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Love is NOT All You Need

I have a bit of a hard time with that statement, “Love is all you need.” And the reason why is because when it comes to healthy relationships, I believe you need a lot more. I believe that you need boundaries, respect, trust, honesty, communication, loyalty, space…and I’m sure a whole ton of other things depending upon the type of relationship (hello, lover!)

But when it comes to connection, I do believe all you need is love.

And what I mean by that, is that as long as you and the other individual truly love each other, you will have the foundation to be able to grow, evolve and weather any storm together. And it is NOT just having someone tell you that they love you or you telling someone you love them. Both parties really have to show it too.

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So how can you show love or recognize it?

  • Respect of boundaries. Especially when you or the other person says no. Loving someone means that when they say no you don’t keep pushing or begging (or manipulating) to get your way.
  • Respect of time. When making plans, you show up on time or communicate in advance why you will be late. Also, being clear when you cannot make previous commitments. 
  • Respect of things. When borrowing things or using things, always making sure to take care of it like it is a precious gift.
  • Genuinely Apologizing. When you see something you’ve done has upset the other person, apologizing and recognize how the other person has felt. When someone apologizes to you, accepting it and asking for what you need to feel better.

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