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My September Tarot Challenge Reflections

Reflecting My Reflective Surfaces

This month, I found myself enveloped in a tapestry of introspective energy. My mind became a theater, staging past experiences – recent and remote – as plays for analysis, remembrance, and learning. Life seemed like a series of waking dreams, each event a thread connected to the next, weaving an intricate pattern of synchronicities that kept my consciousness alert and attuned. Yet, what took me by surprise were the dreams of the night, always an invaluable mirror to my subconscious, reflecting aspects of life that don’t fully captivate my attention during wakeful hours. The intriguing factor was not the dreams themselves, but their unique texture. These nocturnal narratives, rich with situations, locations, characters, experiences, emotions, and sensations, began to resonate with the energetic patterns of tarot, not merely through the appearance of cards, but more abstractly and profoundly. The daily tarot posting challenge on Instagram, “Both Sides of the Tarot”, hosted by @owlandbonestarot, seemed to harmonize uncannily with this dream-infused period. The following passages will share with you my journey through this enigmatic interplay of tarot and dreams. So, I invite you to come along with me on this mystical and introspective journey. Let us delve into the depths of our inner selves, guided by the wisdom of tarot and the symbolism of dreams. Are you ready? Because I am…Let’s begin…


As I delved further into my waking dreams and nighttime visions, I began to see how interconnected they were with the energy of tarot. It was as if each dream was a card in the deck, and with each shuffle, I uncovered new insights and revelations about my own psyche. Through this process, I realize more and more the power of the tarot. That it isn’t just a tool for divination or fortune-telling, but also keeps revealing itself as a powerful medium for introspection and self-discovery. Its archetypal imagery and symbolism speak to our subconscious in a language that is both mysterious and familiar, tapping into our innermost thoughts and desires. And when combined with the enigmatic world of dreams, tarot becomes even more potent, unlocking hidden truths and guiding us on our journey towards self-awareness.


As I continued to explore this mystical realm of tarot and dreams, I found myself in a state of constant contemplation, drawing parallels between the cards and my own experiences. The vivid imagery, metaphors, alliteration, and repetition that make up the brand voice of this content became my guideposts as I traversed through the landscapes of my mind. And with each new discovery, I found myself becoming more attuned to the spiritual energy that permeates our universe, connecting us all in a web of cosmic vibrations. For me, tarot and dreams have become powerful tools for tapping into this energy and gaining a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.



Tarot Be Magically Me


See I live a life where magic and meaning constantly coincide. I love to dive deep and dwell in these realms where the mystical intertwines with the mundane. Each year unfolds like a tarot deck spread before me, a mystical tableau that I navigate using the ancient art of divination. The tarot is my compass, its intricate symbolism and profound wisdom guiding me through the cycles and seasons of my life. Every year for the past few years I’ve developed a divination routine for myself, and I am in constant communication with these cycles and season, using many different forms of divination, with tarot being one of the tools I use most often. There are just layers and layers of the tarot that I envelop myself with throughout the year.


I use my Thoth Tarot deck daily, pulling anywhere between 1-3 cards to show me the energies swirling around me for the day and to ask any burning question I wish to ask while still keeping within the parameters of the energy for that day. I use a tarot and numerology app to receive a monthly overarching energy tarot card and daily tarot cards that also interact with my daily Thoth card pulls. The app operates on the Rider Waite system, a separate but equally enriching tarot philosophy. This dual approach invites different viewpoints and insights into my life, creating a rich tapestry of understanding.


As the year turns, I engage in other tarot rituals. I draw from the deck a card for each month, its meaning harmonizing with a corresponding Crystal Mandala Oracle card. This ritual illuminates the path ahead, serving as a spiritual beacon for the upcoming month. I also seek guidance on how to radiate my inner light more brightly, using the tarot to reveal pathways towards self-expression and overcoming isolation.


I document some of these journeys on my YouTube channel, sharing my monthly forecasts which blend oracle cards and tarot readings. Besides showing what energies to embrace or release each month, these videos serve as a testament to my continuous spiritual journey.


You see, when it comes to tarot, I don’t hold back. This sacred divination system is more than a tool—it’s a trusted friend, a confidante, a guide. The labyrinth of spreads I explore isn’t confined to the ones listed above alone.


You grasp the depth of my commitment now, don’t you?


I am immersed in the art of tarot, spellbound by its wisdom. The bond I share with this captivating form of divination is profound and personal. Each movement, each moment, has a purpose, a reason. We are beings of multiple dimensions, existing in a brilliant spectrum of ways; thus, I avoid constraining the energies I engage with, whether on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. For me, the mystical and the mundane are interwoven, linked in a never-ending dance of magic, and meaning.


So I will continue to embrace this symbiotic relationship with tarot, weaving its enchantment into my daily life and journey towards self-discovery. Because for me, there is no separation between the ordinary and the mystical; they coexist in harmony, revealing the infinite wonders of this existence. And as I continue to dive deeper into the mysteries of tarot, I invite you to join me on this journey of self-reflection and introspection, where magic and meaning are intertwined in a beautiful and ever-evolving tapestry. So let us embark together, with open minds and hearts, into this realm of mystical exploration.


Both Sides Of The Tarot Monthly Challenge


So in September I took up a unique challenge – a Tarot Monthly Challenge that intertwined with another endeavor of mine – to amplify my presence by crafting one hundred social media posts in thirty days. As I delved into the depths of my mind for themes, tarot naturally surfaced. It was a topic I was intimate with, a topic I was confident to discuss. And so, I committed to the challenge, viewing it as an opportunity to generate thirty meaningful posts without additional effort.


This wasn’t my first tryst with a tarot challenge. The previous one dates back to August 2020. Yet, with the commencement of this new challenge, as early as the first day, the tarot didn’t hesitate to confront me with my truths. This introspection, this unfiltered self-examination, was both daunting and enlightening. It was a chance to be brutally honest with myself, to dissect my biases while answering posed questions.


The challenge was not without its rewards. It was akin to holding up a mirror to my soul, reflecting back my turmoil, my struggles. The tarot cards, as the days rolled by, intertwined with one another, mirroring the complexities of my life, my relationships, and my internal conflicts. They questioned my choices, my attachments, my resistance, and my deficiencies.


The beauty of this challenge lay in its dual nature. It offered two contrasting perspectives, allowing me to examine both sides of the coin. It was this duality that helped me discern hard truths I’d otherwise avoid.


In contrast to my regular monthly and yearly tarot card pulls, this challenge instigated a heightened awareness. While the regular pulls served as a monthly reflection, the challenge coerced me into uncomfortable territories, compelling me to confront challenging and discomforting queries.



As a final reflection though, I wish to discuss the Six of Wands, my card of the month for September. This card, symbolic of success, progress, recognition, and personal achievements, is held by the astrological placement of Jupiter in Leo. This was not a mere coincidence. There was a palpable pressure to fulfill my commitment, to craft a post each day, even on days when my spirits sagged. My journey through the month, the struggles, the introspection, and the eventual triumph, all point towards the energy of the Six of Wands – an expansion and a humbling contraction.


The Six of Wands, a card of success and recognition, served as both a beacon and an anchor in my September challenge. On one hand, it illuminated my path, encouraging me with its promise of progress and achievement. It emboldened me, fueling my determination to persist, even on the days when motivation dwindled, and doubt gnawed at my resolve. It was a constant reminder of the potential for victory, of the applause that awaited at the finish line, and of the personal growth that stemmed from my efforts.

However, the Six of Wands also bore the shadow of its brilliance. The card’s association with ego and pride brought forth an underlying pressure, a self-imposed demand for consistency and perfection. The expectation to shine every day, to produce compelling content without fail, was an exhausting pursuit. It forced me to grapple with the fear of inadequacy, the terror of public failure, and the internal critic that amplified every minor flaw. The card, while representative of public recognition, also symbolized my personal, private achievements, which often went unnoticed in the glare of external validation.


The interplay between these positive and negative attributes of the Six of Wands mirrored the dynamic nature of my challenge. It was a journey defined as much by its triumphs as by its trials, a dance between expansion and contraction, a chance to bask in the spotlight while also wrestling with the shadows it cast. Through it all, the tarot served as my compass, leading me through the labyrinth of self-discovery, urging me forward on the days of doubt, and grounding me when triumph threatened to tip into arrogance. The Six of Wands, with its dual message of victory and humility, became both the goal and the guide on my path, a testament to the transformative power of introspection.


In closing, Jupiter’s influence on the Six of Wands was a vital and almost nearly forgotten element of my tarot challenge journey and experience for the month of September. And the challenge itself served as a catalyst, propelling me beyond my boundaries and into a realm of heightened awareness and growth. Its role in expanding my understanding, vision, and potential was irreplaceable, and I am indebted to its celestial guidance as I continue my voyage of self-discovery through the mystical world of Tarot.


P.S. With Love


Everything that I talk about and speak about is for you to take with you and consider. If it offers you a different outlook on life, or further solidifies a belief that differs from my own, I will always consider that a win. I like to think about outcomes, probabilities, possibilities, and when I share I am offering you a way to see the world from my own lens. What you take or don’t take from my shares are your gifts to be had. Consider life, remember to choose, and decide to dream.


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