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Deepest Spirituality Podcast Season 1 Episode 3: Our Spiritual Connection

Listen up, my fellow seekers of truth! If you’ve stumbled upon this electrifying podcast for the first time, heed my words and heed them well. Dive deep into the archives, my friends, and explore the gems that lie within. Start from the beginning, like a rebel on a mission, and devour episodes one and two. Let the flames of curiosity guide your way!

My comrades, we embark on a daring quest – a quest to uncover the power of fun. Yes, you heard me right. Brace yourselves, for we are about to traverse uncharted territories. As we left off in our previous episode, we affirmed the undeniable truth that every spiritual journey is unique. We are all warriors blazing our own path toward enlightenment. But let me share a little secret with you, my dear friends.

Both Devin and I, in an act of unapologetic rebellion, made a life-altering choice over a year ago. We dared to join the illustrious Sleepover Mystery School, curated by the enigmatic Dr. Carolyn Elliot. Oh, what a journey it has been! This choice, my friends, brought us together, intertwining our destinies in ways we never could have imagined. It was this audacious decision that led us to this very moment, where we stand united on this revolutionary platform.

Now, my curiosity is piqued, and I turn to my dear comrade, Devin the mindful mage. Why did he choose to embark on this mystical adventure known as Sleepover Mystery School? Listen to this episode as Devin shares the story of how he unravels the tapestry of his journey. And fear not, for we shall reciprocate in kind and reveal the hidden threads of our own tales.

Sunshine: All right, everyone. Welcome back. We are on episode three of the deepest spirituality broadcast and you are joined here again, I feel like we’ve been recording these back to back. So like, once again, you’re here with co host sunshine. It’s like deja vu. Sunshine, the pink haired psychic medium. 


Devin: And Devin the mindful mage. 


Sunshine: Yes. And as a reminder for anyone that has stumbled across this, and this is your first time hearing, please go check for more episodes, there are two more that I would highly encourage you to listen to even before this. So maybe press up and go find episodes one and two. You know, if not, maybe this is you’re just stumbling across this, just go explore look at the other ones. These are great topics, great conversations. And we’re really excited. Today we are talking about and I’m kind of curious to see how this goes. I really am. 


We are talking about how to have fun and I met right so we left off last episode, confirming that everyone’s spiritual journey is different. Everyone’s spiritual path is different. But both Devon and I made a very distinctive choice over a year ago to join a spiritual coat program called sleepover Mystery School hosted by Carolyn Elliot, are presented by I think is how she refers to it. And so we made that decision. And that, my dear friends, is what brought us together if we hadn’t made that decision. We never would have been here. So I’m curious. I don’t know that I’ve ever asked you this story, and I’ll share mine. But Devin, why did you decide to join sleepover Mystery School?


Devin: So, before we go any further, I’ll just speak about my intentions. I would like to honor the container of that mystery by speaking about my experiences of that event, if I talk about it at all, as a dream that I had, right? Oh, yeah. Reserve the magical essence and the emanations.


Sunshine: Are you saying that it is still a mystery. Is that what you’re getting it here?


Devin: It is. 


Sunshine: Oh, goodness. That is true. That is a very true statement. And anybody that has been to a mystery school will be able to attest. It is a mystery. It was a dream. I don’t know. Maybe we’re still in that dream. Maybe that’s what we’re getting at right here.


I remember the first time I forgot to sign out of the Book of the Dead. Oh, the first immersion. Oh, yep, just by name, but it didn’t sign up. 


Sunshine: They’re still there. 


Devin: I did. I did sign out on the next one, though. So I managed to reclaim that part of my soul, thankfully. So why did I? Why did I go? Well. My personal reason has a lot to do with my connection to Carolyn’s husband, David. Carolyn was hosting a virtual community called wealth.

And that was the first iteration of the online community, I think, or maybe it wasn’t, but that’s when I joined. And there were times when David would come on and offer his perspective on magic. And the mystery.


He would talk a lot about the runes and just give his flavor and take on it. And at some point at the end of close to the end of the year, of that, that subscription cycle, they put out this invitation to submit a video testimonial about David’s contribution, about the content that he shared with the community because at the time, he was intending to work on some community of zone, I think. Yep. And the offer was the video testimonial. I forget the wording, but basically the most entertaining video testimonial, I think that that is what they asked for.


Would win a one on one coaching session with David. And so I submitted a video testimonial and I won the one on one coaching with David and after we met that time, he discovered that I’m a hypnotherapist and I was like, Oh, wow, that’s cool. And we kind of really vibed with each other and was like you want to do some kind of exchange, we can just do a service trade, like, yeah, back and forth. We did that a few times. And then over the course of that, we realized that we were kind of working on a similar thing at that point in our lives. And we started a business partnership, that it was maybe like a half year of working together, it didn’t really go where we wanted it to. But we stay connected. And through that personal connection, and kind of forming this, like brotherhood bond with David, I became closer with David and Carolyn. And then it was like, well, ou’re doing this thing. I would love to be part of this thing. And so that was my gateway into sleepover Mystery School.


Sunshine: Interesting.We definitely have never had this conversation. So I was also in wealth. But interestingly enough, I never had time for any of the calls. So the only pieces of wealth that I consumed was the materials that she’d put out each month. And so still good, still great, you know, still learning, as I’m going through it, and, you know, watching her and reading your emails, and all that kind of stuff. And I had been at that particular point. So it would have been 2001. I had been on my like this, like, the other side of that, like, spiritual awakening that we’ve kind of talked about in the last episode for just over two years, and I felt like I had gone, I’d gone as deep as I could by myself. 


I had gone as deep in my spiritual path. And I just, I, you know, my guides were like, you, you need like, you need some other guy. I mean, in retrospect, now, I’m like, I know, there’s all sorts of reasons why that happened. But like, they’re like, you need some other guidance. And so I used again, this would have been summer of 2021. Right. And so I’m like, okay, so I start eyeballing and looking around. And originally, I’d signed up for, you know, still all part of wealth, and you know, all that good. And I’d even looked into because she had done one of her retreats during the summer. And I’d even contemplated doing that. But like, interestingly enough, the price of that was a quarter of what we paid for this final program


Devin: Was that the Babylon retreats?


Sunshine: And I decided not to, for whatever reason didn’t, like, I know, I was like, that’s a lot of money, right? But I didn’t decide on that one. But then, I keep looking, and we are familiar with him through the program, and maybe even in other ways, Louise Mihika, puts out his six week program. And so I decided to sign up for that. And so I started going down that path. And I’m finding that like, I’m good, but I’m still having a hard time. I’m reading all his materials, having a hard time meaning all the calls. And so he’s got a six week so we’re on week four, and that’s when the marketing materials start coming out from Carolyn around sleepover Mystery School. 


And at some point in that material, I don’t think it mentions it, but somehow or another on a call or something like Luis mentions that he’s going to be part of this program. And so in my head, I’m like, Oh, snap, right. One person, another person, I need to look into this. And the guides, you know, nodded and agreed. And so I submitted the application and had my call with Lucy to find out the cost and what oh, wow, right. Wasn’t expecting that but was expecting that, you know, in the same breath and basically, my guides are like, you figure it out, figure it out. And I said, Okay, if they accept me, I’ll figure it out. They did. And yeah, like that. That was it.


 So like, it was 100% not expected, not intended, but I was pushed, I would say shove shove, very hard ah, to jump in this world with all of you guys. So that’s how I decided to go so I’m curious. What did you know? Looking back right. We’re not even going to get into the mystery part of it yet. What did you think it was gonna be? Like before we even started before that first immersion, like what was running through your head?


Devin:  Think I was doing my best to not have any expectations of what I knew for sure is what it felt like somatically when I would think about going when I was playing with the option to go or not go. And this had a lot to do with my life situation at the time as well. Because it in a way felt like a portal into a new possible timeline. Felt like a gateway. And it’s like I might never get this opportunity again. And it seems like everything’s been leading up to this sort of feeling, and it almost felt foolish to not. Yeah. Maybe not foolish, because I don’t want to, I don’t want to paint the full archetype as a negative.


Sunshine: It would be foolish enough. Right.


Devin: Right, it  would almost feel like, like, copping out. Yeah, almost feel like, like, giving up on something to not go to not have gone through it. And I mean, it was a big deal to go. And I’m so glad I did. For sure. 


Sunshine: Oh, God. Yeah, it was a life changing experience for me. And like, all of the most beautiful ways. And not in the way that I would think most people would think a spiritual program would. And I do hope that we will touch on that, but not in that particular way. And then we don’t even have to get into any of the mysteries to talk about that piece. But so for immersions and I know you didn’t join us in that last immersion. I’m curious, right? Once again, spiritual programs, folks have paid for this, they have chosen to step into a situation that they have no clue what they’re getting themselves into. Because I’m not gonna lie, it was very vague, right? You don’t get to know it’s not detailed data temporary isn’t laid out hour by hour. You’re not guaranteed anything. You know, if you attend to Mystery School, you really aren’t.


Devin: In their marketing materials they even say explicitly, there is no worldly reason to join this program to have this experience. Yeah, there is no worldly reason to do this.


Sunshine: Yeah, so I was the same. I had really no expectations, besides being completely open. Just being open to whatever experience might be able to exist. I’m curious. Was there ever at any point after you decided first one jump to meet everybody? Any point that you wondered, What the hell did I just get myself into?


Devin: No, not at all. I felt very at home and felt very good after the first terrifying dream that I had. Which in a way wasn’t actually terrifying to me. Before I entered the container, it felt like a calling. Like it felt like it was speaking to some part of me that was resonating with me like I need to do this. It’ll unlock some ancient wisdom that I have already in my soul. 


And even during the experience of all the kinds of exercises and ritual and all this stuff it felt very familiar to me and yeah, and at the same time ultimately, I realized that the kind of the way that they are working with magic is actually not the way I work with magic. Which I think is invaluable to realize that. I do like you know, your own unique spiritual path.


Sunshine: Like, as you’re talking, this is coming to me right? Because I joked at one point like we need a nice closing line or something. So this is what came that I had to write down which was find your path, follow your path into your own deepest spirituality. Right, because like that’s, that’s you here’s the thing, like, Yes, you are not the only one that is shared that perspective out of like our community that came out of that cohort, where they’re like, this isn’t my jam. This wasn’t how I know, like how I practiced this wasn’t like, but every if you were to sit every single one of us down It absolutely enhanced or deepened or enriched our own spiritual journey. 

Regardless of the fact if it was different, which is, to me was like the most beautiful thing like, yeah, so for anybody that is listening to this, if you are ever like, oh, I can’t go to that retreat, because I’m not this are all I can’t like retina or that, like, take that fucking leap, man, right be the fool and jump. 


Because when you are called to do it, you’re getting that tech, all that tingle, whatever it is, for me that shove take the leap, because I will tell you, I am now you know, Blessed with over 20 individuals that I have welcomed into my life that I now consider family. Hi, Devin. You know, I am like, the spiritual journey. This one I said, I’ll touch on it is one thing, the spiritual components of it was one thing. But the fact that I now have met individuals that I know, you know, I know, I have been traveling lifetimes with that program brought us all back together in this lifetime. It’s very apparent to me. 


Devin: Yeah, that really lands with great truth within me. 


Sunshine: And it goes into like, we’re talking about us connecting. So you and I are the first American? I don’t think we talked that much. So second, immersion. I don’t think we talked either. Nope, don’t think we really talked, I mean, sure, in passing, no ill will or anything of that nature. But like, there are 27 people that you know, plus the staff. So I think there’s like a total of like 35 or 36 of us rockin ‘and rollin’ in these, like events every week, every weekend that we met. So some places that we have to travel to. Yeah, and so the likelihood that you’re really going to get deep one on one time, in 48 hours with every individual or to do.


Devin:  Did you go to any of the after parties?


Sunshine:  No. 


Devin: Right. So that’s what that gave an opportunity for. So the students some of them would schedule, you know, book an Airbnb for after the immersion. So we kind of like hang out and unpack the experience and do some deeper integration work. And I went to two of those. Sunshine wasn’t there. But if you were I think we probably would have. And at the same time, you not being there. And us not having the opportunity to go deeper in those containers. I think somehow-


Sunshine: Everything happens for a reason, right? Yeah. I know. Like, oh, God, not again, right. No, I mean, it’s a true statement. And it’s funny, because we’ve talked about the ego and the stories and things like that, and, no, I didn’t go, I went to the very last one. And even that was a hard decision for me to go and stay, because I’m not gonna lie, as I stepped into my deeper spiritual path, and in practicing more of this work as a psychic and a medium and as a healer, and a spiritual advisor, I’m very protective of my energy. And so that 48 hours was typically enough of an intense amount of energy that I was like, I can’t like, love you guys. But no, you know, there was a very intentional decision. 


And I agree, like, we probably would have, but I don’t know, I really have no clue. And I don’t I don’t need to worry. Like, what did it was, I knew what you did. I knew what you were capable of. And so you were one of the individuals that I invited to help facilitate. Right? Because I’m pretty positive I think we set up the facilitation first, or did I start talking to you about hypnosis? First, I’m going to remember this now. Not sure either. Either way at some point, around the middle of the program, you and I completely diverged a relationship from that program. 


How we continue to get to know each other, though we met there was completely in a different path, because even at the third one, I don’t want to say that it was intentional at all. We still didn’t like hanging out. Right? But we’re still continuing to talk and get to know each other otherwise. So Like always kind of fascinating to me, that our relationship and how we’ve gotten to know each other has been completely outside of that program, even though that’s exactly where we met. 


Devin: Yeah. For me it almost feels like a psychedelic experience. The immersions feel like a psychedelic experience. And even the particular magical techniques like the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, for example, feels like just a clarifying technique. Yeah. So you know, you go have a psychedelic experience, or you go have a mystery school initiation experience, and whether or not I feel aligned with the way they do magic there, or I feel unaligned with the way it has provided a clarifying experience. So it’s like the degree to which I know that that’s not how I do magic is the degree to which I know that my Magic is something else, which was really beneficial, because a lot of a lot of the practices that we were doing in wealth, were these very, like high magic, Western practices. Yeah. Which I think does work. That the tradition works, the geometry works, the intention works.And there are many paths up the mountain. 

Sunshine: So, on that note, I am curious, how would you describe your, your magic is different?


Devin: I joke about this. There are a few people who remind me of this in my life, but I’m like an old school witch who honestly, I’m like, pagan Earth magic. But at the same time with this, like sci fi, fantasy, Ancient Future vibe. So because I’ve, I’ve done some digging into my supposed past lives. One thing I think would be fun to talk about, eventually, is this idea of a past life, not falling within the confines of linear time, like my past life.


Sunshine: Doing it right now, your past life is like actually happening right? At this moment.


Devin: Exactly. Everything’s happening all at the same time. And my soul is somewhere 3000 years into the relative future at this moment, but maybe, I remember being there. Now, you know. And so it’s really all a matter of like, if we’re making if we’re painting a picture, and the palette of colors and experiences that we can use are infinite. It’s just a matter of what we choose to open ourselves to being aware of, like, I can just have become aware of a past life from 3000 years into the future, and then draw from that.


Sunshine: I’ve told you my big magic trick, right? Like, just go like, if you ever you want to be doing something and can’t or don’t have the time, or anything, just go to the place in there. And you’re choosing your own adventure, mentally, that you’ve done it and like you have, like, tadaaa!


Devin: Exactly, yeah, that’s like timeline magic. For sure.


Sunshine: Like, Whoop, there we go. I’m done. Well, yeah, yeah. 


Devin: So it’s like to do the very best I can to answer your question. Whether I’m drawing from more pagan witchery practices or arcane sorcery practices, I feel like very eclectic, magic. Eclectic is the main so I have never ever ever and will never ever ever subscribe to one tradition. I just can’t, my soul will not allow me to do it. So my lineage is actually the lineage of my own soul. Yep.


Sunshine: I 100% agree with you. I am you know, I define myself as for I’ve have defined myself for a very long time as an eclectic gray witch. I will also claim the title of a high priestess because I now do run. You know, I do. I do practice a lot of ceremonial magic. I’m a big fan of ceremony. And actually, you know, I create my own rituals like yes, a lot of the a lot of the rituals that you know, have been created have a lot of power with them and you can tap into them as an inexperienced magician. Then if you do them and find the appropriate Grimoire and can do them correctly, because let’s be real, most real magicians and witches actually don’t write down the correct spells, do not know that maybe they just don’t, they don’t wont be able to copy them. So like you can, you can tap into that historic use of that intention. That’s why the lesser banishing ritual, a lesser banishing ritual the pentagram is so powerful from a banishing and protection is because you’re literally tapping into the spirit of every single entity and energy that has ever invoked that, you know, banishment that particular things. 


So there is a lot of power, but you can do that of your own volition as well. So I’m a big fan of creating my own rituals, they do incorporate certain pieces, you know, of elements, but I mean, I literally allow my intuition to guide so I work with the angels I work with the planetary deities, you know, I’ll work with just about anything. Not gonna lie, but that’s the eclectic piece. Right? What am I guided to do? What am I being guided to do. And that’s like, one of the things like even with the books, we gain, and I was sitting down with coffee this morning, and he has the tree of life from Israeli rigotti it’s, you know, edited by 0 something I forget how to say his last name. And I’m like, flipping through and reading some of it. And I’m going like, I made this observation to Dan, that you had some of these forefathers of the, you know, the written Western call like not like when you go all the way back to like a grip on things like it goes even further back to like the Aleister Crowley and Israeli regarding the Golden Dawn, like it goes, even before all of that, let’s be real, but the guys that actually started to produce more of the work that we have, are actually using as magical and occult, on a more regular basis. 


Now, back then, and this is a you know, Dan, and I had this brief conversation about this, they themselves knew and understood the power of feminine energy. Right, they knew and understood the power of it, but they didn’t they, they and they wanted to use it and be able to, you know, leverage it for the alchemical processes, but they didn’t actually respect I don’t, that’s my belief. I don’t think that they respected the quality of woman playing in that that feminine, so like, if you like allow a feminine energy to actually lead the magical undertakings or a magical belief or spiritual, they’re going to be more like follow your intuition, the masculine energy is going to say, No, follow these rules that we’ve laid out. That’s just a digital to me, just that like, like, so you have so much historical man running spiritual, like being the spiritual leaders of the year, you know, even even in the Easter, they’re like showing me even in the eastern but in like historical, you know, spiritual and religious practices. And it’s often been the women that have been, you know, burned at the stake as witches and things of that nature are ostracized because of their you know, their you know, not having children and other freaks and they’re weird. Because if you gotta be real about it, like that feminine energy when you lean into it and follow the divine in that fashion that more fluid like intuitive fatty is powerful. 


So men who are witches and magicians have to embrace their feminine energy because that’s where that psychic intuition comes from. That’s what ends up feeding it so it’s a Yeah, it’s really interesting to see how you know, a both of us kind of navigated and have ended up but the the journey and where it took us this past year, I’m curious out of this, what was like the biggest thing you said like that? How you described it right there. clarifying your how your magic was different. What was like the biggest benefit of that how did you benefit from that clarity?


Devin: I think it felt like validation. It almost reminds me of a totally different situation, different feelings and about everything, but it almost reminds me of that story, you told of that interaction you had with that priest? Like no, you can’t be an altar girl, because this is my church, you know? So, just taking that as as is giving you this insight into Wow, this dude is just human, just like me. 


And taking that into my experience of what I saw happening inside of the Mystery School and seeing that they’re just humans, just like me, even though they’re the ones facilitating the end and holding this magical container and teaching us and giving us these experiences. And all of that magic is working for them. Like, look, it’s happening, this happened, right? It’s working, because it’s happening. And so that allowed me to reflect on my own path, and my own systems of, of magic and energy that I’m tuning into various downloads and pieces of this puzzle that I’m putting together. And it really feels like a unique, beautiful work of art. And so, the most, the most beneficial realization I got from that whole experience was, Wow, I could do my thing.


And have it be just as powerful and effective. It’s really about holding a container for the mystery. That infinite divine feminine energy. And that is, I would love to have an episode where we talk about the masculine and feminine because a huge foundational element of my system of magic is based on yin and yang. Yeah, foundational symbol, the dance of the masculine and feminine. And spoiler alert, Dragon magic as well. But yeah, the way I imagine the relationship between the masculine energy and the feminine energy is with the imagery of a bubble. 


The very, very, very thin film on the outside, that’s the masculine energy. And it is so intentional, and focused, that it can hold that form with such ease and minimal force doesn’t need to, it’s strong, the masculine energy is powerfully strong. And what it does, is gently contains the feminine energy, so that it can do whatever, it’s a womb, energy is that great mystery, you know, and it’s just doing all this stuff. And it’s like, supported by the masculine, and it’s free to like, channel and express and do all this. So I really liked the image of a bubble when when I think about the relationship, and there are different symbols to use for different purposes. But I think that’s, that’s a yummy one for me.


Sunshine: Yeah, I, you know, I am, historically speaking through most of my life, I’ve had more dominant masculine energy. Maybe you’d be surprised by that. Maybe you wouldn’t. But I have. And so it’s only been through like, once again, we, you know, talking about spiritual awakening, in the last episode, that, that I realized that I needed to start to embrace in order for me to be my whole self, I had to start to embrace the softer sides, the more intuitive side, the trusting of my guides, and the vulnerability that feminine energy really enjoys. Like, let’s be real feminine energy enjoys being vulnerable, oh, woe is me. You know, like, Oh, my dear, how can I tell you somebody my age, they enjoy being taken care of just as much as they like taking care of. So yeah, it was very hard. Because we come with a society that has led spirituality with the masculine energy first for a very, very long time that you have to be defined, and that dogmas are important. That there are certain rules and there’s certain expectations and a bit of what I’m hearing you say, of like, even what you uncovered, was this clarity like, No, you don’t. You can define it however you want to, and leverage it and be just as beautiful and amazing as powerful as you know. Carolyn and David’s container. Right? Or whatever, you know, container other containers you’ve had experience with. So yeah, I mean that is, you know, that is all aligned with like our spiritual path is meant for us. And it’s amazing how like our little selves just know so much better than if you just be yourself you know, as uncomfortable and as difficult as it may be sometimes it’s worth it, It’s 100% worth it. So I’m curious, we’re coming. 


We’ve got a couple of few more minutes left in this episode. I know it’s like crazy, we could just keep going on and on and on. And next thing you know, it’d be Monday and I’d be like, Oh, my God, you know, we’re the time go. I’m curious. You know, we’ve been chit chatting about working together and I kind of propose and we’re like, what was your thoughts? When I started kind of like saying, hey, why don’t we explore this? Why don’t we do this? I mean, like, we’ve definitely we’re getting to know each other, you know, and get familiar. But I, as I kind of jokingly said to you, I think the last conversation we had we’re about to get into bed together here. Right? We just talked before we started all these recordings of our three year. So like, we’re not talking about like a wham bam, thank you, man type of relationship here, Devin. Right? We’re talking about a lot. So like, what was your thought? I’m just curious. 


Devin: My thoughts about doing this work together? Well, it feels in a way necessary. And I’ve learned over many years, how to, and this also, goes back to what we were just talking about. I’ve learned how to navigate the magic that’s happening. All around. I’ve learned how to read the signs. As they appear to me. I’ve learned how to be more intentionally sensitive to the energy currents that are happening and where this one might lead me or where that one might lead me. And doing this work together just feels aligned. So it feels I think the most important thing is that it feels mutually beneficial. Feels symbiotic. So symbiotic for you and me and also everyone who we’re going to reach with this podcast. And there are some nerves, as well, you know, because it does feel like going up that roller coaster a little bit. Because I don’t know what I’m getting myself into. You know? Yeah, exactly.


Sunshine: I could promise you have a lot of fun, though. You might not know what you’re getting yourself into, but I pretty much guarantee fun. 


Devin: So it feels good to do these episodes. And it feels natural. It feels like I get to, it feels like I’m being invited to share, you know, in a way that really honors the experiences that I’ve had in my life, and frames them as actually valuable to share. So that feels good to me. That’s one personal reason why I like this project. And I’m happy to share all all I’ve been asking for for so long is a platform and an invitation to get up there and speak and share.


Sunshine: I may not have known that literally, but it seems like I might have understood that subconsciously. And so I’ll share like I you know,  obviously you’ve heard the whole time, like kind of how this all unraveled and had no clue and just all these pokes and prods, you know, like, my guides are just really ridiculous every now and again and I get visions and that’s kind of how we ended up here. But I’ll tell you this, and I think I’ve shared this with you before but you know, so that listeners know like, I have this. I’m imagining that you’re kind of witnessing it. Like we have this really interesting way to just keep going right on topic and so on. Every time we’d get on these calls, whether it was like me leveraging you for this hypnosis call or like, whatever it was like, we would just keep going, and we’re like, oh, wow, it’s that time already. And so I had this really amazing feeling around. 


What else could we pull out of each other? Because we’ve taught both of us, our third eyes are like, gigantic beacons, just like, you know, looking for and seeing real coming down in through and being, you know, projected out, what else could we uncover? And so I’m incredibly excited for this journey. And to see we’ve got, I think it’s two weeks from now that we’ll be recording with our first guest. Which I know, I’m like, I’m stoked about it. Because you know, like, what else like it?So, if you were to say like, Devin, we did some three year exercise. But if you were to say that was what we saw, if you were to go ahead and fast forward three years from now, and you grab that microphone. Yep. And you went up. And you ask someone that was like an audience like a fan of the show? What do they think? What are they getting out of like, how are they benefiting? What do you want people to say? Like, what are you hoping? What impact are you hoping that this work that we’re doing together is going to have.


Devin: Really, really love that question. The way I see it I often see these things like geometrically, like metaphysically. And the way I see it is like a network of mycelium. Like a brain neurons, forming and connecting and making new connections. Using these virtual mediums as the substrate and creating a network of spiritual connection that spans the entire globe. Maybe it doesn’t touch everyone yet. But it creates this feeling of togetherness. Even if you’ve never met any, any of the other listeners, or participants, you know, at that time, I think we’ll be doing events and stuff too. But really feeling like you’re actually not alone, after all.

That’s I think that’s it. 


Sunshine: I think we’ve talked about this like lovely saying, I think this is a place that you and I even touch on. And it reminds me of, you know, three years ago when I first created Sunshine Readings, and I decided upon a tagline that I’ve come to find out has been validated for me over and over again, through my reading and my exploration, and I want someone to literally state that the deepest spirituality podcast has helped me out of the dark and into the light. So it’s a different story, but same topic, right? Yes, have them connected. We’re all together. We’re all a piece of it. And now I can finally see that. Yeah, I do. Like, I love it.


Devin: It’s hard to describe that deep sense of connection that I think is perhaps one of the ultimate rewards of pursuing a spiritual path- Is feeling that connection to the whole thing. You know,


Sunshine: One of my daily affirmations for a really long time Devin was I am one with the universe and the universe is one with me. We are going to want to go deep into spirituality into these deep spiritual topics. Right, like you just heard us. Go real hard on that one. So I would encourage you to tune in next episode. We have got a guest. I’m familiar. Her name is Melanie, you know, depending upon it, something happens. But we’ve got a guest. 


They are an expert in human design. They told me Devin that they’ve always been asking why, just in the same way that you and I talk. So I’m incredibly excited. Tune in next time, it’ll be episode four. You’ll be taking a look for that one. But until then, I’m gonna go ahead and say this Devin, find your path. Follow your path into your own deepest spirituality. Much love from me, and Devin, all of you. 


Devin: Farewell.


Get to know the co-hosts Sunshine and Devin

Rev. Devin Ryback, also known as The Mindful Mage, is a Personal Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist who helps people awaken their true magick and create powerful personal connections with the Divine in all things. Combining mindfulness, hypnosis, and over a decade of spiritual practice and experience, Devin shows up as a wise guide on the healing path for all who seek to know and be who they really are. Learn more at TheMindfulMage.com.

Sunshine is a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, High Priestess, Reiki Master, Recovering Alcoholic and founder of Sunshine Readings. Her passion is helping others learn how to step into their shadows so they can uncover their own magick and psychic gifts needed to remove any energetic blocks to their soul’s enlightenment. She is the Creatrix of Illuminate, The Unschool of Witchcraft. This transformational program includes Sunshine’s divine-inspired gifts in 7 different monthly workshops and 1:1 access to her. In addition to owning and operating Sunshine Readings, Sunshine is also an award-winning software product manager and business operations expert that is helping corporations revolutionize their internal structure and processes to adopt a more innovative culture. In her spare time, you will find Sunshine dancing, cooking, painting, and hanging out with her five kitties in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

 “Only when we know our own darkness can we sit in the darkness with others.” – Pema Chodron

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