced, as I said, Hindu and Buddhist kind of like spiritual path.  

They believe in this Dharma that there is this universal truth, these universal things that folks should in essence, believe.  And when I said that, I talked to my guides about this, part of that conversation was like, how does this relate to dogma then? So if we are prescribed to some kind of religious path, Catholicism, Muslim, Jewish, right?  

Whichever path, if there’s like a even WCA, right? WCA has like the threefold, like there is a dogma very often associated to it, which is this prescribed truth based upon that like religion. So, it goes back to that, uh, it’s not considered a universal, but based upon that religious belief, those religious practice, this dogma exists.  

And so I started to kind of see that they were pretty similar. The word dharma and dogma, they kind of hang out in the same camps. Like the two were actual individuals, like little kids, they’d both be going and hanging out at the same summer camp. They have that kind of  closeness, in common. And one of the notes that I wrote down is you can kind of think of dharma as this dogma applied, this dogma of Hindu or Buddhist type of practice.

Like, there is a universal truth. I hope that makes sense.When you look at karma and dharma together, how you interact with the dharma, how you interact with the dogma even,  is going to determine your karma. I’m gonna give you an example. Christianity has the 10 Commandments. These are part of the dogma of Christianity, right? These are the beliefs, right? Thou shall not lie, right? Thou shall not betray their mother or father. I, I don’t remember all the 10 commandments. Um, thou shall not kill things of that nature.  

Um, so let’s go, we’re gonna go in that thou shall not kill, (···1.5s) right? Um, this particular (···1.2s) thou shall not kill (···0.7s) depending upon your own beliefs, (···0.7s) you know, around this, this particular dharma, (···1.1s) right? Or, or Christian dogma. For this example, (···2.0s) if you were to have an intruder in your home (···0.6s) and they were attacking you and out of self-defense, (···2.0s) you were to take their life, kill them, (···1.5s) that would be going against that 10 commandment that would equate that your karma would show and reflect that you have done something that was morally against that Christian universal truth.  

That Christian dogma, that dharma that they in essence kind of  stated. If you’re not Christian though, and you don’t have a dogma, this like prescribed universal truth, I guess that in that belief it wouldn’t really impact your karma.

Do you kinda get what I’m saying on this? I hope that this is making sense. Karma in and of itself is relative to the belief system that would be impacting that karma. Now, there are some folks that are out there that might argue that there are actual dharma.  

There are universal truths. And I would say that they agree in the universal laws. But the universal truth of, we’ll go real controversial of this universal truth. Here’s a perfect example. There’s an article here in the state of Michigan, and the governor, I believe just managed to pass a law against child marriage.

Well, when you’ve got a life expectancies of 80, 90, a hundred years that some of the, some folks, it’s not uncommon to be experiencing, then why would you want to have some child married at the age of 14? But if we go back hundreds, thousands of years ago, it wasn’t uncommon based upon what those cultural beliefs were. To have a child at the age of 13, 14 marrying because it was part of that particular culture’s belief at that time.  

Now, whether or not you could look back at it now and we can cast judgment on it and say like, that was, or that is should be a universal truth, but we really can’t say. So is that really a universal truth in this capacity? How do they actually exist from a dharma perspective? So I really think it all depends on what it is that you believe.  

What do you put the belief in, right? What do you put the belief in? I put this note down. The biggest piece of all of this is that this belief system, in order for it to be true for you, you have to believe it. Cultures, religions, different belief systems can absolutely have different dharma or, or dogma. And people would argue that that literally that dharma is a universal truth. No, you couldn’t have, like, I mean really, really, let’s go back. Look, let’s look at all times.  

I mean, can we really state that there are actual solid, concrete universal truths outside of like maybe the universal laws. The universal laws that are reflected in a number of different pieces of literature, historical literature and spiritual literature beyond just even like even in the clear, esoteric path. So as always, let’s just, let’s just double check and see.  

I always love to see how long I’ve been chitchatting and rambling. I don’t know about you. If you guys ever want me to ramble longer, you have to let me know. But I’m hoping that these little, like 15, 20 minutes sound bites are perfect. So why we talking about this? And I should have posted, ’cause the individual that wanted me to chat about this, I should have looked specifically and seen if there was a particular perspective. So I’m making a little bit of assumptions that this is part of why they’d wanna know. But I believe the reason why this individual asked is why is this relevant to the witch?  

Why does a witch care? Why do we as witches care about karma and dharma and all that kind of like, lovely s**t, right? And the number one reason that hit me as I was exploring this this morning and taking some of the notes down is we embrace our need to do shadow work, to do this like, deeply introspective work. Why do we do this shadow work, right?  

Because we often are trying to evolve our lives. We’re trying to make it more beautiful, more happy, more filled with joy, more filled with peace.We wanna be in these high vibrational states. We also often wanna strengthen our own powers. We wanna strengthen our psychic abilities. We wanna strengthen our magical powers. We wanna strengthen our healing. We want all of these things. And so when we’re trying to evolve and strengthen all of these things, we may run into roadblocks.  

We may run into things of resistance and places where we’re feeling like we just can’t break through. And that requires us to like look within, to explore these shadows. And some of these shadows that we explore and uncover may be karma that exists from a past life. You may have had something that had happened in a past life that is still impacting you in this lifetime.

And looking at those past lives can help you uncover more truths, more details. And I wanna be very clear here in this particular lifetime, you may say,I don’t believe in karma.” “I don’t believe in that b******t.” “This isn’t relevant.” “This doesn’t matter to me.” And that’s cool. Absolutely. Perfect.

The thing is, your soul has lived many lives and every single time that you have incarnated your soul has chosen what it wants to believe in that lifetime. And at some point in the past may have believed in karma, may have had and prescribed to some certain dharma or dogma. So you might not believe it in this lifetime, but that shadow exists and still hangs onto you from those past lives.  

That doesn’t go away just because you don’t believe in it this lifetime. So looking into those past lives, exploring where these shadows exist, understanding what dogma maybe you did believe in, what dharma you prescribed to can help you understand how you might need to heal those karmic wounds. So we’re gonna go back to that title.

Karma Dharma: Can it harm you? Now,  I don’t believe that this karma is going to physically harm you per se. I don’t believe that it’s always gonna mentally harm you, but you could look at it as spiritually harming you. Meaning, the chances of you being able to create a really beautiful, amazing, spectacular life for yourself is gonna be more challenging.  

It’ll harm your ability to truly embrace your own psychic abilities. I have clients that I’ve worked with that we’re literally going into past lives and, and exploring why they’ve cut off those abilities. It can harm your ability to like believe in your own magical like power. And so there are so many of us that are dealing with a karmic witch wound.

Like where we literally shut down our own beliefs and our magical capabilities in past lives. And so we’re like trying to wield all this amazing magical work now and running into like resistance or issues of like, why doesn’t my magic work? Well you see, in this past life you basically said, “oh my God, this is so horrible. I’m never gonna do this again.” “I never wanna experience this again”, right? Or created some kind of contract or whatever.

Worst case, we’re literally somebody that burned a witch at the stakes. I mean, who knows what might be there,  but your actual spell work, ritual work is might not be manifesting what or how you expect it to in this particular lifetime. You may be dealing with a witch wound from a past life, and then last, it can harm your ability to embrace any of your healing gifts. So often, we have things within our past lives that are just maybe even still bleeding in that