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Let’s Talk About Sex Baby..

Did that get your attention??? I would have to guess yes, yes it did. We are talking today

about the very delicious and passionate sacral chakra and our focus is specifically – sexuality! What an absolutely juicy topic for us to focus on this week.

Which begs the question first…what is sexuality? Why is it even tied into this spiritual topic??? Our sacral chakra is the chakra that is associated with creativity. And when most people think of creativity you’re going to think of the amazing benefits a fiery creative spark can provide. But creativity is also the creation of LIFE!

Our sexual organs are literally the representation of the beginning of another human being. They are the tools that are needed to bring new life into this world. So our sexuality is going to define our role in that beautiful, magickal act. What could be more spiritual than the creation of life?

Now this isn’t a simple topic. Sexuality is a very personal topic and can be defined differently by each and every person. It does not matter HOW you define it, what you identify as or how you engage in any type of sexual activity. All that matters is that you recognize that your sacral chakra houses the magick of creation and the more you recognize, respect and appreciate your sexuality – the more balance, alignment, and free-flowing creative energy you will have!

I am curious though, does this topic fire you up or make you a tad bit uncomfortable? Hit reply and let me know. Help give me an idea of how deep you’d like me to go into this topic!467