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YOU Need Compassion Too

I think most of the time when we think of compassion, we think of being more kind and understanding with others. And that is awesome and great. This week though, I encourage you to be more kind and understanding with yourself. To show yourself more compassion…more patience…more understanding…more acceptance.

So as you venture into this week…

  • Carve out a little time to yourself each day. Just to sit and enjoy these last few days of summer. Try to tune into your senses and notice you in this big beautiful world and how you deserve these moments.
  • Give yourself some little mind hugs. It sounds silly but if you find yourself getting caught in negative chatter in your head, stop and give that thought a hug. Tell yourself that you are beautifully imperfect and that is exactly how you are meant to be.
  • Eat something deliciously nutritious each day. Find one thing that you can really enjoy each day that is filled with vitamins and minerals and tastes REALLY frigging good. Maybe a smoothie, a salad or even some zucchini brownies. (This is compassionately loving your body.)
  • Ask for one thing you need this week. Seriously, ask for one thing that you need from someone. For me it is a little bit of space to just be. It doesn’t mean I have to be alone, I just need space to not have any expectations of me.

Now, I know that for some people…everything I said is going to feel tough and uncomfortable. I get it. You may not be used to showing yourself compassion. And if you fall into this bucket, I offer you a big, gigantic, warm Sunshine hug because you really do need this the most. 

So my dear friend – how will you show yourself some compassion this week? Drop a comment below and let me know. 

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