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Deepest Spirituality Podcast Season 1 Episode 8: Multidimensional Consciousness with Nusra Sahin

Nusra has created the “multidimensional way” as a way to help people awaken their multidimensional nature and evolve into their authentic divine blueprints. The multidimensional way focuses on activating your higher consciousness and teaching you the principles of navigating your journey to self-mastery.

She blends the “ancient” and the “new” with insights, practices and transmissions, keeping “multidimensionality” and the “new human” in focus.

Nusra Sahin is the author of “Multidimensional Consciousness and the New Earth” and the founder of the School of Multidimensional Consciousness.

A free gift for you:

Mini-course on New Earth and the Multidimensional Nature: www.schoolofmultidimensionalconsciousness.com/course/new-earth-ebook

Nusra’s Book: www.amazon.com/dp/B087JTFLX8

She also shares daily messages and insights on the School’s social media regarding the New Earth Movement:

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/schoolofmdc

Instagram: www.instagram.com/multidimensionalcollective

Listen up, all you wanderers of the spiritual realm! Whether you stumbled upon this podcast by chance, had a friend graciously guide you here, or simply followed your own intrepid curiosity, I have one message for you: You are in for a wild ride. So, pay attention as I remind you – this is not the only episode we offer. Oh no, my friends, there is a treasure trove of wisdom waiting for you to explore. Get ready to dive deep into the realms of enlightenment.

Prepare yourselves, for we are honored to introduce Nusra Sahin. Yes, the anticipation is palpable. Together, we embark on a journey that shall transcend the boundaries of our understanding.

We delve into the mystical realms of multi-dimensional consciousness. Brace yourselves, my fellow travelers, for this is where the extraordinary becomes tangible. Through thought-provoking discussion and enlightening insights, we shall unravel the secrets that lie beyond this three-dimensional world. Get ready to expand your perception, challenge your beliefs, and unleash your inner healer.

But before we plunge into the depths of this cosmic exploration, let us ensure we are all prepared to receive the illuminating information that awaits. Take a deep breath, my friends. Prepare your mind, body, and spirit as we open ourselves to the profound wisdom that awaits us.


Sunshine: All right, everyone. Welcome back. Again, we are on Episode Eight of the Deepest Spirituality podcast. And you are joined here today by your two wonderful co-host Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium, and

Devin: Devin, the mindful mage.

Sunshine: I want to remind everyone that may be stumbling across this podcast, maybe this is your first time you’ve somebody shared this with you for a day, or maybe it just popped up in your search because this topic was near and dear to your own spiritual exploratory heart. You can check out other episodes. So we are on all of the major podcast platforms. You can even find us on youtube DB spirituality, go take a look, find out other episodes. Give us a listen. You know, like, subscribe, I don’t even know all of this stuff. And I guess these are things that we’re supposed to say. Who knows? There is more amazing content out there. So reminding you don’t let this be the only listen to the amazing stuff that we are bringing your way. I’m excited to introduce today’s guests. Nusra news. Right You know, I didn’t ask your last name. How do you pronounce your last name my dear?

Nusra: Nusra Sahin

Sunshine: We are excited about your topic. Today we are talking about multi dimensional consciousness. So this is going to be really spectacular. And of course, as we always start, we are going to make sure that all of us are ready and set to receive this amazing information. And that we’re all just you know, feeling we’re, we’re connected here. So Devin, my very dear co host, can you please open us today?

Devin: Yes. Let’s begin by taking a deep breath in through the nose. Holding it at the top. And as we exhale through the mouth, slowly closing the eyes. On more deep breaths, through the nose. And as you exhale, allow your body to relax. Noticing any points of tension in the body actually in the neck and shoulders back and imagining that tension melting away I’d like you to imagine now,  above you, almost higher than you can imagine a star notice the color, the star and the size. Notice the feeling of this star and the sound and now I invite you to imagine that this star is your higher self. 

One form that your Higher Self takes imagine now a brilliant beam of light shining down from this star all the way down through the heavens through the entire universe to reach you here and now. shining down through the crown of your head traveling all the way down through the center of your spinal cord all the way down to the tailbone filling your central channel with this radiant higher cell starlight and imagine this radiant Starlight traveling through your spinal cord and through every nerve in your body reaching every muscle, every bone, every organ, every cell of your body and feeling this deep connection now with your higher self let’s say out loud I am now connected to my higher self connecting to my higher self Very good. 


Now bringing your attention back up to your star I invite you to notice next to your higher self star is another star. Notice the color eyes, the feeling, the sound of this other star. That star is my higher self. And you can see, just like you have a connection to your higher self, you can see the cord that connects me to my star as well. In a moment we’re going to connect our higher selves together the same kind of energy chord and the count of three, this connection will be formed and we can say together, our higher selves are now ready one imagine that beam of light sending out from both of our stars to almost ready to meet in the middle. connected on the next number, three our higher selves are now connected just noticing how that feels taking a  deep breath in and out. 


And now my favorite part. Imagine seeing these two higher self stars yours and mine together. Now zoom out and away from these two stars to see an entire universe full of stars like these. All of these stars are the higher selves of everyone listening. Everyone tuning in everyone who is on their own spiritual path and on the count of three let’s imagine together all these starts creating a full network connection 123 Taking a deep breath in and out allowing yourself to feel this deep connection with countless beings on planet Earth and elsewhere throughout the universe. We’re all on this path with you together and with that I invite you to open your eyes once again, return to your present moment. Let’s explore this deepest spirituality here.

Sunshine: Oh my goodness I every time I just without a fail I love it every single time Devin just that that reverberation to feel when that connection happens. And interesting. I have to tell you that this year your star sounded like birds to me today. That was the first time I’ve heard that.​​ I was like, that’s beautiful 

Devin: You can’t hear the birds over here, can you? Because there are some chirping outside my house right now. 

Sunshine: No, I cannot hear them. But yeah, it sounded like birds. That could be why I heard them though. All right. Well, amazing. We are super excited to start today’s topic and just you know when we’ve got a guest we’re gonna start it in the same way because we may feel the connection to you Nusrah. But we’ve not heard about you. So why don’t we start here. Share with us all of our listeners a bit about yourself and your own spiritual journey that led you here with us today.


Nusra: It was a beautiful opening. Thank you very much. And I really felt all that connection, all the light. It was beautiful.  And regarding my journey, I have been spiritually quite open all my life. I remember  from childhood having this telepathic communication with my imaginary friends.  AndI used to write, and I was a child, just connecting and just feeling, sensing, perceiving.  So writing has been a thing of self-expression and exploration, asking these eternal questions through writing.  It still is quite an important part of my communication with myself, with the source. And as I explore different parts, of course, I completed some academic studies and moved on with my life, my career. But this  spiritual aspect has grown over the time exploring different traditions such as shamanic studies, Sufi tradition coming from Turkish origin and having studied this literature.  

And it’s such a big Eastern philosophy. And Sufi poetry lies there. Such as living in Istanbul, kind of fitnessing, so many different ancient cultural symbolism is possible there. And then I also explored a bit of Buddhism at studies. This voice within me continued to just talk to me whenever I came across some  insights in spirituality, some symbolism. It’s just, whatever I was receiving externally, well, it was this voice, this frequency and vibration was with me. And I found that peace and this balance, this groundedness through writing most of the time.  So it has turned my meditation and my writing, and also dancing,  blended as my self-expression, exploration, healing, transformation, evolution, all kinds ofI studied also different healing tradition traditions, such as inner speak. And also I learned about healing using Tao healing methods.  

At one point my questions that I started to specifically ask around certain things kind of started to come out as voice. It came with a metatron about consciousness, second geometry. And then it opened, it took me to these visions of the times that I have been actually using my awareness,  my abilities, in the ways that were creative. That was kind of how I would tune into other dimensions, other states of consciousness. And also it brought awareness to how I was operating as a multidimensional being. I had some dreams because the shamanic studies quite opened that space for dreaming,and exploring alternative realities.  

I was quite observant and aware of my dreams, and I used to kind of catch my guides to kick into me while I was dreaming and then ask questions before they get away, just wake up and just record and understand.  So it has become this awareness, this multidimensional awareness where I would connect easily and in that awareness study tune into past lives, learn healing points, understand new insights, activate my own  wisdom and consciousness that I gathered somehow in a lifetime, or through my higher self connection, through my other incarnations aspects. 

So this was kind of a process of an infinite journey.   Like, you know, it is exciting. Like what do I learn today?

Sunshine: I mean, a hundred percent. I just wanna, you know, it’s interesting cause we’ve talked with a handful of folks and you know, Devin and I have only known each other for, you know, just over a year now even. But there’s like this pattern that I’m seeing now here, Devin, and I, I don’t know if you’re like, those of us that are on these, like very deep spiritual paths are so curious and inquisitive that one modality or one, one study or one thing is just never enough.  

And so we are, we are like diving into all of it, right? Devin, are, are you, are you experiencing this too? I mean, I’m just like  hitting me over and over just a very common thread that we’re witnessing here.  

Devin: I do see that pattern, and I think  that  curiosity that seems to be an essential energy of certain  souls is  one of the major catalysts that really brings us to question so strongly that  no matter what we were taught about how this world works and what it is and is not,  that’s not good enough for us.  We’re going to keep seeking  and  eventually break out of whatever modern mold  has been set for us in our society and our culture. 


Sunshine: Yeah, it’s just, curiosity is such a beautiful gift to have.  It really is. Nusra you’ve mentioned here a couple of times and just, you know, this might be the first time some folks that are, you know, our listeners are ever hearing this term. But you’re talking about multidimensional consciousness. Can you explain what, what does that even mean when you’re, when you’re referencing this multi-dimension or even being a multidimensional, what do you mean by that?  

Nusra: It is, I’m still explaining all the years. I’m talking about it and still kind of creating the exact definition is a struggle also. I pronounce it multidimensional consciousness. I think I’m mixing up us and British  and all kinds of pronunciation, multidimensional consciousness is where we are connected with our practically with our heart temple, with our heart, with our core, and open up this communication and collaboration  with our higher selves, with our cosmic collaborators helpers  from different dimensions.  

But at the same time,  we are coming into a state, awakening a state where we are one  with all, we are in that nothingness, but we are also ready to be aware, conscious about the journey,  and we are creating, exploring, healing  ourselves on, on a journey. We are aware that we are on a journey for our own evolutionall at the same time. We are bringing all this wisdom and insights and integrating  into our grid and creating this, as, as a result going through the evolution. 

But this evolution is happening as a two-way communication in, in a way that, yeah, I am talking to the source through my channeling and source is talking to me,  and I am activating this wisdom abilities, and I’m learning, studying and working towards a purpose to create, build myself and make something happen through me.   So that is like a system. The dimension consciousness is not something I have invented through sacred geometry chakra activations, like by the activations. 

We have so many beautiful traditions to talk about.  The way I have presented it has brought perhaps a bit more definition and functionality to what we do with this potential. How do we communicate? How can, because as we move through this consciousness, space of consciousness  activates our light bodies,  our perception changes. And we should still be, we, we, we want to be aware and be learning,  be working towards a purpose individually and collectively and cosmically.  

So a multidimensional being for me is an individual at the same time, in our reality, it’s a collective being,  but also it is a cosmic being. And this being can facilitate the communication, energy exchange, creation, bring pieces together with the awareness through intention, setting visualization using certain abilities and facilitate something on behalf of the  divine promos, the university intelligence.  

So I am aware of myself as a multidimensional being. I can be a han. I can be the dao,  the source of my higher self or my third degree aspect.  Wherever this wisdom comes to me, I will be able to bring and be presented to it in the service of my own journey and for mother earth for others.  So that is kind of the evolutionary process with intentions. You are, we are giving it a functionality, a direction towards  creating, evolving together. , 

Sunshine: You know, Nusra I just have to commend you for just being so beautifully humble there. One you said you’re still on, you’re still trying to uncover how to truly define that, right? And, because that is a big topic. And two, you even stated like, I didn’t make this up. Like, people have been talking about this in, in a way, I’ve got to share this very beautiful picture that painted in my head as you’re, as I’m listening to you talk around this, right? 

And so if we think about multi-dimension and like multidimensional, and I’m gonna go over that and consciousness, consciousness is awareness of, right? And soon the dimension is a dot. So if we think of a dot, that is one dimension. There is nothing else there, just one point, one dimension. We had a second dot, and we drew a line, we’re into two dimensions at that particular point, and we can look at line drawings as a two-dimensional function.  

We as human beings, we take up space and vole, and therefore we actually operate in a three-dimensional space. All of the things that we can touch, we can look at, we can walk through all three dimensions. Once we as human beings recognize that there is something outside of ourselves that exists, our higher selves, anything of that, we’re now into a fourth dimension, so we now recognize and go to the fourth dimensions when we recognize that something out outside of ourselves can connect to multiple other things outside of their own cells. 


We’re now up into a fifth dimensional state. My guides right now are even coming through and they’re saying like, there is no way we can reasonably talk about sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions right now. This is what we’re saying. When we’re talking about multidimensional, we as individual human beings are able to extend ourselves outside of ourselves, into a fourth dimension, connect to others.The stars we did in the beginning is a fifth dimensional exercise that Devin just did. I don’t know, Devin, if you’ve recognized that. Do, is That, that was literally a fifth dimensional exercise.  I can, 

Devin: I can see it from that perspective, yes.  

Sunshine: Wow, so I don’t know if that helps you at all, Nusra and gives you any kind of other fodder to think about and how to explain. But I love that you’re trying to help folks explain, but that was the, the pictures they literally painted  as you were talking was, was this first, second, third, fourth, and fifth.

Nusra: Wow. That’s great. There is one thing that came to me while you were explaining. So this visualization is such a great thing. I can see the flower of life and the seed of life came to my vision. Like, this seed is coming within each one of us, but forming, expanding, flourishing, and creating this beautiful grid, consciousness grid.

Sunshine:  I think I touched on it, but I wanna ask this question a bit more specifically.  

How did you learn how to connect to these? Like, how, like,  was there an aha moment? Is there a point in your life that you can look back and, and like say, wow, this is, this is how I, I learned how to do this. 

Nusra: There are many awakening “aha” moments on that journey, as you might have related from your own evolution, but this can help so many people. And it was very much a turning point for me. I share that in the book as well. , before I, when I, while I was writing, I used to connect with this frequency and vibrational flaw.  And that that is such a, you know, big love. You just, you just feel that blessing. You just hope that it never closes. It’s just so beautiful and you just wanna be there. You are not even defining it as something that is kind of happening. It’s just, oh, this is writing, this is my state motto for writing. I love writing. But now when I look back and see those points, my higher self, my contract opens up.  

I wrote that for example, when I was 20 something and now at the age of 40 something, I’m gonna give that certain age. When I look back and read it, I just see that my crown tracker opens up and I connect to the divine consciousness, and I just start crying. I say like, oh my God. Since then, I was actually connecting to that source that I later  lost on and off, found it, did my shamanic communication, did my communication with the Tao studies in this communication.  

Now actually, it was there for me, but the aha moment is this. I was just trying to kind of, where, where is that writing mood? There is this truth channel of loving writing words coming to me, you know, just waiting for it to connect with you. That was my  situation. And I was looking for that love, that  divine love, that unity that was actually writing was helping me to get there.  

So when I just noticed that, oh my God,  it’s just me,  it’s me. That was, oh my God. Then it just opens up. I was like,  I was looking for me all this time, and it is within me, and I can just connect  now. I can write and love you forever. Like, you know, it is, that was the time I noticed  there was a sentence I heard.  

It was like the middle of the early morning. I woke up  and apparently I went with those questions and longing.  I had this,  the dreams perhaps, and I just woke up. At the time, this was still dark  in my pajamas. I said like, I,  I just wanted to just be ingratitude for hours because I heard the voice that you are looking for me, but you are not defining me as  yourself.  

That was just  my God. And then I expanded and included that deep connection that was that opened up many, many, many different stories for me because I was able to finally bring that connection into my own. , all my awareness, my act created within myself more deeply. 

Sunshine: I know we, we didn’t, we didn’t cover this beforehand, but it’s popping in into my head to ask you, because you had put on some of your notes when we first started talking about you coming on that like, there are some people that will go down and we have talked about it with other folks that will go down the path of activating some of this connection to these other dimensions through the use of psychedelics or any type of, of substances of like, of that nature, which is you know, a personal choice and a path that some folks may take.  

But  I’m listening to you, Nusra, and, and you’re like, you’re not mentioning any of this.  

So it’s not necessary to engage No. In any other substance. Like you can find this connection to these other dimensions. Do you want, do you wanna speak about, you know, to us a little bit about that belief and kind of your thoughts around that topic?

Nusra: I’m quite addicted to tea  living in England. That definitely brings me this joy in the high frequency vibrational mode. I think what we are looking for is the connection. Love this complete completion.  

And either some people use it, achieve it with substances, and maybe it is a point for them and it’s a path for them. , nothing to judge, right? There is no right or wrong, but we don’t need anything because it is all within us. It’s an activity that is a connection point. If we are, if we put that you know, try it, perhaps set the intentions and do the clearing and face our fears about exploring our own power, own abilities, because we have these gifts within us, we don’t need them.  

We might wanna, we, we might choose them. It’s free will, but we don’t need it. It’s like we can use frequency and vibrational tunes to put us on an estate. Yeah. Crystals, incense, meditation, dance, painting, all kinds of connecting with nature. These are all going to give us the inspiration to connect with our true nature.  

When we notice that we make that connection, this is all love and beliefs,  there we are. We can  do the journey, walk the path and clear, heal, evolve, and expand those gifts even further. 

Sunshine: Yeah, I think, I think that’s a beautiful state because I mean, everybody has their own journey and they’re going to discover these things and you know the ways, the path that the universe takes them. For some folks, they may choose to go the plant medicine route, other folks may choose to do medicine in the form of sound healing, right? And activate their frequencies and their vibration in that matter. So I love that you kind of mentioned that and your journey is different. You know your journey’s different from some of the other folks that we’ve talked to, which I think is beautiful. 

We talked briefly about this before we even started, but I, I love this. So you mentioned on your website that your teachers, you know, and you use some, some of the more of the ascended master names, but I’m gonna use some of the names that folks might be more familiar with, were individuals like Jesus,  Mary Magdalene,  Saint Germain, Santa Kamara, right? You even mentioned a couple earlier Guanyin I think was one of them, these folks aren’t walking this earth, right? They’re not hanging out. You can’t sit down and have a cup of tea and ask them out to a cafe. So how have they been your teachers?  

Nusra: This is a good question and quite controversial.  Because, when we talk about us as masters, I see that some people are not open to the idea that these beings are dead, I’m sorry.  

Sunshine: They  don’t walk this earthly plane. 

Nusra: This is what I meant. So let’s not offend them, but we are all either we, we can see them as a soul, as a being, as a consciousness, as a neuron in an eternal brain.  It is kind of, there is, we, we are not, I’m not attached to it. So I can say that they were my teachers because I was like, what am I studying today? Okay, let’s do some work. And then I would just have this relationship and interaction with those beings  in those states.  

But some people will connect to this wisdom without having the definitions and names and recognizing the source, but they will again receive the wisdom about Jesus’ love.  Mm-hmm. By remark, divine emotions. Divine, sacred lao, sacred wisdom. So we, of course, see them as teachers because I  had the chance to meditate with them in my own perception, in this multidimensional awareness.  

And I walked into the temple state teach,  I received initiations from them. I received books from them. I received activations. I even received certificates.  But when I completed my teachings with them, and they would certify and tell me to move on. And it is kind of, I believe there is any connection  happening between you and the souls that is allowing you to be a student for them.  

So they can, they will teach you their wisdom in the way that is relevant to you, your purpose, your evolution, whatever we are meant to receive.  And it’s an interaction for me, a relationship and love. 

Mostly love and relationships. This is why I am perhaps part comfortable with perceiving them as beings, because I love having gratitude. I love recognizing them how, what they know, how they can help me. So they have this personas,  and I see them as quite living beings, but just in different forms.  And they are working in higher realms. They have missions. They’re helping us, they are guiding us.  ThereforeI, I see that, you know, it’s good to say that they have been my teachers.  Yeah. I, I am 

Sunshine: I’m gonna digress on this topic a little bit because you referred to this as controversial, and I would agree, right? I would agree with that, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna try to break this down a little bit, and then Devin, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Sure. You, you know, cuz I believe I have the same type of connection, right? I have, you know, I connect to, you know, divine source and like a much of what I learn is, is downloaded or channeled,  you know, even if it’s a matter of them telling me to go pick up a book on my bookshelf and what page to flip to, cuz that’s the easiest way for them to share the message, right?  

Like that, that’s the case. , and so we’re  this, these are, this is how our teachers, we are connected directly to the source. And people will think of this as controversial, but yet  at some point,  someone somewhere, if we’re talking a formal school or anything of that nature, or a priest or a monk or somebody that’s sharing, at some point they’ve written a book or created a course.  


And then we look at them as being more, I don’t know, valuable teachers because we’re going through them. But where did they get that?  Where did their inspiration to create this course mix this material? Likegosh, I can’t, I can’t remember the  individual’s name. So you’ve got the individual that back in the eighties channeled han design. You’ve got the individual you know, us, sorry, reiki, you knowI forget what his first name is that back in the late18 hundreds channeled reiki.  


Where does this divine inspiration come from to create any of these instructional modalities or teachings if it’s not  from the source in some way, or an ascended masters or something. So why is it so controversial? Why do we think it’s so controversial? 

Nusra: I agree with you, and I think it can harm and cause fear.  

And , sometimes these claims might be good with good intentions, but sometimes I just see that it is like, don’t connect with as standard masters. It is dangerous. It’s gonna ruin your journey. You are going to be misguided as if it’s something else working there. Just, you know, it’s just you love healing’s.

Sunshine: Not a vibrational emotion Fear. Yes.  Devin, I’m curious, what’s your thought? Why do you think it’s so him contr controversial  for other folks to go teach and be instructors, and it’d be okay for them to be a mentor, but yet when, you know, Nuro over here myself, or I mean Devin, I know you, you channel and get wisdom from the divine. Why is that so controversial?  Why do you think that is, Devin?  

Devin: Well, I think we can approach that from many different  levels or, or  directions.  

I’ll approach it from the most  macrocosmic perspective. First,  it’s controversial because it needs to be controversial in order to give  the particular souls who are walking  that path  of enlightenment something to contrast their burning curiosity  and desire for oneness.  

 So that’s why it’s controversial on, on the, at the level of the evolution of a soul.  Jesus was controversial  when, when he was preaching his connection to God, and that we are all God, and that the kingdom of heaven is within  all of these figures. All of these ascended masters  were controversial figures  in the time that they walked the earth.  

So it’s almost like  if you’re experiencing,  if you’re walking this path and you are  experiencing this overflowing sense of love and connection as you are simultaneously being met with haters or  very controversial energy,  kind of a sign that you’re on the right track  because all of these ascended masters had to walk the same thing.  


So the controversy helps us to build the inner strength that is required in order to attain this level of self-mastery. Because we need to, part of what, what we need to do to get to that point is to realize  that it is, and I love that you’ve said this Nutra that it, it is really just all  me.  

I say me as anyone would say me. It’s just me.  I am, I am.  That’s it. All of the controversy I see outside of me, all of the pushback I see from my perspectives being met by people who disagree or say from a fear-based perspective, oh, you might be connecting with demons not ascended masters.  

And you know, I would say lovingly, well, I’ve learned a lot from the demons I’ve talked to too.  Butso yeah, I think that’s why it’s controversial, because it needs to be, in order for us to, to evolve and become enlightened,  and  we are all on our own path. Everyone,  even  the people who choose to  exclusively subscribe to a specific religion  or an atheism or  anything,  people who aren’t open at all to this kind of subject matter that we talk about in this podcast, everyone is nonetheless  on their own spiritual journey home.  

We’re all just at a different point in the journey and it looks different for everyone.  

Sunshine: I love it. I do so much. And that you shared that it’s almost part of the journey to kind of have this controversial or heretical nature to it, right? Like,  you know, we’re meant to challenge part of our own evolutionary, you know, spiritual journey is to challenge what is  told to us as dogma, what is told that we’re supposed to just accept.  


You’re just supposed to accept things and not question them, you know? So  your spiritual journey involves some of that. , you know, you, we’ve we’re talking about these ascended masters here Nusra and you know, that you’ve  been receiving these, you know, messages and this insight and this, you know, that they’re your mentor and these beautiful teachers of yours and which I love.  How did they play a role  in this wonderful school that you have founded?  

Because you don’t, you, you know, we’ve kind of, well, and we’ll have in the, in the show notes all this great information about you. You’ve written a book about the multi, you know, dimensional consciousness, and you’ve also established a school. How did these ascended masters play a role in founding that school?

Nusra: This is I think this will also help me explain my relationship with them in a different perspective. like, yes, they were a part playing this teacher and guide as part as teachers and guides, but the emphasis was not becoming a follower of their path.  So it was  finding the master within myself and sharing the message with everyone  to just, you know, step into your powers, find your purpose, and find your mastery. Find your gifts. It  is not like  follow us, but become like us. Become one of us. Find your own gift, your own wisdom, your own truth. I think when I connected with masters, perhaps it was I, I understood or I had to learn that at one point to kind of accept this  and  have more self-love and learn and connect to my, with my inner power more and more. 

So this was the big contribution from them to say, you know, to, to give to me perhaps some people are making that mistake, that they are seeing this like, you know, he’s the savior.  That being is going to bring us enlightenment. This being is going to even extra terrestrials, you know, you know, we, we should stop looking for these divine interventions. It is time for us to explore that we are the school.  So creating a school of multidimensional consciousnesses in a way, a vision  that came a lot with Kanin  and Mary Magdalene  and Jesus was quite a big part of that, those teaching teachings. 

And in Germany as well, some of them guided me to kind of be able to go through my own evolution. Some of them were guiding me in the creating and bringing together the teachings of the multidimensional master training program we are implementing.  The school was in a way, a prototype for me, for my own mission to hold space for  earth  to move to its multidimensional state. So Mother Earth was moving in a direction and this was cosmic. Collectively we were a part of it.  So this consciousness next shift has been shown to me  as the, the part I was supposed to work hold space for was not five , but something like 70. We could just do it, it was shown to me as the original divine blueprint of Mother Earth. Ah, and so this was going to connect. 

So I had a lot of, I did a lot of grid work as a consciousness grid worker  at the same time, created this content, the school, so everyone can create their own multidimensional school within themselves. Multidimensional consciousness is teaching the students to awaken their multidimensional self, find their own teachers, their own guides, helpers, mission, purpose, and become the school they are meant to be. Become the temple, become the Buddha, become the Christ Sophia, become the, become the just, you know, hand they’re supposed to be by using those principles and dynamics. 

The message was this, it is a philosophy.  It is going to contribute to the paradigm. It is going to help people awaken and align with their own potential multi multidimensional beings. And it’s going to hold space for the coming of the multidimensional earth. So it was not just to see school as an online education platform, but as an echo, as philosophy. So we were it was every teacher would kind of bring their own contribution, their own explanation about what, how it should be, what we should create, what we should bring. We did a lot of collective work with our students and practitioners.  

And yeah, it’s, it was just sacred ceremonies. , we brought the teachings anchored them as people embrace those  new energies, new consciousness codes, it blends with hannity. We anchor it to Mother Earth in various ways.  So this is how they contributed. I think mostly it is just, you know, showing me that, you know, it is within me, again, self-love, inner power and commitment to the purpose of becoming who I am, who I can be, and what I can bring out to the world. 

Sunshine: I  think that’s very beautiful. And you, you made a statement there that I loved and I I I wrote down finding the master within yourself.I think that’s a really, really big thing. And, you know, not delicious. Yeah. I mean, not very looking outside, not, you know, like that you’re referencing like, because I  think in this 3D space, right? So many of us  are looking external, right? Because we’re trying to get to that fourth dimension, but we’re not realizing that the fourth dimension is actually just  us in that dimension. Yes. Right. That we exist in that dimension, that we are that divine. And so, yeah, I mean, oh man, that I’ve never, I’ve never worked with my guides in the, like, having them show me the other multi dimensions outside of, like I said, that fifth. And so they’re, they’ve got me this poke. They’re like, get ready, get ready to go explore. 

Nusra: Also, maybeI think the way Iexplored my multidimensional potential, again, it’s, it might be different for others, but it was kind of it, it was a walk in my own inner cosmos.  

Yeah.  In my own departments of my own understanding, departments of my heart. So it could be serious and or other galactic  you, you, you don’t know what your inner cosmos and external cosmos are related at the time. You are evolving.  But you see that it is related to something in existence as you completed within yourself.  And there is an exchange with every being. We are both, you know, it is the universe, the reality is directed from within. 

Sunshine: It’s very interesting because, for some odd reason, once again, I’m being shown, this is the second time in our conversation that I’m being shown the dream that I woke from this morning. I don’t always remember my dreams. , and which I, that’s kind of intentional, but I woke from a dream this morning that was like a very weird place. And it, like,  it was, it was some way I’d never been around people, I’d never been around. And now my guides are coming through and saying like, yeah, you were somewhere else. And I’m like, oh, okay. Thank you. Right? Like, got it. , so there’s some dimension. 

There’s definitely something here that I’m meant to explore. So this is gonna be really fascinating. Nusra, you have, you know, you’ve got this school and if you go onto your website and you read about it you do mention this cause we’ve talked about like the multidimensional earth, but you’ve re mentioned you’ve used the word new earth,  right? Can you help us understand what you mean by new earth? And really, like why should people be even curious or exploring this new earth concept?

Nusra: This  new earth concept is, I think, for those who are following old traditions and are quite close to the idea that, you know, there is this light work of community and we are bringing a change. Because I sometimes receive negative feedback.  Like, you can’t control, are you trying to change the words, save yourself, you know, who are you to create an earth for us?  

 Everything is perfect as it is. So it is, I understand what, where they’re coming from, interestingly, you know, because in that state everything is perfect and light and love just, you know, divine mechanisms are working anyway.  

But I am here and  I have visions, I have self-expression and I have evolution, and I feel, I  feel the pain of others. I have compassion, and I see how systems can evolve. So I am a part of this divine perfection. Mm-hmm. And I have something to say, and this is my self-expression. I’m not trying to save anyone,  but I wonder what happens when I bring what I know to this world and shine that light.  So it is again, creating any earth is not something that is external. Again, that is a desire coming from within to be who we are. We know that earth is happening as we happen,  as we evolve, as we create, as we build, create this alchemy and transformation.  


There are different perspectives about how earth was in that divine will blueprint state. And then because, due to some external impacts, we have been descended, downgraded to3D dimensional beings. , Atlantis story of the Atlantis and story of some alien hybrid traces that is, you know, all have their place and their truth.  and when we start healing, we notice that, okay, I’m activating DNAs, but  there are things that are broken that need repair. It is not just healing, but it is also transformation alchemy we are creating to  return to our divine blueprint  on that journey. It is never personal because at one point, you working on the individual yourself  is good, but you are shining that light. Is this becoming a part of what is out there? , it is becoming a part of your workplace.

You are  channeling it through your art.  You are channeling it through your speech. You are just through friendship. Just be with your family members. You’re shining that light. So I am here, dev Divine sent me here for a reason, and I’m part of it, and I feel like I wanna create a new earth. I think I’m seeing it, you know, I’m seeing the vision and I have been feeling, I have been connecting with Mother Earth as a soul, as a being as well. And I talk to her  and I know when she feels this or that. So is it like we, some people resonate with being an earth empath. We, there are people sensing the earthquakes and things, you know, pain, abuse happening around the planet. So we exist, apparently there is work to do, to do in inner work externally helping others being kind and compassionate. , the ideathe, the guidance for me from my higher self was as hannity was from 3D to multidimensional self, which perhaps  60, 70 states beyond five D. 

It is like a kind of consciousness grid activating around us. Our chakras are opening up and we are receiving new energetic functionality into our magnetic grid.  As you complete this evolution and walk towards your  multidimensional self,  the reality will change with you. Either, we can think about it as different words  or different realities, like, because it is like a holographic universe. If we come from that mindset, I see more and more that when I go to a country where there are more light workers in town, where spirituality is widely practiced, the field is different, the energy is different,  and your communication, yourmood is different. When you go to a country where there is more suffering and abuse and exploitation oppression, you feel that it is tense, denser, frequency and vibration. Mm-hmm. So beings as we heal and activate us, the reality will change because it is our shadow  that is yeah. Part of my understanding of new Earth.  

Sunshine: That’s interesting. They just,  I gotta chit chatter in my ear. This is why we have some work that I’m trying to do in New York City. I’m not based in New York City. , but like, they just came through and said, they’re like, why do you think you are being called to like, produce more thing? And I was like, oh, okay. Thank you. , raise that. I got it. Raise that vibration. , I, I wanna share and my perspective of kind of how you’re explaining this new earth as you were talking of what was appearing, and then Devin, I’d love to hear your perspective of new Earth.  

I kind of see this nusra as  when we  all kind of go down this path of enlightenment or activation, right? And we make this realization that it’s not outside of us, it’s within us,  right? , we, we really come to the point of the, you know, the you know, kind of the a as within is without, so we start to actually see and feel this self-love and this beauty and we start to like transform our inner self, right?  

To live in this multi-dimension or this higher vibrational kind of being. And what ends up happening is, as our internal hassel you know, alchemically changed our view of the external changes as well. And that is where this new earth, so we may, all, every single hand being may be walking this planet and the person standing next to you is still in old earth because they’ve never enlightened themselves. But you could be sitting and walking in the same place, down the same road, the same subway, and experiencing this new earth  because you have reached a state of enlightenment and activation  into this multidimensional understanding, right? So that to me is kind of where this new earth comes about, is this change within, reflects this new earth externally.

Nusra: And I hear from many workers that when they go out, they create this protection around them because their energy keeps aligning with others.  Mm-hmm. I feel that when I go to places, I just feel sometimes depleted because my energy, I’m not conscious of my energy. I  am shopping somewhere kind of, you know, construction is crowded, people are still construction around me. I can just feel depleted very easily because I’m kind of vibrating, perhaps just sharing with others, receiving from others. Yeah. So it’s good to, of course, protect, it’s not always, that doesn’t mean that you should always keep doing and changing others or trying to help.  It isa balance of both. 

There are times that we do this as a collective being that shine our lights to bring the light  and do transmit, transmit the collective traa that are linked to also our role, I believe. As we go through our own personal blockages, sometimes I, you know, as bringing these teachings out has been such a big transformation and transportation. I had to go through so many collective traas and clear so I can just implement one course on high purpose. That’s kind of you know, my personal journey and collective journey intersect at times  it becomes a part of my role to transmit certain things. So I am opening that field to work for the collective, but at the same time become my own sovereign. Being in my own power, finding that balancesI think requires a bit of experience.  Mm-hmm. And research and understanding into the nature of energy.

Sunshine: I would agree. And so that  new earth perspective shifts and changes as we learn how to kind of work through that.Devin, I’m curious mm-hmm. What your perspective is with this, you know, the new Earth. Like what is, when you hear that term, what, what, what shapes in your mind?  

Devin: There are a few  points that I feel are most important  for our listeners and anyone curious about this to consider.  And  they’ve all been touched upon  at least a little bit already.  

So  first let’s  remember that we’ll take the hand body, for example,in order for the hand body to  maintain  a state of homeostasis  and  even to maintain a state of optimal wellbeing.  

 It fights,  there is a constant fight happening within the body,  defending it from pathogenic invaders eliminating old cells. All of this,  we only feel that when we get really sick  or something happens to the body and it’s super obvious. 

But that’s happening basically all the time.  And that’s happening so that  I can experience  having a healthy body.  I think the same thing would be applied to Earth.  My perspective is that earth doesn’t need to be saved.  Earth is powerful beyond my present understanding of what it means to be a  powerful being  and what we are experiencing in 3D is just one of the many dimensional layers of what Earth is. From my perspective, seven D Earth already exists because everything exists right now, now is, now, is now, is now is the only thing that actually exists. And so  in the same way that Nusra, as you said,  an individual goes through suffering, in order to  awaken and gain perspective about what it means to actually  walk a path of enlightening  oneself, I think Earth  is also experiencing suffering intentionally  so that Earth can learn what it means to be  mother  to an evolving race of beings.  


And this is also connected to the idea that  I can’t really, nor is it my responsibility to save anyone who is seemingly outside of myself.  My only responsibility is to, you know, save myself.  

 And that means taking my own enlightenment  as my responsibility and filling my own cup first so that when my cup runneth over  naturally, anyone who’s around me benefits from that without me trying to fix them or save them or control anything outside of myself.  And  it’s often very important for me to remember, n  we are perhaps a minority of beings who are intentionally walking this path of self-mastery. And that’s in a way how it should be. That’s how it’s supposed to be. We’re not all gonna be ascended masters  in, in the same  path of evolution. I think ultimately we all do get to that point, but there is some free will involved there too. But I look around and I believe that the majority of people are not going to be intentionally walking this path  at this point.

 And that’s fine, because it only takes a few of us to get to that point where our own cups are running over with self  nourishment, empowering love and divine connection, and  seeing people at the soul level. And we  are the ones who have chosen to take on that work. And so we can do it joyfully and everyone else can just benefit. They don’t need to do anything. They’ll just,  we will find them in the new Earth that we are creating by doing our own inner work.  And some people might  choose to not be on the new Earth. I don’t think it’s a different earth. It’s the same Earth. It’s just that  the 3D  needs to exist so that the seven D  can exist. You know,  it’s, it’s maybe one of the most  challenging things to integrate into, into my worldview. But suffering is necessary. hardship  is necessary in order to  give birth  to this new earth. And  it might be why we’re here. This 3D might be the place we go when we need to experience suffering so that we can evolve and enlighten ourselves.

Sunshine: Yeah ,I often believe that without understanding sorrow, you can’t, you can never truly understand joy. Right. You know, you have to, you have to be able to, and that, you know, universal law, you know, the law of opposites. Nusra,I’m curious, you know, we’ve been talking about some, some deep conversations. , you’ve got a perspective on this topic that I think is unbelievably beautiful. , if you had to give, you know, so our listeners may be folks that are very far on their spiritual path or that have just stumbled across, because the universe is trying to tell them that It’s time for them to start, you know, taking steps to find their master within themselves. If you had to give our listeners like one tip or one thing that would help them understand how to activate and start their spiritual evolution, what would, what’s, what’s that piece of advice that you would tell them? 

Nusra: Part connection is the key part , I teach it as a date of consciousness. Sometimes we think I see many researchers and educational materials working on consciousness as examining the brain waves, like activating the mind, just focusing on the crown chakra brain, third eye. But higher consciousness is relevant to the heart.  When I say heart, it is also mind.  Mind is not only our brain. And even when I teach communication, some people say, how can I learn communication or activate my third eye, communicate with my guys. I select communication as a holistic way to just be whole and with your vibration as a whole, with aura. So awareness is this whole perception. We are registering through our multiple senses, maybe now five senses.  

And there are senses and senses in our soul as we activate our light bodies. , and the heart is where the gate is. It is like a portal. So whatever is if we want to explore higher consciousness,  it is going to be through the gates of our own gate of consciousness. exploring different planets is not multi dimensionality. 

It is, I say it’s a sight seeing in the as projection.  When we share our concept, we teach it as an awareness, a journey within our own reality, within our own story. So connect with heart  and feel the love  with your higher self. It is a love story. And we don’t say enlightenment. It’s a love story. It’s a journey to wholeness and mastery.  So connecting with your heart and setting the intention to build that connection with your higher self can create such a huge transformation. And Of course, with one intention setting, we may achieve this or not. 

It is a process, a journey. So it transforms as you clear. Understand when you are ready in the way that is best for you, whatever your soul, your higher self  is ready to guide you. So it’s all in your own divine consciousness how you are going to be guided  on that journey. What we can do is just find that connection point  and feel the love and light, and set the intention to inhale and exhale and honor it. , keep connecting with it and allow the universe to bring us the messages to move on, to take the right, do the research, do the reading, do the healing, or take some education to continue on that journey if it feels right.  

Sunshine: I  love that so much. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna rephrase that in a very simplistic way.

Nusra: I need that, please.  It’s kinda, sometimes I just start explaining, but it feels full. And  without saying that it doesn’t make sense, I just talk in paragraphs. But I’m glad that you are.

Sunshine:  if you are looking to start this journey, it starts.  

And, and what NRA is saying, it starts with loving yourself enough to give yourself space to go on the journey. So,  so true. Yes. Cause if you do not love your own self, like activate that heart chakra and that love to say, I’m gonna give myself my being, whatever it needs to spiritually evolve, it won’t happen. 

Right? So you have to love yourself enough to give yourself that space and then  it, bam, it’ll explode , if that’s what the, the place that you’re gonna start. SoI, Nusra, you have been amazing today. This has been spectacular. I love the work that you’re doing. Before we wrap, Devin, is there anything else that you would like to share with our audience before I let Nusra kind of give some folks somewhere they can find her?  

 Anything else you wanna share on this topic? 

Devin: Well, I think I might have just one comment about that final  recommendation to love oneself enough  in order to give oneself the space to actually begin walking this path.  There’s this concept  that  love is a flaming sword. So  if we take the, the perspective that everything is love,  that love is what is,and we frame all of the very complex and varied experiences that we can have here as love, meaning that  it is oneness and it is the, the divine impulse to move from separation into unity,  then love can feel very yummy and soft and warm. 

And it can also  feel hard and fiery and,  you know, really,  really kick your ass sometimes Truth So nice. Straight to the truth, right? Yeah. So I think  expanding our,  maybe I could say expectations or expanding our perspective  around what love really is and how we might be able to show our own selves that love, which sometimes means taking action steps that others might not like In our own life,  in order to give ourselves the space we need to walk that path. 

Sunshine: There were no shirts. There’s not, just because I say, you know, having enough love you know, to be able to take those steps does not mean it’s gonna be easy. Does not mean you’re not gonna have to travel a hard road that you’re, you know,  Nusra face traa, you know, work through the healing, right? But you have to be willing to give yourself a bad opportunity and to, you know, to love yourself enough to provide it.  

So I love that you shared that, that Devin, if it’s not, that does not mean that it’s all easy. We, you know, us light workers in the world, you know, talk of love and light, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t familiar with darkness.  Mm-hmm. Nusra, do you wanna do us and all of our listeners a huge favor and let folks know how they can find you? How can they connect with you? , how can they follow this lovely work that you’re doing?  

Nusra: Thank you very much for giving this opportunity to our school isI will definitely share the links with you as well. , we operate as an online school, ww circle of multidimensional consciousness.com. So it sounded to me justfair to create it as an entity, as a system,  you know, without, I didn’t want to show up as the one who knows it all. I don’t, I’m on a journey.  Let’s create all, you know, create that circle of multidimensional consciousness for all of us, activate ourselves as multidimensional ones. 

So we have courses, workshops, free resources on our website if they go on signal of market, emotion consciousness.com. And also, I have a book on Amazon. I keep the price really low. , it is the book that I have channeled and  kind of created with tuning into this work I did with Masters around new Earth.  like a manual as a vision that has so far kind of come to, I  think fullness, perhaps for me in my own earth reality. , as you know, I can see how the consciousness of spirits connects. 

 I can see how Mother Earth really brings her pieces together and opens up that space  and welcomes those who are ready to align with her multi-layered reality. Like now I can see that as a project forming in my consciousness. Gridworkin the book is called Multidimensional Consciousness and the New Earth, it is an ebook on Amazon. They can download that as well.  And I have a Facebook page and Facebook group, multidimensional Collective, they can join us. We always kind of share inspiring posts, insights just to keep the folks  going and empower each other to stay focused on our path.  

Sunshine: Awesome, Nusra, I wanna thank you for joining us today. It’s been absolutely wonderful getting to know you, getting to know a bit more of your journey and what you’re here to offer. Mm-hmm. The hands that are still hanging out in 3dso that they can, you know, step out of3D and, and, and, and learn a little bit more, so thank you for joining us. 

And  I certainly hope that, you know, we can remain connected. , we will wrap for today. And so, yeah.you know we end in the same way each time. So thank you again for everyone that’s listening. I wanna encourage everyone you know, and, and check out the other episodes, but I wanna encourage everyone again to remember, you know, find your path, follow your path  into your own deepest spirituality. And with that, you know, thank you everyone from me to all of you. Devin, you wanna go ahead and sign out?

Devin: Thank you  again from Sunshine, the pink haired second medi, and Devin, the mindful man wishing you brave travels.

Sunshine: All right, well that was great and spectacular and lovely and very wonderful.  

Nusra: I wanted To thank you, but I couldn’t, I think I couldn’t see it in between. So you have been great host, and so much wisdom you have brought, and it was such a nice conversation at the same time  with your light and insights. Thank you very much. 

Sunshine: Oh, You’re very welcome. And I definitely hope to stay in touch and connected. As I said, we are releasing the epi, the, this whole season on Halloween. , and so we’ll have some work probably in September. We’ll reach out to you and let you know and make sure that you guys are aware. , and we’ll provide some help so that you can also promote and you know, share it with your audience as well.

Devin: Thank you, Nusra. Great conversation. Talk again soon. 

Nusra: Don’t wanna keep you longer. And I really appreciate your time. Thank you very much.  And you worked smoothly. Thank you. Bye..


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