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Sunshine At The Leaders Of The New Aeon Summit With Ruby Hernandez: Leadership & Recognizing You’re Being Called To Initiate Your Own Tower Moment

At the Leaders of the New Aeon Summit hosted by Ruby Hernandez, Sunshine delivered a riveting talk on “Leadership & Recognizing When You’re Being Called To Initiate Your Own Tower Moment.” In this profound session, Sunshine explored the critical intersection between effective leadership and the often-overlooked necessity of embracing transformative change. 

She delved into the concept of the “Tower Moment”—a pivotal juncture where one must courageously dismantle existing structures to pave the way for renewal and growth. Drawing from personal experiences and historical examples, Sunshine illuminated how recognizing these moments is crucial for leaders aspiring to foster innovation and resilience. Her insights provided an empowering roadmap for attendees, encouraging them to not only anticipate but actively facilitate these transformative periods within their organizations.

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Jessica Ruby H  00:00

Hello and welcome to the leaders of the new AOEN summit, the harmonic resonance of stepping into your soul’s calling. This is a global online conference designed to awaken and inspire and empower the new wave of leaders to rise up and claim their purpose. Whether you are looking to become the leader of your own life or a leader in your community, you will learn through a holistic lens in this summit how to lead with grace, integrity, confidence and resilience. I am your host Jessica Ruby Hernandez and I am thrilled to present to you today sunshine whiskey. Welcome sunshine.

Sunshine   00:36

Thanks for having me, Ruby.

Jessica Ruby H  00:38

Absolutely. For those who haven’t met sunshine, yet, she is a psychic medium sound healer. Whoa, Soul healer, spiritual advisor, High Priestess, reiki master recovering alcoholic and founder of sunshine readings. Her passion is helping highly motivated witches who desire to step into their highest purpose to live a life aligned with their spiritual beliefs. She is the creator of illuminate the unschool of witchcraft. This spiritual program includes Sunshines divine inspired gifts and seven different monthly workshops and one on one access to her that is guaranteed to transform each individual into a certified badass powerful which, in addition to owning and operating sunshine readings. Sunshine is also an award winning software product manager and business operations expert that is helping corporations revolutionize their internal structure and processes to adopt a more innovative culture. In her spare time, you’ll find sunshine dancing, cooking, painting and hanging out with her knees her partner, his kids and their five kitties in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. And sunshine shares that one of her favorite quotes is only when we know our own darkness. Can we sit in the darkness with others memes from Pema children. And this is so applicable to today’s topic because sunshine is talking to us today about the importance of recognizing you’re being called to initiate your own tower moment. I am so excited to dive into this I have so many questions for you. And probably the first one I think we should start out with is what you mean by tower moment. And I know that you are referencing the tower card and Tarot but maybe some viewers may not know what that card even symbolizes. So please, yeah.

Sunshine   02:31

I love that. Absolutely. Thanks for being so glad to be here a tower moment, I would say that the tower card is maybe one of the most feared cards in a tarot deck. Right. It’s one of the Major Arcana cards that means it’s it’s very mean it’s it has a lot of energy and a lot of power behind it. And when we think about the tower, if you look at the cards, a lot of the times the imagery is literally a tower being struck by lightning, lightning and breaking down and kind of like falling. And the reason why a lot of people have, I guess maybe a fear around it is because of what I just said, lightning strikes meaning we don’t have the control over lightning. And then it destroys something this tower, right? So we get we have this fear that this tower represents something being destroyed in our life. Right. So for me, the tower moment is, you know, when I’m describing this tower moment is destroying something in our life. In order to bring something else that’s better. There’s this beautiful I can’t remember which book it’s in. I want to say that it’s in lon mula ducats book around the Thoth Tarot. And I think it’s where he tells the story around if you were to imagine, once upon a time, this really amazing, beautiful, just unbelievably breathtaking Castle, that, you know, over the course of time just started to have wear and tear and it deteriorated not at no fault of its own. Right. And you were to come up and you would see it covered in IV and I mean, they may look beautiful in its own right, but it’s leaking. You can’t it’s not really inhabitable. You can’t live there. Right. And if you were to show up, maybe two years afterwards, you may see it completely broken down, torn to the ground. Right complete rubble somebody’s come in, maybe they’re big machines that have broke it down and there might be sadness, and it be hard because maybe this was a place that you loved. Maybe it’s someplace you love going at all the time like it was your place to explore, right of your own fairytale land that you created, you know all sorts of amazing stories and adventures in. Right and so here you’re watching this building that maybe once was something very beautiful to you even if even though it was broken down or rundown or old. And now somebody’s tearing it all down. But if you were to wait and come back two years, you may very well see that in the place. Now is not just isn’t a replica What that castle was, it’s something even more magnificent, even more beautiful. It’s made of ivory, and marble and gold. Right. And there’s fountains, and there’s children playing, right. And so a tower, the tower represents the need, or the necessity to destroy something in order to allow that fertile land that it sits under, to give birth and to grow something more beautiful, more powerful and more impactful.

Jessica Ruby H  05:30

Hmm, that’s beautiful. And that makes me think of, I don’t know, is it a quote or saying, you know, when one door closes, another door opens. And a lot of times we were, we’re so stuck on looking at that door that closed like, what, why, but I loved that. I, I still want that right, we get really hung up on the closed door that we don’t see. What else what the new, the new birth, though, whatever is opening that’s new and even better. And so I am curious. Yeah, I mean, maybe that just was kind of the intro into it, of why it’s important to recognize when a tower moment is, is necessary. So we don’t get stuck in the looking back at the closed door.

Sunshine   06:15

100%. And, you know, it’s not just even getting stuck looking back at that closed door. Right. It’s also, you know, I’ve discovered over the course of many years is as I’ve destroyed things, as I’ve literally intentionally destroying things, that there were often it was hiding things that weren’t working. Right, the surface level of it, right. So like, imagine this building that I just described, I walk up to it, there’s some IVs on it, it looks a little bit worn down and decrepit, but you have no idea that the electrical no longer works within it, that the pipes are no longer actually working, that there’s leaks within all of the, like, you don’t know these things, right? And so this is why often, you know, the universe will throw us this tower moment is because there is something that is not aligned with us that needs to be removed. But we as humans, and our you know, our silly little selves, just like love to hold out and you know, we love some drama. So let’s be real what’s more dramatic than watching something we love be torn away from us. Right? And so we just cry and Oh, poor me and what you know, why is this always happening to me type of stuff. And I’ve just I’ve come to realize that when you start to look at life a little bit differently, you can start to recognize that there are signs or symptoms that start showing up that there’s that lightning is creeping in the horizon

Jessica Ruby H  07:48

huh? Yes, tell us more about the signs and symptoms, so people can recognize it in themselves.

Sunshine   07:54

You know, I think I think some of these are going to vary depending upon how in tuned with your own kind of like natural state that you are, right? Let’s be real life tends to keep a lot of us very busy. Sometimes, you know, even though some of us may embrace a very strong or beautiful spiritual path, we might even get too overwhelmed even tune in, right? But I’ll tell you, the number one sign is literal resistance. This is my experience of resistance should do what I once was doing. Resistance I’ll like I’ll I’ll have like to do lists, right of the old way setup, and things will keep popping up. Something else distracts me something else, you know, comes up something else is like oh, no, actually, you gotta go pick this up. Oh, this delivery needs to be signed for oh, and like, this just resistance kind of keeps putting up like it’s literally the universe’s way of saying, Excuse me. That’s not where you should be spending your time. So like, stop worrying about it. Right? It’s but it feels like resistance. It truly does. That’s the first thing it’s like, oh my god, i i Keep procrastinating. And it’s like, alright, or is the universe really working in your favor? Right. Yeah. So that to me is that is that probably the number one and then when we are continuing in that resistance, the next thing that will start to happen is things aren’t going to go as you expect it. Right? You’re literally going to start to watch you know, you have got these expectations out somebody was supposed to show up somebody was supposed to deliver this this was supposed to happen, whatever it is, and they’re just not it’s not happening. It’s not happening as you would have expected. And you know, to me, it’s that first one the resistant the second one things not happening as you expect. And the third one which is if it gets to this point, you’re like borderline the universe tossing a tower into you and Uh, you know, you are you are experiencing more frustration than joy in your life. You’re experiencing more frustration, but that means everything things that once upon a time didn’t seem to be, you know, difficult or challenging for you to deal with. They’re starting to frustrate you. Your your patience, your ability to be patience with people where maybe once upon a time where and yeah, when you’re starting to slide into that, that level of like, and it’s these things are subtle. They’re like, subtle when you get to that point. It’s not, it’s not it’s usually not a tower moment. But what ends up happening is that frustration will start building up, maybe it’ll turn into some resentment. And then next thing, you know, you’re literally either tearing something down prematurely out of like anger and resentment or someone else’s, pull the rug out from underneath you, because you’ve been a complete jerk. Because you’re not supposed to be on that path. Yeah.

Jessica Ruby H  11:01

Interesting. Interesting. So Where’s where’s that point between being able to initiate your own tower moment and the universe doing it for you? Like how how, you know, for those of us who might be control freaks and want to, you know, control our own destruction? Now,

Sunshine   11:20

I love that question a lot, because I, this is the point that I believe strongly that you have to lean on to lean into the tools that you’ve been given, right, I pull tarot cards, I use a pendulum, I sit and have conversations with my guides, I won’t hesitate to tap one of my friends that read tarot or a psychic or you know, are strongly connected and ask them for their thoughts and their opinions on things. Right. But the moment you start to feel that kind of resistance, you need to kind of take a sanity check, step back and go. Is there something I should be shifting or changing intentionally? Right? Do I really want to allow the universe and some people some people enjoy that level of roller coaster? Right? Myself, I’m a recovering alcoholic. I don’t like it. It’s just it’s not pleasant to me anymore. I prefer like a, you know, kind of like, a kind of like a cool chill, like, um, route 66 type of person, you know, top down beautiful weather versus, you know, hanging out. I mean, I love me some roller coasters, like literally at an amusement park. But that’s not how I want life to be.

Jessica Ruby H  12:33

Yeah, yeah, that’s excellent. So, so really the self inquiry and the practices that help you tune into what’s your your truth, what’s really going on inside. And it can save you from the universe’s creating the tower. moment for you is what you’re saying.

Sunshine   12:52

And 100% Plus, if you’re pulling cards, you know, if you happen to have any type of ritual where you’re daily, you know, pausing reflection looking at things, you may see some of those signs and synchronicities. Right. Like I tell people, the tower card doesn’t show up in a reading in your moment, it shows up anywhere from a month to three to nine months, even ahead of time to tell you, hey, you need to take a pause and enter enter reflect so like if they even show up? You know, I’m not saying that the tower card is only showing up in a reading I’m we’re talking about creating the literal moment of destroying something. But yeah, it’s and it’s, you know, I think Ruby, you and I have known each other for a little bit so I know the the you know definitely like to have things planned and in an order and I feel you on that I you know very much so the same. So it it becomes a little bit of this dance sometimes to of really learning and I’ll tell you one of the biggest things that shifted for me and helped me be able to embrace this more was when I started to embrace more curiosity in life over over judgment. Yep, so anything that happens to me or does not happen for that matter? I purely respond with curiosity. I wonder what the universe might have in store for me instead?

Jessica Ruby H  14:15

I love that. Yes. Instead of making maybe negative meaning or fearing it judging it?

Sunshine   14:23

No, no, I believe that the universe is always working in our favor. Yeah. So I always wonder when something happens regardless of how horrible it is, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some pretty horrible things I have any even as recently as this week, and I’m just like, that’s very interesting. I wonder what’s in store for me

Jessica Ruby H  14:49

and nd in the house, I have several questions in my mind. I Think well, the one that keeps coming back in is when you first talk began speaking about the tower card. You said you’ve you’ve destroyed several things in your life. And it sounded like intentionally, and I think that’s what we’re here to talk about is when to know when to recognize when Yes, it is time to destroy something in your life. So I wonder if you can give us an example, from your life to illustrate what that might look like for people.

Sunshine   15:27

You know, yeah, and I’m actually going to, I’ll give you two examples. You know, I’m, I’m also a psychic. And there’s three big areas that people are going to focus on when they get a psychic reading, right, love and relationships, money and finance and health. So I’m going to give you an example in love and relationship and money and finance, right. And so in a loving relationship, for anybody that is listening right now, please know any of you that have ever decided yourself to file for divorce, you initiated your own tower moment. Right, deciding and making a decision to walk away from a relationship that no longer serves you, being the individual that’s making the decision to do that, not the person that’s reacting to it, right making the decision that is a tower moment, you are initiating a tower moment, you are saying this no longer serves me, I want something different in my life. And you are literally about to go destroy and break up destroy a relationship that had had a path at a head a trajectory, whatever that may have been. You are destroying it in order to make way for something new. Yeah, so that is that is the number one from a relationship perspective is every single time that you’ve been in a breakup? Right, exactly. And that’s, yeah, and that’s part of the reason I think why breakups are so damn hard. Right? Is because, you know, we, we, we get into a relationship, because we have a desire to see it succeed. Right, we have, we have a dream in our head, we have visions that we’re we don’t we don’t visualize a shitty relationship. Right? We visualize love and you know, acceptance and partnership and all of these amazing things. And so when you make a decision to destroy a relationship, you’re destroying, you have to grieve all of that you have to destroy all of the dreams that once existed, and grieve their loss in order for you to welcome something else need to rebuild. Right. So that’s, that’s the one example. The other example, I am smack dab, right in the middle of which is anybody that’s ever walked out of a job. Right, not only walked out of a job, let’s be real, there are some of you that may be listening to this summit. Right? Maybe thinking about it, thinking about starting a new career, starting a new, you know, a business starting to do something new, and maybe even hesitating on it, wondering, you know, oh, God, should I really do this? And you know, I’ll be real, it’s scary. But on the other side of scary is excitement. And I am right now, I couple of weeks ago from this recording, submitted my resignation for a corporate career. I’m retiring from my corporate career after Gosh, I’ve been working since I was 18. So I don’t know, 27 years, and going into business on my own.

Jessica Ruby H  18:25

Wow, congratulations. That’s a huge step for you. Yeah. I can see now. Yeah, that’s a tower moment.

Sunshine   18:33

It is, and it’s one that I’ve initiated. And so here’s the reality, there are some folks that would wait, they would they would just batten the hatches, right? Because it’s comfortable and cozy. They keep working their little side gig if they wanted to, and they wait till the pink slip happens, or the market shifts and turns right or they get somebody you know, in as a manager that they can’t stand that’s now their health deteriorate. If you know there are other people that very well may not because it is a big tower to create. Yeah, so

Jessica Ruby H  19:05

that’s like letting the universe create your tower moment when you when you sit there and wait it out, right? Yep,

Sunshine   19:11

sure. Yes. Yeah.

Jessica Ruby H  19:14

Yeah, those are great examples. So it’s, it’s really initiating your own tower moment is taking life by the horns and saying, I am not happy or this is not aligning for me anymore. So I’m going to create a new destiny. Yes. Yeah.

Sunshine   19:33

Yes. And, and not thinking right. And, you know, we were chatting a little bit earlier, and I made the comment, you know, once again, not everything that we have built in our past is meant to come along with us into our future. Right. And so I think it’s not just a matter of like just taking the bull by the horns. It’s doing that reflection and saying, what really do I have the energy to bring along with me what is going to continue to serve For me, maybe the partnership that I once had isn’t going to serve me, maybe a friend I once had in my life that, you know, I was constantly at their beck and call to try to help them isn’t going to align with where I want to go next. Right? Maybe Maybe this course that I’ve been taking for the last, you know, six months, just isn’t, isn’t hitting me anymore. And I want it, I want to drop it, right. And so, so many times we become invested, you know, we think about the time or the money that we may have invested in something else, and we do not see the opportunities. I’m gonna give you a perfect example Ruby, I’m a perfect example my brother. Hey, bless, bless my brothers. I hopefully he doesn’t mind me sharing this.

Jessica Ruby H  20:45

I hope not.

Sunshine   20:47

I don’t think he will. But he is he’s starting to write a book. And he my brother is on disability, and he’s been on disability 100% disabled for a number of years as Ms. You know, I know. And he to the point that last summer, he’s driving abilities his driving was was taken from him, he can no longer he doesn’t have permission to drive because his legs will give give out the loosened feeling in his legs. And I’ll give you a perfect example of that perspective where sometimes people don’t see so he started to write. And rightfully so my sister in law with all the love in her heart said, Be careful, though, because if you start making money, you might actually let go, you might lose your disability benefits. That’s somebody looking at that door, the past the class thinking that they’ve got to bring everything that they built in the past into the future. Well, what if my brother became an award winning? Author? What if my brother went to go right? You know, can you do a book? Can you get a Pulitzer Pulitzer Prize for I think literature? I think he can write what if, what if that’s, what if that’s the path he was meant to go down? Yeah, right. So many of us, you know, we want to hold on and grab into and, you know, we attach our identities to it, we, you know, like him, you know, his identity is attached at her identity. And that example is attached to it, right? Because she’s a caregiver. So we just, we get so afraid of letting go. And when we do that we miss out on I mean, the potential opportunities that we might miss out on by us continuing to live in the past, or being afraid of letting go of the past. I mean, I can’t even I can’t even imagine I know, that’s not the light for that one.

Jessica Ruby H  22:34

Yeah, that’s so interesting. You describe that, it reminds me, I was actually originally going to use the tagline for the summit of letting go of your smallness, to step into your greatness. And it, I mean, myself, especially I’ll raise my hand a million times, there’s so many times where I’ve been too attached to staying small, because I feel safe or staying the same, because well, this is what I know. But then, I’m completely closed off to what bigger or greater, you know, more fulfilling, it doesn’t have to be bigger, but more fulfilling life experiences that could be waiting on that.

Sunshine   23:15

of that fear. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I would say that this is like a big, you know, I don’t even know that there’s a word for it. Maybe there is, as you know, in the in the therapist, but I find a lot of clients and folks that I work with just this ability to reframe and share a different perspective, right, and to show those kinds of things. And it’s, it’s like no fault of everyone’s, you know, like, we as a society as a culture, we don’t have this natural. You know, that’s not that’s not how we’ve operated, right. Most of the folks, you know, you go back, you go back to our grandparents, you know, folks that were born in the 1920s, you know, these folks went through the Depression, they didn’t know what they were going to have, you know, if they were gonna be able to see their whole family. Right, you got all of these wars that our parents that ended up, you know, experiencing from the tail end of World War Two to the Vietnam War to the Cold War. Right. And so yeah, we’re just not used to that. But you know, where we are in a new, you know, in new Aon. And we have a choice today, I believe that we’ve never had in the past, and that is like, we literally have the choice to do things differently now to see things differently and to change our perspective. Yeah.

Jessica Ruby H  24:30

I love that. That’s that’s the silver lining here. So that I want to, I want to say, Well, is there anything else you want to say before I segue? No, no, before I want to segue into leadership, as we we talk about that a little bit beforehand also, and you’re very much displaying self leadership and What you’re choosing to do, and stepping away from a corporate job and starting your own business or or expanding, and you’ve already started your own business? And so leadership obviously isn’t for everybody. I wonder if you would talk a little bit about that. What is, what is what makes you enjoy the path of leadership? What is leadership? And we’ll start with that, you

Sunshine   25:23

know, what is leadership? I’ve had this conversation with a lot of people, you know, you’ve mentioned, I’ve had a corporate career, I’ve worked in corporate and been a leader, I don’t even know the last 1515 years in a leadership role. And so I’ve actually brought up a lot of leaders, I have folks that have helped establish their career paths. And at some point, there’s always the conversation, where do you want to go, and there’s really two paths, when you’re actually, you know, kind of moving up and getting older, you’re gonna go down the path of leadership or the path of subject matter expert. And so I often have to have the conversation around what leadership means. And leadership is not all about power. I mean, there are people that can use leadership to be in a in a power type of position. But true leadership in my my personal purview, my philosophy, leadership is a servant position. We are here, you know, as leaders to be of assistance to the individuals that are following us, right, we’re here as a leader, to kind of be at, you know, the other, you know, the folks that we’re surrounded kind of beck and call, I also believe that a leader is meant to change how they shift, how they shift and change to support other folks, rather than just prescribing how everybody else needs to operate. Right? A leader is truly someone that’s going to be able to adapt. And so, you know, to me, leadership is, it’s that perfect little like the little meme that I think everybody has seen where it’s like the guy on top of the brick, the block, and he’s like whipping a bunch of that’s the manager, right? Versus the guy that’s actually out there pulling the block. And all the guys are behind, that’s a leader, a leader is like, on the lines, they’re in the fire, they’re rolling up their sleeves. And so often, folks that I’ve talked to you that are interested in leadership, they think about it and they think about in the perspective of growing their career from a dollars amount. Right, I want some influence, I want to be able to make decisions, all this kind of stuff. That’s the two things, two reasons, money and influence. That’s why they want to be a leader. And I laugh, because my experience throughout my career is the individuals that actually have more power and make more money are never leaders. They are the subject matter experts that have the knowledge and the experience, to to give advice to make hard decisions. Do you know corporations will literally pay you they’ll have somebody in the in the in a company, you know, let’s say somebody’s a chief operating officer. And they will go ahead and pay someone 200 300 $500,000 to come in and tell that Chief Operating Officer, how to evaluate the organization, identify the gaps, identify the issues and put a plan in place in order, they literally that leader will rely upon outside subject matter experts who get paid big bucks to come in and help aid and assist them in their leadership job. Right. So yeah, being a leader is not exactly the path that’s gonna get you the power and the money. Being a leader, this is the way I’ve always I said if you enjoy caring for other people babysitting and hold folks accountable, then you should go into leadership. Said but if you don’t enjoy helping people, holding people accountable. Right? And like literally caring for them. Leadership is not the path for you.

Jessica Ruby H  29:00

Yeah, so fascinating. I’ve never, I’ve not heard someone describe leadership this way. And yet, that makes so much sense. And I would even say from your description, it sounds like a smart leader, a good leader is also going to use resources, right? They’re not going to be like, Oh, I know it all. And I can do it all. They’re going to use resources and hire the subject matter experts. Oh,

Sunshine   29:25

100%. I mean, I’ve had people ask me throughout my career, I mean, I’ve, you know, you’ve mentioned I’m award winning, I’ve won awards from my product management side from my leadership side of the house. And I’ve had people ask often, like, how are you? How do you do which to and I said, there’s, there’s two things, my two keys to my success. I am stellar at time management. I am phenomenal at it. Yeah, no, I don’t know that. There’s a lot of people out there that do it better than me. I’ll put it to you that way. The second one. I have zero issue. delegating, zero issue delegating, I trust wholeheartedly, and I’m gonna, I’m gonna give you there’s a lot of people that I’ve talked to you about this one they’re like, but what do you mean you trust? Like, you can’t just trust somebody and I’m like, You know what, here’s the thing as a leader, if you hesitate to delegate, if you struggle to trust people to do work for you, underneath you and with you, then then that is a more of a reflection of you not trusting yourself and your ability to solve an issue that would come up if they did shit the bed. Wow. Wow. So that means you don’t trust that you’re a good enough leader to actually be leading.

Jessica Ruby H  30:42

I mean, that’s a whole nother topic. How do you trust yourself as a leader? How do you how do you create that self trust?



Sunshine   30:50

Yeah, that is a good topic. How do you create that self trust? Wow, make a lot of mistakes, and be willing to own up to them.

Jessica Ruby H  31:00

And learn from them?

Sunshine   31:00

Yeah, yeah. I mean, that’s that’s it, make the mistakes, learn from them own up to him? Yeah, that’s how you’re gonna build trust. That’s how you also build trust on other people is knowing that we’re all fallible, and we’re each of us are humans and nobody’s perfect.

Jessica Ruby H  31:13

Yes, yes. And humility. It takes humility to be able to admit you’ve made mistakes.

Sunshine   31:20

Oh, god. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like, oh, there’s so many times. So many times, especially trying to juggle a corporate career and my own business. I’ll be like, I’m so sorry. I did not realize that I. Yeah, I did not like early. I was like, I did not send you my notes. My apologies.

Jessica Ruby H  31:44

It’s all good. So what called you to leadership? You’ve made this beautiful description, and what is what has been your path to leadership? You know,

Sunshine   32:02

I am, I’m sure there’s someone that might know human design or astrology better that would tell you that it’s in my design, or in my, in the stars, for me. It’s always been something. Ever since I was a kid, you know, as a child, I was told that I was bossy and controlling. Yeah. bossy and controlling. So for all of you listening, that were told you were bossy or controlling, you know, you got exactly what it takes to be the next leader. Yeah, so I, you know, I think a lot of it. You know, and I don’t know, maybe it was some of my childhood trauma that caused it. But I, I in my 20s, I don’t know that I’d ever shared this story with you. I had someone telling me that I was intimidating when I was in my 20s. And I also had somebody a couple of folks tell me, I was controlling it came up again, you know, from a child that I was controlling. And so that’s really sit hard on me. I was like, I wasn’t a fan of these two, you know, kind of labels being put on me because I didn’t feel like they were true. And so they’re the intimidating one. If I finally asked someone and they said, You’re not intimidating, you’re just confident most people don’t understand how to receive that. Right? And I said, Okay, thank you. And then the control one, I finally realized that I wasn’t controlling, I just accepted responsibility when nobody else did. And so I don’t know that it might call to leadership was like a formal call. I think it’s because I’ve sat in classrooms where you had group assignments, and everybody was like, who’s gonna take the lead? And I guess me, right, like, nobody else raises their hand. Right? And the same thing, so it’s like, a lot of the times, it’s not a matter of, you know, I have this strong motivation are this fire in my belly to be a leader, it’s just I often, you know, I just wholeheartedly when I see something that needs to be done. It’s just in my blood to just do it to figure it out and do it, you know, that’s just like, deeply rooted. And so, you know, from back as a child and leaves group, you know, settings with classroom too. You know, growing up in my 20s, and a couple of the jobs in the careers, that careers that I had before I kind of got into my deeper corporate career was just, if I saw something that needed to be done, I just did it. And I think that that was seen as leadership. Right? And it wasn’t until I was in my late 20s, after I’d graduated from college, that I started to truly under a you know, understand what leadership meant more in this like corporate environment, and then it became trying to understand And then I needed I needed other people in order to accomplish what I wanted to get done. Yeah.

Jessica Ruby H  35:08

And that service to the greater good to the whole, by doing what needs to be done. speak well, we need this. So you have enjoyed taking the path of leadership sounds like I, you know,

Sunshine   35:27

at times, it’s been harder than others. You know, I’ve in my corporate right now I’m responsible my particular role as the director there and responsible for initiating a lot of operational and process related changes. And people don’t like change, humans have a hard time with change. And so I’m not exactly the most liked person. You know, like, Oh, God, here she comes again, I get a lot of high roles. And I joke about it, too, you know, with them, but because I know it’s not personal. So there’s, there’s been times that it’s been rougher than others, you know, having to let people go having to fire people is never an enjoyable thing. But I will tell you, for all of the hard, difficult, challenging pieces, there’s still brings tears to my eyes, just think about it. I’ve had I love interns, I’ve kind of like raised a number of interns throughout my corporate career and worked with a lot of intern programs. And I have a handful of them that still to this day, one in particular, a couple of years ago, got his dream job at Nike. And after he got hired, I got this beautiful note from him. thanking me for believing in him and giving him the shot and hiring him as an intern for the first time and bringing him under my wing and teaching him how to do the things that I needed to do. And basically crediting me for the fact that he never would have had that, that job. If it wasn’t for me, giving him a shot, trusting in Him, allowing him to fail, allowing him to make the mistakes that he made, which were plenty in the first part of his career. You know, I mean, he’s not the only story. I’ve had many, many people reach out to me, you know, even so much as a couple of years ago, there was a gentleman or a woman that worked with me that didn’t like me. And she, she worked directly and reported to me and took two years for her to finally reach out to me it was about a year ago, actually, on Facebook, she reached out and she apologized. And she said, I’ve now realized that I had so much hurt, and so many other poor work experiences, that I couldn’t see that everything that you were trying to do is to try to help me because nobody had ever really been there to try to help me like that before. You know? So yeah, I love I love I’m not I don’t have children. I’m not a mother in that regards. You know, so I always kind of look at me being a leader and like corporate or my business or anything of that nature is, is me being able to flex some of that motherly, caring, loving, you know, teaching mentoring type of capacity, where I don’t, I don’t get to with little tiny ones, you know, that I gave birth to? Yeah.

Jessica Ruby H  38:29

That makes me think all leaders need somebody to believe in them.

Sunshine   38:34

That is very true. Yes.

Jessica Ruby H  38:36

And, and that being a leader can sometimes mean people are shitting on you.

Sunshine   38:42

Oh, my goodness. Yeah. That is a very, very true statement, you know, and I forget who told me the quote, once upon a time, but it was, you know, you’re not something along the lines of like, you’re not doing a job if at a good job if everybody likes you. Right, because you’re not doing you’re not not making the hard choices. You’re not making the difficult decisions. You’re not given the tough love, you know? Yeah.

Jessica Ruby H  39:14

Make sense? Make sense? So, from from your perspective. Gosh, how I want to word this. Things are changing in the world. And there’s a huge call to a different type of leadership in the world. And so you’re I’m calling that leaders of the new AON because the new Eon is dawning The Age of Aquarius. And I’m curious, what what is the leader of the new AON look like to you or what would you like them to look like? What kind of leadership do you want to see in the world basically?

Sunshine   39:51

It was a somatic response to that question. I wasn’t expecting that. I just got the chills. You know, I think about I think about how different we are, you know, and I go back to once again, some of the stuff that I shared about, you know, our grandparents and our parents and the world that they grew up in. And you know, we we currently live in a world where information is at our fingertips, we could truly try on a different persona or personality in the blink of an eye with a filter, let’s say, you know, we’ve got folks that struggle with identity. We have folks that know that they learn differently. And they react, you know, interact with the world differently. And to me, I think the number one thing that the leaders of the new AON need, you know, needs to be embracing. And this isn’t even like a possible like you have to is the flexibility of leading the individual, you’ve got to be willing to lead the individual you have to know and understand who they are, you have to be willing to provide them the tools, and the experience and the skills and the way that they’re best able to learn how they’re best able to, you know, retain it. This prescription of like, we’re gonna set things down the path, and you know, that there’s only one way to do things I often referenced, there’s 1000 ways to cook good potato, but not any one way of those potatoes are going to be better than another except when you ask person, what’s their favorite way to cook a potato? Yeah, right. So you just that, to me is probably one of the biggest, I think the other. The other thing too, is you’ve got to be doing your own work. transparent about it. And like, yeah, the picture that keeps showing up in my head is like without masks, you know, you’ve got to be your true self, it’s more and more folks are going to be waking up their own psychic gifts, their own intuitive powers, their own experiences. And like, if you’ve got a mask on, you’re gonna be quick, quickly, quickly, you know, people may not recognize it, they may not understand that it’s a mask, and you might have that mask there to protect yourself, right? Don’t get me wrong, most of us don’t put on a mask because that’s what you know, what we choose, we do that we put that mask on, because that’s the only way that we can navigate the world and not be hurt or feel pain or suffering or anything of that nature. But the you know, if you are truly trying to step in to be a new leader the new AON the mask has got to go away. And even if that means humiliation, even if that means shame, even if that means whatever it is that you’ve got to experience, folks want to see this, they want to see that it’s okay being their own selves. Right? They really want to see that. So first one, like I said, Being flexible to the individual leading the individual second truly being being that human yourself. You know, don’t say if I would say what’s a third one really important. That’s interesting that they’re having me say that one. Share what you believe in. You know, I’ve had and this is very intentional, this is interesting that they’re kind of saying this. I’ve had leaders before, and folks that I’ve worked with that have hesitated to connect with other individuals. So I’m not even talking about lowering the mask, right? Because just lowering the mask can help you be who you are. I mean, like truly sharing what you believe in and living what you believe in. And allowing your actions to match your words. Right? It’s, to me are a really, really, really big deal. I think a lot of folks, you know, as they step into a leadership role, I think they’re, it’s weird that this is coming up, but this whole, like, there’s a sentiment of like, you’ll kind of you need to like, just do it and it’ll happen kind of stuff like you gotta like, and I think it’s the opposite this new new leaders and new and I think you like, you can’t just say you’ve got to, like, show it. I don’t think that people are going to be listening as much as they’re going to be watching. Right? They want to see, you know, they want to be able to see you lead by example. Right. So if you want, folks, I’ll give you a perfect example of my corporate we I don’t think we’re seeing this right now. Do you want folks to be okay failing and making mistakes and you got to have some leaders willing to put some failures and mistakes out?

Jessica Ruby H  44:55

That makes sense. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We love, love, love, love this. And yeah, I I need a moment. I guess this is let’s maybe let’s all take a breath together because this is profound. Yeah. valuable information. And I, I want to maybe this will tie into talking about your business and yourself as a witch, you mentioned? Oh, they’re saying this Oh, it’s interesting. They’re saying you’re referring to they and I know you’re referring to your spirit guides, right? And maybe nobody else listening realizes that I’m like, Oh, does she hear voices? Sometimes. But, you know, we talked Yeah, we talked earlier, stepping up into your definition of a witch which I want to I want to get from you in a moment feels very similar to what you’ve been speaking about with leadership. And part of it, you know, you’re not acting alone, you’re one of your resources are your spirit guides, that you have a strong you have built you have intentionally built a connection to and that you pay attention to. And so I think this is a great place to segue to

Sunshine   46:27

that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Jessica Ruby H  46:30

So what is your definition of a witch? Because I know you’re redefining it.

Sunshine   46:35

That word? Yeah. Yeah, I am. And I fought, I fought kind of adopting, I’ve done a witch since I was 16. So we’re talking about almost 30 years. But I’ve been, I’ve been given the privilege and the opportunity to embrace it within my actual business more so. And so because of that I have had to give a lot of consideration to how it’s going to be perceived and understood and things of that nature. And so I am very much prepared to have the conversation. You know, I think when when a lot of us think of the witch, we think of the story that was created by a lot of the, you know, patriarchal societies throughout our history, you know, and to me, the which is, oh, gosh, there it goes. That semantic response again, my, my personal belief is that a witch is an individual that is embracing their own psychic abilities, their own intuition, right, their own guides, their relationship with spirit with source, you know, however you want to define it, they’re embracing that, in order to gain guidance within their own life are very much so helping other individuals, I believe, which is to be of service to other individuals in this world. Right. So they’re using all of those beautiful abilities. They’re incorporating magic spell work, they’re they’re working with the energies of nature, they’re moving things. And the very last piece is they are doing so very often in order to bring healing upon themselves, or other individuals within their life. And when we think about the witch, and we think about the real stories, there’s a beautiful book, I need to remember who the author’s name is, but that book is called waking up the witch. It’s spectacular. She does this amazing, amazing, kind of, like historical understanding of all of the different stories of the witch. And it’s, it’s, it’s pretty fun and pretty fascinating. To see how far it goes back but the witch to me once upon a time, when we when we weren’t connected digitally across, you know, the internet, when we didn’t have highways that connected us when we were just little small communities, little towns little, you not even towns little, what’s the word that I’m looking for? If your tribes, right things of that nature, when we were when we were more of that there was often one woman or one man that would exist within the town that would be leaned on in order to provide guidance, to work miracles to provide healing, right, they would whip up the concoctions for cough medicine, they would have the you know, the herbs that they would know how to put together for the headache, they had the the poultice to put onto the the wounds and things of that nature. Right? The witch was meant at one point to serve the entire community. Right. As a witch, I believe that’s what many of us are here to do to step into our own power of our own witchy you know, backgrounds where we’ve come from, for many, many, many lifetimes, and to be of service in the world and to use these gifts and to use the magic in the spells in order to bring about the healing and I believe this world and so desperate need of

Jessica Ruby H  49:48

Yes, yes, yes. And correct me if I’m wrong, but your business is all about teaching. Aspiring witches Is to have confidence, integrity, resilience and race right? Through.

Sunshine   50:08

Yes. The unscheduled Yeah, you know, so I have if you are looking for me the number one place to find any of this is at illuminate unschool.com That is the website and you’re spot on, you know, I’ve been called and I’ve had a couple of callings. I’ve, I’ve torn a couple of programs down because they weren’t what I was supposed to be doing. And yeah, I am here to mentor to coach to teach to lead other witches to embrace all of their gifts, the magic that’s inside of them, and their natural drawn tendency to heal people and heal them in the right way. Because I think a lot of us witches are people pleasers. You know, that we’ve often put ourselves second in order to be the healing guide within someone’s life, a family community. And you know, that’s, it’s only gonna get you so far. That’s only gonna get you so far. And very often you’ll lose yourself along the way. So well, we’ll make sure that you have all all the connections to the gifts that you are, you know, they’re they are your universe given gifts. Right, you have the right to them, teach you how to work with and wield the powers of nature, and how to embrace every every possible healing modality that we’ve been blessed with on this earthly plane because these human bodies need it. So does our spirit and our soul to so?

Jessica Ruby H  51:31

Absolutely, absolutely. So, yes. So that’s one place people can find you and I will have that link down below your school, your unschool. What where else can people find you? What? What do you want to bring in? What do you what do you want to share about what you’re doing in the world? Yeah,

Sunshine   51:53

I mean, I’ve got a huge transition that I’m going on. So illuminate unschool.com is the biggest thing if you want to sign up for the newsletter and keep in touch. But you can also find me at Sunshine readings that calm I’m a psychic medium as well, we offer readings, one on one. Mediumship is one of my favorite, you know, I love connecting to loved ones on the other side, or guides. That’s a really big one too. You know, guides folks that are protecting you guiding you and helping you navigate life. Also a really, really gigantic fan of opening up the Akashic records. I mentioned, I’m a soul healer, I have found probably some of my most transformational and impactful sessions are helping individuals uncover the things that may have kept them back. Right. And this could be something that’s truly in this lifetime. But often what we find is it’s within a past lifetime, and doing any healing or even just just that awareness and sometimes can help so you can find me at Sunshine readings.com also on Facebook, Instagram with both sunshine ringside, calm and illuminate on school. Pinterest, I mean, you name it, you probably go ahead and search for either one of those, you’re gonna find sunshine readings, or eliminate the unschool witchcraft on any of the social platforms. So

Jessica Ruby H  53:13

awesome. And you also have a free gift for our viewers today. The witches toolkit, you want to talk about that?

Sunshine   53:20

Yeah, the witches toolkit, I have gotten a number of things over the course of the last couple of years that I’ve created, they’ve been either key to like my own practice in my own work. I’ve created them for other folks as I’ve mentored and coached them along the way. And I was sitting there and I’m like, I think other people could use this. So I’ve put them all into the witches toolkit also give you a really good explanation of that whole psychic abilities, magic, and the healing so that you know and understand kind of this new rewrite that I’m kind of marching towards. And so in that kit, you’ll get things like a chakra Tune Up Kit, a daily Tarot study kit, there’s ceremonial magic rituals in there. We’ve also got, you know, the definition and kind of the background around alchemy, how to write your own rituals, planetary magic, and I think one even my favorite, that brought a huge brought me a huge, huge, huge, kind of like boost as I stepped into my own recovery is there are some binaural beats with some affirmations assigned to them. And so I was a huge fan of using sound for healing. And so binaural beats tuned to each of the chakras, affirmations that go each of the chakras those are some powerful little tools in your back pocket.

Jessica Ruby H  54:36

I love this. My gosh, this is a very, very prolific toolkit.

Sunshine   54:44

So I’m a fan of it. Yeah, me

Jessica Ruby H  54:46

too. Sounds great. I will make sure everything is linked below the video so that you guys can grab that toolkit and be sure to get on her newsletter list because I also happen to know Sunshine has a couple of books As I’m coming down the pipe at some time, you know, she may not be ready to talk about that. But Sunshine has a lot to share with the world. And I’m so grateful that you had the courage, the courage for one to create the tower moments that you’ve created so that you can blossom into your true calling. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being here. And this fabulous discussion. So amazing. And ah, anything else you want to add? In closing?

Sunshine   55:36

No, I appreciate what you’re doing. I appreciate you bringing all of these leaders together. And I certainly hope that every single one of your listeners or watchers is able to take away something from at least one of the amazing speakers that you’ve gathered here this this summit.

Jessica Ruby H  55:51

How well thank you. I know I for one took a lot away from your interview here. So thank you again, and well, I will see you guys later.www.HolisticTherapyLMFT.com

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