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Now is the Season of Planning

Last month I spoke to you about getting rid of resolutions and instead, focusing on what it is that you desire. The feedback that I received after the Desire-lutions Circle was pretty amazing. Folks uncovered things that they didn’t really recognize was a desire AND they started to see why a desire is better than a resolution. This month, we’re going to continue to explore this more.  

Because if you created a resolution, then you’ve probably already decided ‘how’ you are going to achieve it. And that’s cool my friend. If you chose to focus on a desire (or choose to at some other time this month or year), then you would have been more focused on feeling that desire than choosing how to do it, which is a good thing. 

This is the season for us to plan, not to take action. As we walk out of the darkness of the last quarter, the light of day begins to shed awareness on all the possible paths that we can take to “grow” what it is we desire. Do not rush down any one path as the Universe has given you this slow ascent into the light to take your time to plan. 

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And I know this is a lot easier said than done. As a recovering alcoholic, I often want my results NOW. I want to see change IMMEDIATELY. I can even get anxious if you tell me to “hold my horses and just wait” because as an addict, chaos often feels more comfortable to me. 

So I am here with you practicing that slow, intentional planning of how to get what it is that I desire and for me this year – that is peace. How about you, what is it that you truly desire this year? Drop a comment down below so we can share in its deliciousness.